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Simplify Networking: Apply the 70-20-10 Rule
The New Rules for Marketing
The Convergence of Online And Offline Networking

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We are proud to announce that is now certified through WBENC as a Woman Owned Business.  

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Announcement: can now be used to not only verify Income but as a way to also verify employment.  Using this program will allow one to verify sensitive information through our secure site. It is fast and easy!

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March 2013  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


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Spring is just around the corner if you can you believe it!  First I wanted to announce that is integrating with RealEC to bring convenience and efficiency to our clients.


With warmer weather slowly on the approach, it's such a great time for all the conferences and networking events to kick into high gear. I know many of you like myself attend several events a year; it's always fun meeting new people and making those essential business connections that can lead to profitable partnerships. Some of my favorites are coming up, the WBENC Summit & Salute, WBENC National Business Fair and Premier Breakthrough ConferenceI will be attending the WBENC Summit and Salute Conference in Baltimore on March 11th through the 15th, I look forward to connecting with you!


For those of you new to the game, I thought it might be nice to share some tips in this months newsletter.


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Simplify Networking:
Apply the 70-20-10 Rule

Are you a natural "networker"? Everyone seems to tell us that we absolutely should be doing this. I suppose if you are fortunate to have been blessed with the right temperament and skill set, the process of building a network to support your career would come quite easily. However, if you are one of the many individuals who muttered "no" to the above query (myself included), a bit of strategy is needed to take advantage of our limited level of "natural" ability.


Pie Chart2

There is no denying that the power of a network is a work life fundamental. Gartner, the trend-spotting consulting group, has described the development and importance of "weak links" as applied to our businesses. Even Harvard has recommended that you NYFO (Network Your Face Off). In short - networking matters. 


But, if we clearly agree about the shoulds of networking - exactly how might we actually approach that challenge? If we are to venture out onto the "proverbial limb" to connect (let's face facts, this is not easily accomplished), how do we utilize our time and effort wisely? How do we begin to expand our horizons intelligently? 


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The New Rules for Marketing 

Along with networking, marketing is equally important ingredient in success. The article by Geoffrey James, he outlines some old rules to start straying away


from and opt for some new fresh tactics.


What works today is the exact opposite of what worked a decade ago. If you think of marketing as the same thing it was twenty (or even ten) years ago, you're basically out of luck. The reason is simple. What works today is the opposite of what worked in the past.


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The Convergence of Online And Offline Networking
On a recent blog post Matt Bailey, Founder and Marketing Strategist at SiteLogic, took time to weigh online and offline networking. What follows is his interesting and informative take on the matter.

John Jantsch posed a question a few days ago, "Is networking online really that different?"

Precisely. It's not.

Networking is the best way to grow your contacts, your business, build sales and relationships. I've found that the more pervasive social networking tools are online; they still reflect the primary essence of personal networking. I have met countless people online, yet when we are able to finally meet face-to-face, it changes the relationship and deepens it. There is a shared commonality at first, but then a friendship ensues.

For the full blog post: click here
Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.