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The Reference Check: More than a formality
Workers' Compensation Screening
Filing 4506-T Form

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July 2014

Message from Our President, Sandra James   



With Independence Day festivities fading into memories, we are approaching the peak of summer. Longer days mean that you can enjoy the summer sun while still keeping true to your work commitments.


No matter what the season is, security is always a concern, as our other articles this month demonstrate.

Check out this important information below on reference checks, workers' compensation screening, and filing 4506-T forms-but remember to get out and enjoy the sun while it lasts!



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The Reference Check: More Than a Formality


After interviews have been completed, it's time to bring the team together to discuss, debate, and agree on the top one to two candidates. At that point, you can also arrange for subsequent interviews if needed (e.g. if a key member of the hiring team hasn't met the number one choice) and initiate a reference check.


In many cases, the search committee lets out a collective sigh of relief at this point in the process. Though it is tempting to think of the reference check as a mere formality, this step is critical both to making a final decision and, if all goes well, to thinking about how best to manage the individual's transition into the organization.

Most hiring organizations underestimate the amount of information one can obtain from reference checks if you both ask and listen carefully. You're looking not just for things that will rule out a candidate but for things that will help you make trade-offs among candidates, or will help ensure that the person you pick will be positioned to succeed within the organization. Though in some cases you might only conduct a reference check on your clear first choice, in other cases it makes sense to gather references for more than one finalist. Information from the reference check may elevate a finalist to "the" candidate and/or help you think from the start about how to support and develop this person appropriately.


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A Quick Guide to

Workers' Compensation Screening


Workers' compensation background check helps the employer to determine whether the applicant can or cannot perform the essential job function required for his position. A thorough search made into the past claims records reveals if an individual has a history of making excessive or fraudulent claims in the past and more importantly if he poses a risk to the safety of others at the workplace.


Essentially, such a record consists of information regarding:

  • Past injuries that might affect an individual's ability to perform his essential duties safely
  • A history of compensation claims filed by the subject in the past, including the fraudulent claims, if any

More than anywhere else, worker's compensation screening is useful in industrial, manufacturing, production and construction sectors, wherein physical activity is the primary job function of an individual.

When and When Not to Make Use of it?

Once the employer makes a conditional job offer to an applicant, he has the right to ask him to undergo a pre-employment medical examination. After such an examination, if applicant is found to be not able to perform his duties safely posing a risk to the safety of other employees, the employer has the right to deny the position to such an applicant. But here's the catch - An employer cannot deny the position to an applicant with a disability, if he can perform his required duties with or without reasonable accommodations. Further, the workers' compensation information must not be used to deny a position to those applicants who made a claim in the past rightfully. After all, such applicants have just exercised their own rights by making such a claim.


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A Smart Guide to Filing 4506-T Form

4506-T form is filed when an individual or a business needs a transcript of tax return for past years from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). One can request the transcript to be sent to himself/herself or to a third party. Form 4506-T can be easily downloaded from the IRS website. A typical 4506-T form has three sections. The first section consists of borrower's personal information. The second section consists of ordering information and the third section is the signature section. Here's your quick guide to filling the 4506-t form, fast and smart!


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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.