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Update to the New Fair Credit Reporting Act, as of January 1, 2013
To Encourage Innovation, Eradicate Blame
The Proposed New I-9 Form: Why Employers Should Prepare Now

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October 2012  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


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Business Partner Spotlight

Diane Bochy - Interview Coach


Do you ever think "if they really understood what I was capable of ....they would hire me!"


As a job seeker, you must be ready to tell your story at any time, in a way that showcases your true abilities.  You are more than your skill set, and you must be able to quickly and clearly demonstrate what you are capable of doing.  You won't get a second chance. Diane Bochy, former Human Resources Director for Coca-Cola and partner of ours for nearly two decades, is a veteran of over 10,000 interviews.   Diane offers interview coaching for individuals live via Skype.    


She will help you develop a technique that will allow you to showcase your skills and successes in any type of interview.  


Diane is offering our network a free 30 minute session with each session booked.  ($140 for 90 minutes) or (4.5 hours for $375) Go to  click on "Job Seekers" and "Pricing."  Mention Private Eyes, Inc. or in your email to receive the special pricing.  Evenings, weekends and "last minute" sessions are available.


Remember, practice doesn't make perfect; practice with coaching and skilled feedback makes perfect.


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Update to the New Fair Credit Reporting Act, as of January 1, 2013

Employers must begin using the New Fair Credit Reporting Act Summary of Rights Form by January 1, 2012

Along with the changes to the Summary of Rights, the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is now the designated primary agency to provide information to consumers about their rights under the FCRA
rather than the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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To Encourage Innovation, Eradicate Blame 

Leaders who take a more constructive approach to failure can begin eliminating the fear, reticence, and inertia that plagues many organizations.

There is a big difference between identifying the cause of a negative outcome and looking for someone to
Encourage innovation
blame it on. Identifying the cause of a negative outcome is productive. You can use that information to avoid the situation in the future and also help people take responsibility for fixing it and moving on.


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The Proposed New I-9 Form: Why Employers Should Prepare Now  

This coming fall, the Department of Homeland Security may release its updated version of the Form I-9. The new form is likely to be 80% larger than before, increasing from a five-page document to nine pages and will include several changes over the previous version.  


While some of the changes promise to facilitate more accurate completion of Form I-9, the new document also leaves and coming sooncreates many gray areas, without clarification in the instructions about what is required. These changes present new possibilities for errors and put employers at greater risk of receiving audits and fines. While avoiding errors is of great importance for employers, there are also areas of the form that are causing greater public concern around privacy issues and processes, such as the inclusion of a 3-D barcode.  


It is imperative that employers understand the proposed changes, be ready to supply the necessary information, and are prepared to update training materials. 




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Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.