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Don't be fooled by a bad apple, stay current with 2015's most eventful employment law issue, and notice how hiring the wrong person can actually cost you three times more money than you thought. Also, learn some tips on how you can hire your star employee. In this issue we want to spotlight the misunderstood "millennial" generation and remind employers that times are changing. We are here to sort through the bad apples and help you find the perfect candidate. 





"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 


-Benjamin Franklin

In this issue

A roundup of 2015 Employment Law Issues

 Everything you "know" about Millennials is wrong? 




Hiring the wrong person can do more damage than you thought


A roundup of 2015 Employment Law Issues

2015 Employment Law Issues Tournament: Second Round Results and Recaps

If you thought the Round of 64 was wild, then wait until you see what happened during the second round.  Let's just say that some shocking upsets left many a bracket busted wide open.


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Everything you "know" about Millenials is wrong?
Everything You "Know" about Millennials Is Wrong

As every new generation enters the workforce, it's amazing how quickly they're mislabeled with "attributes" that are common to young people. These labels tend to stick, and they become increasingly inaccurate as the generation ages (assuming they were even accurate to begin with).


Nowhere is this more evident than with Millennials. There's a lot of talk about this generation, who by 2020 will make up more than 50% of the US workforce.

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Hiring the wrong person can do more damage than you thought 
Hiring the Wrong Person Costs You Three Times Their Annual Salary
Some people go to great lengths to ensure they hire the right person. For instance, when Bob, the owner of a San Diego-based company, narrows his search down to two or three candidates, he invites each one to dinner. The candidate is unaware that the restaurant belongs to Bob's friend and the waiter is instructed to screw up his order.

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Interview techniques for hiring your star employee. 
Interview Techniques - How you can miss out on the perfect candidate. 

It is estimated that HR and/or the hiring manager spends approximately one to two minutes reviewing incoming resumes. They look for key words and phrases.

Once selected you usually have a phone interview and passing that, an in person interview.

 Upon entering the interview room if often appears that the interviewer(s) is seeing your resume for the first time, which is very disconcerting. The candidate is already nervous enough.


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Why Astra? Why WBENC? Sandra James, Private Eyes, Inc.
Sandra James Elected to Board of Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
Sandra James, President and Founder of Private Eyes Inc., an industry leader in employment screening services, was recently elected to the Board of Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Her term began last month and extends for three years.
PRWEB - February 2015 - Since 2002, Private Eyes has been a WBENC-Certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) and James has been an active contributor to the organization. James' election to the WBENC Board is recognition of her commitment to WBENC as a member of the Women Enterprise Forum, which serves in an advisory capacity to the WBENC Board, providing input and feedback on WBENC programs and other matters.

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