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            June 2013                              Volume VI, Issue V  


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SmokinTex Cart
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Pro Series 1400w/cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 smokers.
Stainless Steel Cart 
  • 3 stationary shelves
  • one fold up
  • 4 wheels (2 locking)
Jerky Dryer
Make venison jerky!
 Jerky Dryer  
Dehydrate foods in your smoker!
Wood Chunks 
   Wood sample kit    
10 lbs.
Wood Chips  
 seafood grill 

 Smoke nuts, cheese, veggies and more!

      New Cover   
Pecan Wood Smoked Chicken  
by DavidJ3rd
Image courtesy of DavidJ3rd
"All I did in preparation was wash them, pat them dry, sprinkle with a little McCormick Chicken Seasoning inside and out and put them in the unit.  I used 4oz. of pecan chips and cooked them at 250F until the digital thermometer read 170F. I only managed to snag a picture of one of them because they smelled so good we cut one up and started in on it right away.  They came out golden brown and juicy as could be with a nice smoke flavor."


DavidJ3rd SmokinTex Forum Member


We love happy customers like Tim!
 "I bought a 1400 several years ago. We have a big 4th of July party every year and people really enjoy the smoked meats.

Three years ago, my oldest daughter graduated from HS. For her grad party I smoked beef and pork. Everyone loved it.

This year we had another graduate. She asked me to smoke brisket as this is her favorite. I bought a 1460 for more capacity as we were expecting around 150 people.

I smoked 3 pork butts and 2 beef briskets thinking this would be plenty. The 1460 will actually do more than this. Party was to be from 4 to 7 pm. People started showing up at 3:30. I heard comments like 'This is the party I was looking forward to' or 'I remember that smoked meat from 3 years ago and I was hoping you would have it again'...etc.

Well, we ended up with over 200 people and ran out of smoked meat. I HATE to run out of food. We actually had people show that we did not invite. Everyone that got some of the meat loved it. My poor daughter did not get one bite... SOOO I bought a 1500 today as I can get 2 nice sized briskets side by side in this one.

I love the SmokinTex. It's the only smoker I will own and we will not run out of food again......:)"

Tim B.

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SmokinTex Smokers Slideshow
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