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July 2013   Issue #43


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A Summery Summary

Summertime, and the livin' is easy. Catfish are jumpin', and the cotton is... hmm, scratch that, cotton shares are down 51%. But it's summertime, and the trade show season is upon us. Will we see you in Columbus? Vancouver? Portland?




Summer may have just begun up north, but it's in full swing here near the Gulf of Mexico. Plants establish and fill out rapidly in the chlorophyll-friendly heat & humidity of Latitude 30.42N, Longitude 87.2W. Keynotes: Hosta 'Beckoning', 'Regal Splendor' and 'Vulcan', newcomers all, are ready even before their catalog debut. Beam some aboard.


Hosta Beckoning  



Our PA footprint is tiny compared to our FL presence, and that includes our trial garden. But there's fresh mulch around cultivars of numerous genera - Salvia, Nepeta and Tradescantia, to name a few -- to be tested at both locations. Stay tuned for future intros. Bittersweet note: A fond farewell to office staffer Amanda Mueller, who (sniff) dumped horticulture for her first love, broadcast journalism. Wish her well in her new gig as News Producer at Channel 43. Break a leg, Amanda!


Tradescantia Sweet Kate  



Gershwin's folksy aria "Summertime" was an instant classic in 1935. Over 25,000 musicians have covered it since. They range from predictable (Lady Day, Ella, Satchmo, Janis) to counterintuitive (Smashing Pumpkins, The Doors, Doc Watson); exotic (Plan B Reggae Band, The Zombies) to bland (Barry Manilow, Andy Williams); famous (B.B. King, Miles, Norah Jones) to obscure (Nick Drake) to deeply obscure (The Piano Has Been Drinking Trio). Betcha somebody's recording yet another iteration right now.


What's Hot July


Bring your oven mitts to Booth #1905 at OFA for your hot-off-the-press 2013-'14 ECG catalog. The contents are sizzlin' too. Our Department of Well, Duh! says, the desert is hot. Our Department of Apparent Oxymorons says the desert is succulent. What makes both statements true? Jewel of Desert Delosperma (6 varieties) and Desert Sedum (3 varieties). They're fresh, juicy, and hot to pot right now in 72s. And if you like us at OFA, you'll love us at PPA, Vancouver, July 23-25, or FarWest, Portland, August 22-24.

Delosperma Jewel of Desert



Leo: March may march in like a lion, but late July arrives with a lion. Your sign is celebrated in cinema (Leo, the MGM lion; Bert Lahr's fearful feline in The Wizard of Oz; Elsa in Born Free), plant names (Leonotis, Leontopodium, dandelion), drama (The Lion King, Androcles and the Lion) and so on. But it's still your turn to clean the litter box.



Could there possibly be a better month to discuss the Celebration Series of Pennisetum? You know, 'Fireworks', 'Cherry Sparkler' and 'Sky Rocket'? If yours are already bursting in air and gallantly streaming, congratulations. Good work. If not, or if you're already selling out, we have lots more in quick-turn 38s, ready to explode in your pots for summer sales. Exercise your freedom to give us a call, or book 'em online.


Celebration Series  


Last Call

"Summertime" is so good, nobody can screw it up. We have plants like that. Try Alcea Spring Celebrities, Agastache Summer series, Sedum 'Autumn Fire', and Iberis Snow SurferTM. Each is easy to finish and aspires to classic status. Give 'em an audition.


Alcea Spring Celebrities  


Last call II: If you're still on the fence about attending the PPA Symposium in Vancouver, quit dithering and register already at The Early Bird discount expired July 1, BUT!! I'll personally extend that deadline to this Friday, July 5. Tell 'em the President sent you. Because it's summertime, and the growin' is easy. May your daddy be rich and your mama good lookin'.

John 'Uncle Sam' Friel   


John Friel  

Marketing Manager  

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