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Risky Business People
Best Practices For Hiring The Right Candidate
Why We Make Bad Decisions

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May 2013  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


Sandra by the door
There's that old saying that none of us will ever escape, "April showers bring May flowers"; despite the lack of showers this past month there is plenty of bright things to look forward to in May.

Along with all the events and conferences we are gearing up for: WBENC National Conference, Premier Breakthrough, PG&E Supplier Diversity, Spring also brings the busy season! That means expansion and new possibilities which I could not be more excited about!
But this does not mean give up being cautious, we always have to do our due diligence. Quality is one of the most important things in business and providing that time and time again is something we here at Private Eyes, Inc. are most proud of!


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Risky Business People: Study Finds 1 In 8 Workers Bring Potential Peril to Their Company
Assessing risk and if you are affected by it is a good thing to know. A global report on risk management claims an average of 1 in 8 workers pose a "high risk" for their organization. The report by SHL, an Atlanta-based talent risk dicemanagement company, identifies the "riskiest roles and sectors worldwide". 


 "Considering recent events in the financial and media sectors, we are constantly seeing evidence that what people do or fail to do drives organizational risk, which can impact share prices, break laws and catalyze industry reform," said Eugene Burke, chief science and analytic's officer at SHL, in a news release.


Since behavioral risk cannot be fully eliminated from the workplace, SHL's findings show organizations should be aware of its potential advantages and disadvantages. Recognizing these factors can allow a company to manage risk in a constructive way, the report notes.

To read the full risk analysis report: click here  
 Best Practices For Hiring The Right Candidate
bad appleEmployers want to make the right hiring decisions; with workplace violence continually on the rise, employers can't afford to hire a bad employee.   

Employers lose 72 percent of all negligent hiring lawsuits; those lawsuits have verdicts of up to 40 million dollars. Early last year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued an updated set of rules for handling employment background screening. These can be considered 'protective methodologies' that can be used by HR professionals when considering applicants who have criminal histories. When applied correctly, these guidelines could increase the quality of new recruitment and hires.

For the full article from our blog: click here  

Why We Make Bad Decisions

Ever wonder how to weigh price against quality when selecting a supplier? Here's a Harvard professor's advice about how to think it through.


When you make a poor choice, is it an isolated occurrence? Chances are, it isn't. And there are probably overarching reasons--even patterns, or frameworks--that explain the various poor choices you make.


Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino, author of Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How We choicesCan Stick to the Plan, explains some of these patterns to Inc. For example, one common pitfall is failing to evaluate the context of a given performance, whether you're judging

employees or outsiders (such as suppliers, job candidates).


"We tend to discount information about the situation the person is in and focus just on the individual," Gino tells editor at large Leigh Buchanan. We also show a cognitive bias toward people who exude confidence. There's nothing wrong with confidence...



For the full article and more examples: click here
Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.