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May 2013   Issue #41


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The May issue of Coastal Current shall come to order. We have a motion on the floor to observe May 2, Robert's Rules of Order Day; to closely observe May 3, No Pants Day; and to stick around for May 27, Cellophane Tape Day. Do I hear a second? All in favor? The motion passes. Will someone please pick it up off the floor?



Florida: Everything grows fast in the Sunshine State except greenhouses. But our new acre Atlas/BWI structure at Milton is finally up & running, with production starting as I type. Elsewhere, this year's Astilbe crop is underway: The full spectrum of husky 36s you've come to expect will be hot to trot in July, as usual. Need 'em sooner? We have limited numbers of 5 varieties bursting at the seams from 2012 production. Call soon!


New Atlas Greenhouse  


Pennsylvania: 'Tis a lusty month indeed in the greenhouses, as mad and gay as spring in Camelot. New growth erupts on every bench: gaggles of Gaillardia, cascades of Carex, a perfect pandemonium of Polemonium, Polygonatum and Platycodon. Shipping is robust thanks to (knock wood) pretty darned good sales, pleasant weekends and (knock more wood) a recovering economy. Tra-La! It's here! Guinevere would approve.




Florida and Pennsylvania: North & south, ECG is one big hard-hat area with a new catalog under construction. We've studied the blueprints, selected the materials and awarded the contracts. You're invited to the grand opening at the OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio, July 14 - 16. Come to Booth #1905 for a walk-through. You'll find a ton of new stuff and a surprise around every corner.



A big shout out to Anna Jarvis, who in 1908 conceived Mother's Day, and to President Woodrow Wilson, who in 1914 made it a national observance. Jarvis came to regret and vehemently oppose the commercialization of her creation. She protested the sale of carnations. She loathed greeting cards, "a poor excuse for the letter you are too lazy to write." She was arrested at least once for disturbing the peace while venting her spleen.

In an ironic ending worthy of O. Henry, Anna died, childless and penniless, in a Pennsylvania nursing home, her bills paid anonymously by the Florists' Exchange.

Anna, I'm sorry we parted on bad terms. If I could presume for one moment to speak for the green industries, I would say simply, Thank you. We owe you. Rest in peace.


What's Hot



Wanted: Alternative shade plants!

A pesky pathogen has growers, gardeners and landscapers scrambling for something new to plant where the sun never shines. Our twilight-loving list embraces new faces for shady places. Take YOUR selection beyond the expected with:


Heuchera 'Miracle'PP20274 & 'Stainless Steel'PP23349 --

One hails from France, one from Pennsylvania. Both are at home in the shady border. 'Miracle' segues magically through a coleus-worthy color cycle. 'Stainless Steel' gleams with elegant metallic highlights in low-light situations.  


Hypericum 'Brigadoon' -- A different take on a garden stalwart. Thrives in sun or shade. Bright gold/chartreuse leaves burnish to rich gold in autumn.


Look on the bright side of the dark side. When cultural conundrums cloud your spring, you'll find your silver lining in our liners.


Shade Perennials  



Taurus: You're as strong as a bull and your assertive, aggressive nature needs a wholesome outlet. Grab that spading fork and I'll show you why a patch of garden is called a "plot." Beware of Aquarians whose fences need whitewashing.

Gemini: So my identical twin Jim & I are sitting on a bench, minding our own business, when this bull-headed guy says to me, "Cheer up!" I say, "Whataya mean by that?" He chortles, "Hey, no offense, but it looks like you're beside yourself!"



Celebrate the lusty month of May with the Celebration Series of annual Pennisetum. Choose from award-winning 'Fireworks', cheerful 'Cherry Sparkler', shimmering 'Sky Rocket', or the ever-popular daddy of them all, P. xadvena 'Rubrum'. All are yours for the asking in multiple sizes. Give us a call and light that fuse!


Celebration Series



New business: The Synergy Committee recommends merging Morse Code Day, May 24, with National Tap Dance Day, May 25, to send a message. However, the Committee for Redundancy Committee is opposed. Item tabled until next month. This issue is adjourned. May your May be brimming with fun, wholesome or un-.



John Friel  


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