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February 2013   Issue #38


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To civilians -- gardeners, non-professionals -- February is fit only for huddling at the hearth, biding time, staying alive. For you, this short ugly month is a crucial period behind the scenes, time to coax & prod plants into growth mode. While civilians slumber, the perennials and grasses that will grace their lives are busily stretching, exploring, building mass above and below the soil line.




Just in time for the spring surge, our revamped shipping house is making life easier and more efficient with more storage, better light and improved air movement for your liners. We've also broken ground for more production space at our Milton grass farm. We're happy with these investments, just as we're happy we moved down here from PA where the winter highs are lower than our lows. Hang in there, ECG North, we feel your pain. Why, just this morning we got a burr in our sandal.



Shipping Feb 2013



You just had to rub it in, didn't you? Baby, it's c-c-c-cold outside! But shipping has shaken off its early winter doldrums here, too, so starters large and small, green and dormant, are truckin' off our benches en route to yours to fulfill their destiny. We're proud to see our babies leave the nest to make their way in the world, but would it kill them to write?


PA greenhouses  



The famous 14th brings romance and a sweet retail sales bump, but February has far kinkier celebrations. Extraterrestrial Culture Day lands on the 8th in - surprise! -- New Mexico. Tree huggers may have an axe to grind with the 12th, Paul Bunyan Day, but ME, MI and MN all claim that legendary feller as a favorite son. Finally, the 27th is No Brainer Day. Don't overthink it. Have some leftover Super Bowl chili and chill.


What;s Hot Helleborus Pink Lady

Helleborus 'Pink Lady': Just 80 flats (4,000 plants!) remain of this year's crop, all husky, well-rooted, mature liners. Next batch: June, and of course they'll be younger. Given the genus's long production cycle, more time on our bench = less time on yours. Why wait?



Aquarius: Everything's fishy about this month, as it should be. You're in copacetic harmony with your natural partner. Go with the flow and you'll get along swimmingly.

Pisces: Some symbols are made to clash at their cusps. Rams butt heads with bulls, crabs joust with lions. But you share the shoals and delve the deeps with a soulmate, a natural partner.


COLORS OF THE YEAR: Embraceable Hue

We're quite happy that Pantone selected Emerald as its Color of the Year. In typical breathless hype-speak, it's "Lively. Radiant. Lush... A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."   



Pantone's archrival in the Forecasting and Overblown Oratory Olympics, the Color Marketing Group, also has a Color of the Year: Re-Blued. CMG calls it "fresh, true blue... as energizing as it can be soothing. It's just the right hue for moving forward." Blue is "embraceable," able to "bridge generations, products and finishes."   




Take your pick: We gotcher elegant greens & huggable blues right here, pal.   



Our availability has grasses galore and a plethora of perennials hankering for a home in your containers. Try Cortaderia 'Pumila', the petite pompous pampas grass. Or Aquilegia Origami series - two colors and a mix, no folding required! Bring home the bacon with Pennisetum 'Piglet'. It's shoat & sweet. Treat yourself to a refreshing gulp of Cymbopogon: When life hands you lemon grass, make whoopee!


Cymbopogon citratus
Cymbopogon citratus



The days grow steadily longer. Backstage, in greenhouse, tunnel and field, your plants rehearse their magic, conjuring up all those beguiling hues that the civilian eye forgets in these monochromatic days. A tentative tendril, a brave leaf, and soon, a bud.


This month builds more than plants: Every icy breeze builds desire, fanning the cabin-fevered fires of plant lust. Consummation is close at hand. Keep the faith. Nurture the nature. When the icejam breaks, you'll be ready to feed the need.
John Friel    


John Friel  

Marketing Manager  

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