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Smoked Wings  
 Smoked Hot Wings  
Smoked Hot Wings are always a hit at Super Bowl parties. Smoke them ahead of time, freeze, then put on the grill before serving.
Chile roaster
Jalapeno Roaster
Smoke Jalapenos and chile peppers. 
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 seafood grill 

 Smoke nuts, cheese, veggies and more!

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SmokinTex Cart
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Pro Series 1400w/cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 smokers.
Stainless Steel Cart 
  • 3 stationary shelves
  • one fold up
  • 4 wheels (2 locking)
Wood Chunks 
   Wood sample kit    
10 lbs.
Wood Chips  
Cold Smoke
Cold Smoke Plate
Cold Smoke Cheese, Salmon, Veggies, etc.
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Jerky Dryer
Make venison jerky!
  Jerky Dryer   
Dehydrate foods in your smoker!
Wings, Wings and More Wings!  


Our SmokinTex Forum is a great resource for almost anything smoked. And smoked wings recipes abound.


Here are a few recipes and tips to inspire you to add your own spin on this iconic Super Bowl staple.

"Crispy skin on wings is achieved by lightly dusting it with cornstarch. Cooked at 250F degrees for 4 hours." Chef Wil. Image and tip posted on our forum.


Forum member Sundown posted this picture of his wings:


Wangs by Sundown  

    You can see his wings recipe and tips here.


Easy Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce



1 bottle Stubbs Original BBQ sauce
1/2 bottle Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero Wing sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 lime (squeezed)

Place everything in a sauce pan and bring to a boil on medium heat stirring frequently. Let cool and enjoy. This was great on smoked ribs, or try it on pulled pork. It is spicy so add less wing sauce if you like less heat. 



Search SmokinTex Forums for more wings recipes here.
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Thinking about an outdoor kitchen with your SmokinTex smoker?

Check out this lovely New Hampshire outdoor kitchen setting for a SmokinTex smoker model 1400. Photo courtesy of George and Janice B.

Visit our SmokinTex Outdoor Kitchens Board for more inspiration!
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Smoked Ribs Video  
by Scott Wallace  
Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex
Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex
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Dallas Safari Club Show 
We had a great time at the Dallas Safari Club Show! We loved seeing new and old customers as well as everyone else.  
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