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Cleveland Right to Life Updates Mission - Marriage Must Be A Cornerstone to Effort

June 24th 2013

Cleveland Right to Life

Cleveland, Ohio, June 24th 2013


Cleveland Right to Life's Board of Directors has announced that they have strengthened their mission to protect the most vulnerable children in society.  In recognition of consistent and growing evidence that points to the best social and physical environment to nurture children; the organization has confirmed its commitment to defend the right of each child to grow up with his/her mother and father in a stable committed married relationship.  The improved statement is attached here


"The prolife movement must recognize that without this inclusion the efforts to protect human life are diminished.  If we are to hasten the end of the culture of death in America we must recognize the role of a stable family that has at its core; committed parents."  said Cleveland Right to Life board member, Jerry Cirino.  Social and scientific studies continue to support the role of both mother and father in children's lives.  In a recent report by the Census Bureau the negative impact of single parent households on society is enormous and while CRTL affirms their commitment to support for all children in the womb, the organization also recognizes that single gender parenting should be recognized for what it is - a less then perfect situation for the child.  


"Far too many of us within the prolife movement have been silenced by the threat of the tedious  name calling tactics of the humanist progressive liberals who dominate the media and political elite.  Being PC on life issues is not an option for our organization.  Recognizing that children need their mother and their father in a stable relationship to pursuit the best possible chance of happiness in their lives is part of our prolife efforts" said Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life. 


Cleveland Right to Life is encouraged by the positive response it has received from the community to its improved mission statement and noted that the youth voters have been the very vocal in their support.  The positive response from this demographic group suggests that when presented with the whole picture on single gender parenting, young people recognize the failings of their elders, and even admit to the devastation in their own lives as a result of this negative norm in today's society.  



WE believe that all human beings are made in the image of the Creator and must be respected and protected from the moment of conception until natural death. We know to be true that human rights begin when human life begins, as affirmed in the Declaration of Independence.    

So as to foster a culture of life we promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings and reject such practices as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and same-sex marriage that are contrary to "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God".  

We represent pro-life citizens from over 8 counties in the region, making our organization one of the largest pro-life organizations in the State of Ohio.  We focus our efforts first and foremost at the local level to achieve local solutions and then cooperate with the state and national pro-life efforts as directed and needed. 

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