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The Role of Reference Checks in Screening
Top 3 Background Screening Trends in 2014
Seasonal Hiring: The Importance of Background Checks

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March 2014

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


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The Spring season is full of transformations. The temperature begins to rise, and the fallen leaves and wilted flowers are once again becoming picture perfect plants. 


Aside from the weather, we are transforming too. We begin to pick up the slack that winter instilled in us, and new year's resolutions are being enforced. Spring cleaning begins as we move from the comfort of our couch and the 

warmth of our fireplace to the brisk fresh air of the ballpark.


Daylight Savings also has us 'springing forward' this month. Waking up an hour early is never easy, so to help deal with the time change, try the following: 

  • Start early - set your clock back an extra 15 minutes, so you have those few extra minutes to really wake up and get going after your alarm clock goes off.
  •  Exercise - implement some type of exercise into your daily routine to help give yourself more energy
  • Watch what you eat - certain foods can help you sleep while others can hurt your sleep.
Lastly, don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!
In the spirit of change and springing forward, this month I wanted to touch on some new trends in background screening in the article Top 3 Background Screening Trends in 2014, and also get back to the basics on the importance of background and reference checks. 
Conducting reference checks can be one of the most important steps in the selection process. This is discussed more in depth in our article The Role of Reference Checks in Screening. Past performance is often the best indicator of future performance, and references allow you to determine if the applicant being considered is best suited for the role. 
Anyone can look good on paper, but a background check is necessary to determine whether the information being provided to you is true or false. Read more about this in Seasonal Hiring: The Importance of Background Checks.

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The Role of Reference Checks in Screening

Conducting reference checks is an important element of employee selection. It is an effective tool to give a comprehensive picture of the employability of a job applicant. Professional references can help recruiters in more than one ways:


  • Gain an insight into the past performance of the candidate - The best way to assess how well a candidate is expected to perform is to delve into his past performance and let the numbers speak.
  • Confirm information on candidate's resume - Many surveys have revealed that 1 in every 5 candidates tend to fabricate the information related to the work history. Doing reference checks works well to authenticate the work history of an applicant.   
  • Gauge candidate's skills and abilities
     - Who can be a better judge of the employability of a candidate than the past employer? Professional references give a deeper insight into the applicant's ability to fit into the current job profile.

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Top Three Background Screening Trends in 2014

Owing to the ever soaring costs of mis-hiring and newly introduced lawsuits for not performing proper background checks on new recruits, organizations have finally started to understand the importance of background screening.


Moreover, with the advent of technical innovations such as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that makes screening easier than ever, background screening has further gained grounds and is expected to grow at a constant pace in the future. Here are the top 3 trends expected to steer this industry in 2014.


1. The Rise and Rise of Ban the Box Movement

Ban-the-Box movement advocates that no criminal history questions should be allowed in the preliminary stages of employment application. Most of the states in the US are actively supporting the movement. It is expected to soon get implemented, not only in the public sector but in the private sector as well. For the screening firms, it would be a call to revamp the existing screening policies and procedures.


2. Social Media Screening Takes a Reverse Gear


The phenomenon of using social media as a screening tool started as a frenzy. But companies overplayed, leading the concerned authorities to intervene and stop it altogether. Many jurisdictions, including US, have already passed rules that stop employers to access the social profile of candidates. Nonetheless, social media is expected to continue gaining momentum as a job advertising platform.


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Seasonal Hiring: The Importance of Background Checks

Background checks have become ubiquitous throughout the globe, be it for any business domain, but when it comes to conducting checks on seasonal hires, many employers tend to slacken or totally skip on it. It is primarily because of two mis-notions, employers have:

  • The cost involved outweighs the benefits
  • The job duration is too short to bother

Whoever goes by these equations, can't be more wrong. First, no matter what the cost is, it can't be higher than the cost of mis-hiring. Second, the negative effect of a bad hire can last long to outgrow the duration for which he worked for the employer.

The Need  

Whether you are looking to employ a merry Santa Claus or a student to distribute the leaflets, once you handpick someone to represent your brand, you put the company's reputation at stake. No matter how short the work duration is, a bad hiring decision can make your business vulnerable to theft, misconduct, and the worst of all, legal ramifications. Moreover it's the employer's responsibility to assure a safe and sound working environment for their existing employees. You can't afford to play around with the trust, your customers put in your brand.

The Challenge

When it comes to seasonal hiring, the challenge is to make the recruitment, fast and smart. But overlooking the necessity of a prior background check can be a big mistake. The challenge for the screening firm is to keep the pace up and perform the checks as fast, keeping the turnaround time low.

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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.