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A New Survey Shows Fraudulent And Counterfeit Qualifications On The Rise
The End Of Sales Professionals As We Know Them?
A Few New Law Updates

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We are proud to announce that is now certified through WBENC as a Woman Owned Business.  

We have automated the ordering process on our new website as well as allowed for credit card ordering.


The process is completely automated! Come check it out at:

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Announcement: can now be used to not only verify Income but as a way to also verify employment and deposit.  Using this program will allow one to verify sensitive information through our secure site. It is fast and easy!

Looking to run a SSA-89? can accomplish this too!

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November 2013  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


This month we start off celebrating Private Eyes, Inc. being ranked in the Top 200, Award by Tech 200 for the 3rd consecutive year in a row! We feel honored that we maintain such long-term client relationships and that they allow us to continue to bring them great customer service.

Speaking of services, we also have added new services to the website! We now offer, in addition to our current services, Verification of Deposit and Verification of Employment. We know the industry and marketplace are alive and ever changing, thus we have expanded our service to better serve you! Feel free to contact us to find out more or just head to our website to start ordering.

Warm wishes to your friends and family on Thanksgiving and sincere note of gratitude to all our veteran's as we celebrate Veteran's Day this month.
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A New Survey Shows Fraudulent And Counterfeit Qualifications On The Rise In The Unemployment Squeeze

The job market is tough; it's not any wonder why some people cut corners to get ahead, This is why we must always be on guard. It seems like falsifying resums will always be an issue but we are ready to dig deep and find out if the information your applicant has provided is truthful and accurate.


We have linked our infographic blog post that spotlights some interesting and alarming statistics between 2012 and 2013.


For the infographic breakdown Click here 

The End Of Sales Professionals As We Know Them?
In a recent Huffington Post article they explore what the sales industry is evolving into how that equates to better business.
In the world of business, sales has long been the lifeblood of the organization. From the first customers to where a business is today, the success of sales attributes much to the achievement of the organization. This is precisely why sales professionals are usually the highest paid employees within an
organization; having said that, sales also tends to carry the most risk. Often a substantial portion of their income is tied to their performance as well as their ability to keep customers when projects go awry.

However the ability to keep the customers isn't so much a sales role as it is a customer service role, which is why the end of the sales pro, at least as we know it, may be upon us. Networking is the new sales, Google the new Yellow Pages. So if no sales, then what?
To read the complete article Click here
Here's our answer, Learn more
A Few New Law Updates
At Private Eyes, Inc. we want to keep our clients up to date with ever changing laws; below we have provided some new laws that may be of interest along with links to more information.

House Enrolled Act 1482 updates Indiana's Criminal Records Law: A new law signed into legislation  permits individuals arrested or convicted of certain crimes to have those records sealed. The law provides a second chance for those who are

convicted of certain nonviolent felony or misdemeanor charges in the state. Link to learn more.

w National Criminal Background Check Law for Massachusetts: The Governor signed into law "An Act Relative to Background Checks" requiring fingerprint-based national criminal history checks for all employees and certain other individuals working in public and private schools and child care facilities. Link to learn more.
New Law required background checks for Veterinary Assistants in California: The passage of Assembly Bill 1839 which took effect this year states supervising licensee of the veterinary practice is responsible for conducting background checks on any veterinary assistants who have access to controlled substances. This new section only applies to veterinary assistants. Link to learn more.

Looking out for your best interest,

Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.