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4506-Transcripts Integrates With RealEC
A Few Tax Related What Ifs!
Earth Day is April 22nd, Let's Do Our Part

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We are proud to announce that is now certified through WBENC as a Woman Owned Business.  

We have automated the ordering process on our new website as well as allowed for credit card ordering.


The process is completely automated! Come check it out at:

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Announcement: can now be used to not only verify Income but as a way to also verify employment.  Using this program will allow one to verify sensitive information through our secure site. It is fast and easy!

Looking to run a SSA-89? can accomplish this too!

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April 2013  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


Sandra by the doorApril is the gateway month to Spring and this month continues to show growth for the economy. We here at Private Eyes, Inc. are grateful to have the clients we do and welcome new ones regularly.


Along with several other lesser known National Holidays and April being synonymous with tax time, it's National Record and Information Management Month. We encourage everyone to stop stalling and get organized. Trust me, you will feel better once you found that missing document and know that it's now stored in a logical place! Perhaps we can all start clearing out the clutter, (what a workout that will be!) which fits right in to World Health day on April 7th. 


Challenge accepted April! Feel free to reach out and share your spring-cleaning stories, or if you have any questions, myself and the Private Eyes team are all ears!



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4506-Transcripts integrates with RealEC
Synergistic streamlining should be April's motto, our sibling company has gotten the bug and they have begun integration with RealEC to bring 
efficiency and ease to our clients. This integration is just another example of how we like to stay current and provide the efficient and progressive  methods to our clients.
RealEC's services enable lenders and their business partners to electronically connect, collaborate, and automate their business processes to eliminate paper, manual processing, and other sources of friction in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans.


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A Few Tax Related What Ifs!

April means taxes are due and if you have not already started your spring cleaning, which involves settling the score with the IRS, here are some helpful answers from a recent blog post.


In troubled times such as these, when there is rampant unemployment and the fear of foreclosure among other issues, many people have questions related to filing their


taxes. We will be covering a few situations where it would be beneficial to contact the IRS and find a solution. Whatever happens, though, make sure you do file your taxes (even if you are unable to pay any dues) to avoid penalties.


What if I have lost my home to foreclosure?

According to the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, taxpayers are typically allowed to exclude any "income from the discharge of debt on their principal residence or mortgage restructuring." You could be able to file an amended return for previous years. For more information, visit The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation.


What if I have lost my job?


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Earth Day is April 22nd, 
Let's Do Our Part
The idea came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, he realized that if he could infuse that energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.
  The month of April
The fight for a clean environment continues in a climate of increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change manifest every day. Private Eyes, Inc. invites you to be a part of Earth Day and help write many more victories and success stories into history. Discover energy you didn't even know you had. Feel it rumble through the grassroots under your feet and the technology at your fingertips. Channel it into building a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations to come.


For more information on how to get involved: click here
Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.