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            July 2013                          Volume VI, Issue VI  


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 Smokin Tip
 Use 2 sheets of foil to cover your wood box and floor of your smoker for easier cleanup.
Jerky Dryer
Make venison jerky!
  Jerky Dryer   
Dehydrate foods in your smoker!
SmokinTex Cart
 A must have!
Pro Series 1400w/cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 smokers.
Stainless Steel Cart 
  • 3 stationary shelves
  • one fold up
  • 4 wheels (2 locking)
 Smokin Tip
 Replace the foil on the wood box and bottom of your smoker after every use. Use a warm cloth to wipe the inside of the smoker down. Make sure not to bring it back to the "like new" stage. The creosote inside caused by the heat and smoke acts as a barrier against moisture and helps lock in that smoked flavor.  
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Model 1500

 Residential 1500  
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Cold Smoke
Cold Smoke Plate    
Cold Smoke Cheese, Salmon, Veggies, etc.
 seafood grill 

 Smoke nuts, cheese, veggies and more!

      New Cover   
Stuffed Smoked Tomatoes  
by Luke Clayton
Image courtesy of Luke Clayton
"Begin with large, fresh tomatoes. Leave skin on and core.
Into the cored tomato, add your favorite grated cheese, chopped purple onion and a tablespoon of real butter.
Add a sprig or two of freshly cut rosemary on top. Place tomato on foil boat (leave uncovered) and place in SmokinTex.
Set the SmokinTex at 225F degrees and add a couple ounces (not too much) of your favorite fruit wood to the smoke box. I prefer plum or pear.
Allow to smoke/cook for 45 minutes. AWESOME FLAVOR!"  

Outdoor Writer Luke Clayton 

Share Your SmokinTex Experience!
Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex 
We want to hear from you, our great customers, about your SmokinTex experience.
Our videos are just a starting point for you to learn and enjoy.
We want to see how YOU smoke ribs, what your go-to wood is and the very best food item you smoke.
We all get compliments on our smokin but trying new things opens up a whole new smoking/cooking world.
Please send your recipes, pictures and yes - get out the video camera or your new fangled phone to shoot a quick how-to of your own.
Come on! Show off!
"Received my 1400 in the fourth week of April. I have smoked over 30 pounds of salmon and steelhead, 15 racks of ribs, and there are two 7 pound Boston butts in it as I write this note. Tomorrow there will be halved chickens and in about two weeks I will be receiving fresh caught sockeye from friends in Alaska. Not too shabby of a start. The smoker has outperformed even your own high praise. With so little effort comes some of the best bbq I have ever enjoyed. I want to thank Tom for convincing me to by his product. The 1400 is a high quality smoker that delivers exactly what you said it would.  All my expectations have been exceeded."
Ron and Terri G.

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