June 2016 Issue #79  
Pennisetum xadvena Rubrum
Pennisetum 'Rubrum'

It's said that days and years fly by faster as we age because each unit of elapsing time, like THAT one, represents a smaller and smaller percentage of our lives. Makes sense.
But it's also said that as we age, we shrink, and that's demonstrably not true: When I drop something on the floor, it's noticeably farther away and harder to reach than it would have been just a few years ago. Ergo, I'm obviously getting taller. Right?

Our friendly unflappable Floridians remind you that our trucks are on the move every week. As I type, five semi-loads are headin' up and movin' out. Wow, that's, like, 90 wheels! And 18 of them might well be headed your way.
Our climate-controlled trucks are hands-down the most plant-friendly shipping method we know - and economical, to boot. Naturally, minimums apply.
For details, schedules and/or to request delivery, call our Customer Service types at 877-804-7277, or email 

The insect screening here at our Lancaster range recently passed its periodic inspection by the PA Ag Department. Thus, just like our Florida folk, we can ship to any State in the mighty US of A, from sea to shining sea, and to Canada. Whether you're surrounded by purple mountains' majesty, amber waves of grain, palm trees and surfer dudes, or hockey players and moose, our liners can be your liners. Make it so!

I was heat-sealing some cactus cuttings when my neighbor the fortune-teller dropped by. She observed somberly that high, wispy clouds were moving in. It was a Cereus-searing serious seeress cirrus scene.


Cool is White Hot
Skim a good plant list - ours, for example - and you'll find some decidedly cool names: Calamagrostis 'Avalanche', Carex 'Ice Cream', Leucanthemum 'Alaska' and so on.

Calamagrostis xacutiflora Avalanche
Calamagrostis 'Avalanche'
Leucanthemum xsuperba Alaska
Leucanthemum 'Alaska'
Carex oshimensis Ice Cream
Carex 'Ice Cream'

Not surprisingly, most such names are attached to plants featuring either white flowers, or white variegation. That makes them doubly cool: As summer sets in and temperatures rise, just saying "Verbena 'Snowflurry' " or "Festuca 'Cool as Ice'" feels like a welcome breeze. And if you entertain outdoors in the evening - as smart folks do to dodge the day's heat - white is the only hue that livens up the dark beyond the patio.

Verbena x Snowflurry
Verbena 'Snowflurry'
Festuca x Cool as Ice
Festuca 'Cool as Ice'

It's still a great time to transplant warm-season grasses for late summer/fall sales. They like it hot, growing rapidly in June's long days and warm nights.

Miscanthus: From a dainty 12 inches (M. sinensis 'Little Kitten') to a dazzling 12 feet (M. xgiganteus), there's a maiden grass made for you. Nifty newcomer 'Little Miss' will debut next month in our new catalog. Just 2 - 3 feet tall, her blades emerge green but quickly turn rich red-purple.

Miscanthus sinensis Little Kitten
Miscanthus 'Little Kitten'
Miscanthus xgiganteus
Miscanthus xgiganteus
 Miscanthus sinensis Little Miss
Miscanthus 'Little Miss'

Panicum: Our very own 'Hot Rod' has been picking up speed rapidly since we gave it the green light a couple of seasons ago. Hitch a ride with this hot native genus.

Panicum virgatum Hot Rod
Panicum 'Hot Rod'
Panicum virgatum Hot Rod
Panicum 'Hot Rod'

Pennisetum: This workhorse genus comes in annual and perennial species. On the tender side: best-seller P. xadvena 'Rubrum'. On the hardy: perpetual fave 'Hameln' Seriously: Now is the time to turn our starts into your pots.

Pennisetum xadvena Rubrum
Pennisetum 'Rubrum'
Pennisetum alopecuroides Hameln
Pennisetum 'Hameln'

EPILOGUE: Memory Lane
At Longwood Gardens recently, I heard a sound that took me back in time: The unmistakable Clack! Whirrr! of a film camera.
Remember film? It was a slow, wasteful way to make images; there'd be pictures you'd have to throw away (along with the cost of film and developing), and often there were pictures you forgot you took.
But there was something magical about it: The mystery of the dark room, the suspense of waiting for your prints. For a brief nostalgic moment, I almost missed it. Almost.

Every photographer who's gone digital will agree: there's no going back. If you shoot film, you're probably an old guy who never switched - like the Longwood luddite.
Of course, digital hasn't changed this: I still find unexpected images when I upload my DSLR card. Ironically, the more memory we have, the more we can forget.
Don't forget to savor these rare June days. See you next month.

John Friel  
Marketing Manager    
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