July 2016 Issue #80 
Sedum Dark Magic
Sedum 'Dark Magic'

Fourth things first: Happy Independence Day, everybody! Even our Canadian readers. Throw something unhealthy on the grill, burn it, eat it anyway, and then blow stuff up. 'Tis the season for things that go BANG! in the sky.

It's also that magical time of year when the green world holds its breath in anticipation of the new ECG Catalog. It's at the printer as I type, and coming soon to a trade show (see below), mailbox or inbox (see below) near you!

World's biggest firework bomb - 48 inch shell

Florida: Nits, Nuns & Nepeta
I recently returned from the Gulf Coast after a week of last-minute catalog wrap-up. As usual, I'm reminded of the priest who was asked what it's like to hear the confessions of nuns. He replied, "It's like being stoned to death - with popcorn." That also describes catalog proofreading, a seemingly endless parade of nits to pick, one by one, on a deadline. We hope you'll find our efforts were knot inn vein when yore copy arrives.

Can't wait? Well, here it is, downloadable in your choice of hi- or lo-resolution:

Pennsylvania: Come & Get It!
A big, grateful shout-out to our loyal customers who collectively pick up tens of thousands of trays per year at our Lancaster location. We enjoy seeing you in person, and you save serious money, easily topping six figures: No packing charges, no freight charges. Also no damage in transit, no boxes to dispose of, no surprises.

Predictably, most picker-uppers are from the Mid-Atlantic region. But others travel from afar, e.g., New England and even Canada. That's far, eh?
At the risk of plugging our friendly competitors, it bears mentioning that we're within minutes of two big ones. This is propagation's Golden Triangle. Maybe you're already in the neighborhood, and didn't know it? Do the math, then come & get it!

Come see your favorite ECGers at:

Cultivate '16, Columbus, OH, July 10 - 12: The industry's biggest & arguably best combo of trade show, education, the new ECG catalog debut, and sauerkraut balls.

Perennial Plant Association Symposium, Minneapolis, MN, August 2 - 4: At 34 years and counting, the only dot-org devoted wholly to hardy herbaceous plants. Join us!

FarWest Show, Portland, OR, August 25 - 27: Not just for westerners. Wise East Coasters go to find goods and growers that don't make the shows back home.


We've added nearly 100 new varieties to our offering. Can't list all of them here, but we CAN talk about a few that are already available!

Ornamental Grasses
Miscanthus Fat Cat™: Grass with gravitas! Forms sturdy three-foot spheres of rich green foliage with prominent white midrib, topped by plumes to seven feet.

An Emerald Coast Growers exclusive!

Miscanthus sinensis Fat Cat_
Miscanthus sinensis Fat Cat™

Miscanthus Scout™ Be prepared! Slender green blades with sweet white midribs, and no worries: This UGA-bred, five- to six- foot upright beauty is infertile.

Miscanthus Scout
Miscanthus Scout

Helenium 'Bandera': Rich green foliage spangled with brick-red daisies. Golden petal tips form a glowing halo. Rounds out the Mariachi series very prettily. Viva!

Helenium autumnale Mariachi_ Bandera
Helenium 'Bandera'

Phlox paniculata Sweet Summer series: Big, fragrant flowers in nine cool colors on healthy, vigorous, petite plants.

Phlox Sweet Summer_ Fantasy_ Purple Bicolor
Phlox 'Fantasy'
Phlox Surprise
Phlox 'Surprise'

Dear Mr. Vocab,
I hear some growers "Whitmanize" their trays when picking up at ECG. What does this mean? Does it involve poetry, as in Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"?
-- Puzzled

Dear Puzzled,
It often involves grasses, but never poetry. Here's the definition, and the correct spelling, from Webster's Unauthorized Dictionary:
"Wittmanize: (Wĭt-mǝn-īze) (verb): To load improbable quantities of live plants into small vehicles using unconventional methods and eccentric angles, a practice perfected by and named for broker Robin Wittman. Not recommended for amateurs."

ECG allows, but cannot condone, this risky procedure. Extreme cases require a waiver.

McHutchison rep Ken Day Wittmanized a record 64 trays of Andropogon in his Prius. He wanted Panicum 'Hot Rod' but the grammar police wouldn't allow 'Prius' and 'Hot Rod' to share a sentence.

The Sophomore Class
Last year's intros have a huge advantage over some newer, scarcer stuff: You can get them. And grow them, and sell them.

Digitalis xvalinii Digiplexis® 'Berry Canary': A flourish of bicolor trumpets on sturdy stems.

Geranium 'Rise and Shine': Just 6-8" tall, with vivid rose-purple blooms.

Digitalis xvalinii Digiplexis_ _Berry Canary_
Digitalis xvalinii 'Berry Canary'
Geranium Rise and Shine
Geranium 'Rise and Shine'

Heuchera 'Forever Purple': Spring, summer and fall, it's purple, purple, purple.

Heucherella 'Infinity': Infinitely desirable fizzy cream blooms over chocolate leaves.

Heuchera Forever Purple
Heuchera 'Forever Purple'
Heucherella Infinity
Heucherella 'Infinity'

Monarda Balmy Rose  & Balmy Lilac: We're barmy over this sturdy, compact, disease-resistant series.

Monarda didyma Balmy Rose
Monarda Balmy Rose
Monarda didyma Balmy Lilac
Monarda Balmy Lilac

Phlox x'Violet Pinwheels': A cross of two native species, low, lush and long-blooming.

Rudbeckia 'Little Goldstar': Looks great everywhere we've seen it, on both coasts of the US and both sides of the Atlantic. Think 'Goldsturm', but neater.

Phlox xViolet Pinwheels
Phlox x'Violet Pinwheels'
Rudbeckia fulgida var sullivantii Little Goldstar
Rudbeckia 'Little Goldstar'

Sedum: Seize some sizzling succulents soon!
  'Dark Magic': From Terra Nova Nurseries, the Sultans of Sedum. (See top image)
  'Ayers Rock': As distinctive as its Aussie namesake - but prettier in a pot.
  'Lime Twister': A cute, refreshing garnish for the SunSparkler® series.

Sedum hybrid Ayers Rock
Sedum 'Ayers Rock'
Sedum Sunsparkler_ Lime Twister
Sedum 'Lime Twister'

These varieties haven't lost their sexy sheen, and they're still novel to most of your customers. Best of all, they're in the pipeline! NEW! is exciting - but so are profits. 

When your proofreading chores get too stressful, just give yourself a hug and say, "There, they're, their." Works every time.

Be well, drive fast, take chances. See you in Ohio and/or Minnesota and/or Oregon.

John Friel  
Marketing Manager    
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