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5 Essentials of Tenant Background Checks
Background Checks for Workplace Safety
Role of ATS in Background Screening

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May 2014

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


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Background checks are often used by employers as a means of judging a job candidate's past mistakes, character, skills, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. These checks are frequently conducted to confirm information found on an employment application or resume. Oftentimes reference checks done on prospective employees differ from what the job applicant provided and what the source reports.

There are several different elements to a background check, and a landlord or company may use just one or two, or they may use all of the available options when making their hiring decision or when choosing a tenant.

Credit Checks

These are not always performed as part of employment verification, and are most often saved for specific job roles.Credit checks will recognize any individuals with a poor credit record - to the extent that it may affect their work performance.

Motor Vehicle Checks

Motor vehicle reference checks are a type of background check usually saved for those who work in the transportation or driving industry and it will ensure that the individual's driving record is clean and they will be safe and responsible while in charge of a motor vehicle.

Education Verification

An education verification is a type of background check that you can expect in almost all job application processes. This type of background check will ensure that the applicant is being honest in their application - and will therefore be trustworthy as an employee.

Reference Check

A reference check will ensure that an applicant is being honest with their references, and will also be a valuable employee. Such a check means you can talk to those that have worked with, and will verify their work ethic, character and value.

Drug Screening

Drug screening is a type of background check that should not be reserved for individuals pre-employment, but should also be considered for current employees too. It is a cost-effective and valuable way of determining whether any of your employees or job applicants are involved in drug use, which could affect their work abilities.

Social Security Number Tracing

A type of background check that determines whether the social security number offered by the applicant is legitimate and being used by the proper person. It helps avoid identity fraud and assists in verifying previous addresses too.

Criminal Checks

Criminal checks are done to ensure that the applicants they are considering employing are trustworthy, honest and law abiding citizens.

You can get more information on The basics of background checks by reading the articles 5 Essentials of Tenant Background Checks and Background Checks for Workplace Safety, and also take a look at Activists in California Protesting to make Physician Drug Testing Mandatory.


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5 Essentials of Tenant Background Checks


As a landlord, it is imperative to run a background check on your future tenants, primarily because of three reasons:

  • You want to make sure he pays the rent on time
  • He follows the norms and rules set for the rent
  • He doesn't pose a risk to the property or people living therein

Such matters can't be left to guesswork; you have to screen your tenant for making sure he can be relied on, before you enter an agreement with him/her. Tenant screening can be simple or elaborate. Basically, it is the landlord's personal choice but it also depends on credibility of the tenant's reference. If the renter knows the tenant in person, he might rent out without running a tenant background check on him. Here are the five key essentials of tenant background screening.

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Activists in California Protesting to Make Physician Drug Testing Mandatory

Recently, the activists in California made an appeal to concerned authorities to make drug-alcohol testing mandatory for physicians. The activists have proposed that ensuring patient safety should be the first and foremost priority for any hospital administration and doing a comprehensive background check on medical professionals is the best way to do that.

Consider this - A doctor is in Hawaii with his friends on a vacation. He decided to smoke a joint late night. He repeats the same for 3 consecutive nights. When he comes back, he is required to perform a critical surgery on a patient. Now just think, isn't he posing a risk to the patient's life by performing a surgery while he still has trace quantities of the substance in his blood stream?

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Background Checks for Workplace Safety

Most of us spend 1/3rd of our day at workplace. It is imperative for employers to ensure workplace safety for its employees and customers. If the employer shows negligence and recruits an employee without performing proper pre-employment screening, he might be putting his workforce at risk. A bad hire with a criminal record or drug abusing background can vandalize your office or harm one of your employees and customers. As per the federal laws, an employer is held equally responsible for any of his wrong actions.

Being proactive and performing a proper background check on prospective employees keep your organization's good will, minimize the possibility of theft and violence and ensures safety and security at workplace. A comprehensive background check for ensuring workplace safety consists of performing criminal record check and employee drug testing.

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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.