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How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?
5 Ways to Prevent Negligent Hiring Claims
4 More Mortgage Myths - Busted

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September 2014

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


The beginning of September marks Private Eyes, Inc.'s 15 year anniversary! With an industry as sensitive and complex as background checks, experience is everything. For Private Eyes, we are not only experienced because of the age of our company, but because of the tenure of our most valued employees.  I am grateful that my core team have been committed to providing superior customer service for over a decade.  Each year that our team spends in the employment investigation industry is another year of experience that they add to the quality and consistency of our service.  With the demand for background checks growing exponentially every year, keep in mind that Private Eyes has the most dedicated, experienced team in the industry.


In the past 15 years, Private Eyes has grown and developed immensely, molding itself to changes in the industry while still maintaining the superior customer service and quality that characterize the company.  Check out our blog below that explains "How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?". This month's other blogs include "6 Things You Should Know About Homeowner's Insurance"



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is this the right person

Background checks are conducted by employers to ensure that a job candidate is a safe person to bring into the work space. These checks set a filter and assure that individuals with a history of criminal activity, serious felonies, misdemeanors, driving offences, sexual abuse, and so forth; do not get a position in the organization. Such checks become all the more significant when conducted on employees or volunteers applying for jobs that require frequent contact with members of the public, the elderly, or school children.


So you might be wondering-can my potential employer see my driving infraction from high school? Or does my boss know about the misdemeanor in 1993? How far back in an individual's history does a typical background check go?



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 5 Ways to Prevent Negligent Hiring Claims




With the ever-growing driver shortage looming, many motor carriers are lowering their hiring standards to fill their empty trucks. No company wants to turn down a job because they don't have drivers to service the account. But while companies to some extent are at the mercy of supply and demand, carriers have to keep the potential for negligent hiring lawsuits top of mind.


Negligent hiring is based on the principle that companies have a responsibility to protect their clients and the public from injury at the hands of their own employees. Companies can be held liable for property damages, deaths and physical injuries, and other errors caused by their employees within the scope of their employment. If you don't establish driver hiring standards you can stick to rain or shine, you will have a hard time defending your recruiting processes in court if they were ever challenged in a negligent hiring suit.



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A person feels most loved and cared in his sweet abode. But have you ever thought that your home needs care too. Future is uncertain. A home is ever vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. In case, a misfortune strikes leading to damage or destruction of your home, it results in undue stress and a huge monetary loss. Though the emotional turmoil can only be healed with time, but at least there is homeowner's insurance to make up for the monetary loss. Having a home insurance is invaluable. It is an irony that most of the people think of it as an unnecessary expense until they face a mishap.

Typically, a homeowner's insurance covers your house, including both the structure and its contents, against natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and lightning as well as man-made calamities such as fire, vandalism and theft. But contrary to the belief, there's more to home insurance than this seemingly simple definition. Here are the 6 essential things you should know about homeowner's insurance 

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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.