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Positive Thinking; How to Change Your Future
10 Tricks for a Fabulous Workday
5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask

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September 2012  

Message from Our President, Sandra James   


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 As summer comes to a close we take a minute to acknowledge the fact that we are celebrating our 13th anniversary!  Growing a business is no easy task and this continued success goes hand in hand with the team we have built and cultivated. One such person who is a major force behind our achievement is Nenita Reyes, VP of Operations.  Thanks to her hard work and leadership over the past ten years we have seen nothing but positive growth; words can't express my gratitude for all she does.


You can have all the parts necessary to make something but it is the team, the drive for perfection, and leadership that make what we offer here at Private Eyes so remarkable.  Everyone here does an amazing job and with Nenita's clear cut guidance, I know we can continue to grow this company exponentially.



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Positive Thinking: How to Change Your Future

Here Geoffrey James explains how to brighten your future with positive thinking.  

 happy bowl   

If there were only one thing that I could communicate to readers, it would be this all-important observation:

The results that you get in business (and in life) are simply a byproduct of your beliefs.

Human beings all live in a cycle, in which beliefs and results are inextricably linked.  Here's how it works:

  • Your beliefs determine how you feel about each situation, because those beliefs tell you what each situation means.
  • Your emotions (and attitude) determine how well (or badly) you'll perform in any given situation.
  • Your performance, naturally enough, is directly connected to your results. Though there may be other factors in play, it's only your performance over which you have control.
  • Finally, your performance reinforces your beliefs, in either a negative or positive way.

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10 Tricks for a Fabulous Workday 

Geoffrey James gives some tips how on how to make your workday more enjoyable.   


Want to have the best workday ever?  Day after day?  It's not as difficult as you think.


worker that is happy


These 10 tweaks to your everyday behavior will virtually guarantee you a day that's not just enjoyable but allows you to get more done than you ever thought possible.


1. Start with 15 minutes of positive input.


It's easier to achieve and maintain a positive attitude if you have a "library" of positive thoughts in your head, so you can draw upon them if the day doesn't go exactly as you'd prefer. Start each day by reading (or listening to) an inspirational book to ensure that you have just such a resource at hand.



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5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask 

Be honest. Raise your hand if you feel the part of the job interview where you ask the candidate, "Do you have any questions for me?" is almost always a waste of time.


Thought so.


The problem is most candidates don't actually care about your answers; they just hope to make themselves look good by asking "smart" questions. To questions them, what they ask is more important than how you answer.


Great candidates ask questions they want answered because they're evaluating you, your company--and whether they really want to work for you.


Here are five questions great candidates ask:


For the full article: click here  

Sandra James
President, CEO
Private Eyes, Inc.