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Congratulations To Nenita Reyes, 11 Years Of Success And Counting!
9 Inspiring Women On How Small Businesses Can Succeed
10 Must-Read Inspiring Articles On Lessons Learned In Business

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September 2013  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


Sandra Black and White Standing
As we move into September, not only am I grateful to be celebrating 14 years of success with Private Eyes, Inc. I am also celebrating my 24th year of self-employment! Being in business for yourself is a lot like the stock market; you always have your highs and lows, but through it all you become resilient and diligent. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had over the years and to be able to see both my companies prosper and grow. My growth is directly related to my team, when they are a success, we are a success! I want to especially highlight Nenita Reyes who has helped shaped this company and is celebrating 11 of the 14 years growing with Private Eyes; see below for more about Nenita!
September also holds so many benchmarks: our children head back to school, summer draws to a close, but most importantly we celebrate America's spirit of hard work and ingenuity! I hope everyone had a restful and happy Labor Day!
Lastly, please join me for a discussion on the importance of Background Checks as I host this months webinar series brought to you by MYCA:Learning.
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Congratulations To Nenita Reyes, 11 Years Of Success And Counting!

Over the past 11 years one woman has become my right hand, I don't know where I would be without her today. I wanted to take time, since this issue is about celebrating years of success in

Nenita Headshot

business, to say thank you to Nenita Reyes, our VP of Operations. Nenita has demonstrated her skills by being process oriented and forward thinking. She is so dedicated, determined, and has become a success story many aspire to simulate. With so many strong qualities she has brought efficiency and great service to the company; it's been my pleasure to watch Nenita grow into the strong leader she is today. 


When I asked Nenita about her thoughts on her tenure with Private Eyes, Inc. she had this to say, "I have been fortunate to be part of a great company who nurtures their employee growth and measures its success by the long term strategic partnerships. We believe in "One Team One Goal" as a key to excellence and uphold both Quality and Service to the highest level."

9 Inspiring Women On How Small Businesses Can Succeed
In the following Huffington Post article they break down the importance of women entrepreneurship and how they can succeed. Being a women owned business ourselves, we thought this is a no-brainer to pass on!
we can do it

Enabling the success of entrepreneurs is more important today than ever before. For small

 business owners, access to mentors, education and capital can make or break a business.  And providing them with the means - and the network - to grow and develop their businesses can have a huge impact on the global economy. 


To meet the 9 women and read the full articleclick here

10 Must-Read Inspiring Articles On Lessons Learned In Business
Each person contains within them the necessary skills for success; naturally along the way you learn a thing or two. Not to mention starting and running a business is chock-full of lessons worthy of passing along so others might learn from your experiences.
mind cogs
From start-up success to applicable business lessons from diverse industries, people and places entrepreneurs can find hidden gems of wisdom at every turn. If you are ready to learn tried and true lessons and apply them to your small business, checkout ten insightful lesson-oriented articles that every CEO should read.


For all ten articles on lessons learned: click here  

Always rooting for you,

Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.