VOL. 12, NO. 31
August 8, 2016

September 14, 2016
1 p.m. ET

October 23-25, 2016


EdgeConneX Portland Edge Data Center Achieves OIX-2 Certification


Hear How Top Buyers Keep 
Pace with Technology During 
Want to learn about the latest trends from leaders in the communications industry? The INCOMPAS Show: Fall 2016 - October 23-25 in Dallas - will feature a panel discussion featuring top buyers, who will share how they plan for and predict network needs in their organizations. 

Keeping Pace with Technology: Planning for and Predicting Network Needs and Trends, which will be moderated by INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering, will feature Adam Koeppe, vice president of Technology Planning for Verizon Wireless; Frank Rey, director of the Global Network Acquisition Group at Microsoft; and a representative from Google Fiber (invited). Panelists will share how companies plan for, evaluate and make buying decisions to meet their network needs and discuss the factors and criteria used in their buying decisions. They also will share how to stay ahead of an ever-changing technology landscape.

Interested? Be one of the first 400 people to register by September 2 will receive the early registration rate for The INCOMPAS Show, which is taking place October 23-25 in Dallas. INCOMPAS also is offering special group pricing. For more information on this new group pricing option, email Sam Reardon
INCOMPAS Urges Wheeler to End Set-Top Box Monopoly 
During an August 4 press conference, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler spoke about his plans to move forward with the unlock-the-box proceeding, and give consumers greater choice in set-top boxes. 

In response to those comments, Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS and a member of the Consumer Video Choice Coalition said that "consumers have waited 20 long years since Congress made set-top box competition the law of the land, but Tom Wheeler stands ready to marshal in a new era of choice. Ending the cable set-top box monopoly has the potential to unleash innovation and lower prices. Now is the time to reject half measures and false promises, and bolt together a rule that will give consumers real choice, preserve functionality, and unleash innovation and opportunity for entrepreneurs and independent programmers looking to bring new streaming content to a wider audience."

INCOMPAS executives and members also recently met with the FCC to discuss this proceeding. More details can be found in this ex parte.
Member Profile: FirstLight Fiber
FirstLight Fiber began providing services in 1999, offering carrier-grade data, Internet, data center and voice services over its proprietary fiber network to businesses and carrier customers in New York and Northern New England markets. Throughout the years, the company has successfully grown both strategically and organically.

Visit the INCOMPAS website to learn more about FirstLight Fiber.

For more information on submitting a member profile, or updating an existing one, email Natalie DeHart or call 202-296-6650.