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March 05, 2009
  One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch...
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Everyone needs to be appreciated sometime!
 Here are some healthy tips of expressing to your team how thankful you are for having them on board.

1. Thank you party.
Plan a day or even just for several hours to have you team sit back and relax.  Allow each individual to enjoy the moment.  Have everyone participate in games that involve the entire group, break them into teams so everyone can get to know one another.  Beforehand, prepare a little gift basket or have prizes ready for giveaways.  Having everyone participate in writing something positive of a particular person,  the following week surprise that person by having the note card(s) on their desk this well continue the encouragement and remind them that they are appreciated.

2. An afternoon at the movies.
More than likely our work is our second home, with the amount of time spent at work with our fellow colleauges it's amazing that we overlook these relationships.  Try changing it up on notch and surpirse your team with a "date night".  Treat them to a day or night out to the movies, and while you're their shock them with a bonus of having drinks and snacks provided too.  This little gesture will go a long way, and reminds the team that yes they are appreciated!

3. Get out for a breath of fresh air.
For workers who spend a lot of time indoors, a little change of
scenery and fresh air is a welcome retreat from the sounds of constant phone ringing and the clicking of a mouse. If the weather permits host a picnic at a local park for a lunchtime outing, again take the time to say thank you to your team.

 4. Dinner with the boss.
Surprise you team by iInviting them to your home for dinner or a Saturday afternoon cookout. Your team will appreciate the time and effort you put into the event.  Taking the time to open up your home to those who work for you really is warm and meaningful.
Behind the Scenes
Industry Knowledge

 According to Author A. Quddoos Pre employment screening check is a vital thing before employing a person into an organization. An employment reference check comprises of giving a clean chit to a person seeking employment, after verifying county criminal cases, driver vehicle records, national criminal search and the information available from online database. If you are contemplating on performing a pre-employment screening for your organization, it implies you are protecting the interest of the organization in more ways than you really know. Benefits of pre-employment screening
By conducting a pre-employment screening, you are saving a huge amount of money.
It also helps your organization save time because you know the employed candidate does have the experience needed to perform the day-to-day tasks you've employed him/her for.
Pre-employment screening also protects your company from negligent hiring lawsuits, because unnecessary lawsuits lead to loss of so much money and ruins the image of your brand/business.
So said, make sure that the screening is accurate and thorough. There are so many companies that offer pre-employment screening services which include but not limited to verification of educational qualifications, previous employment, validity of driving license, drug screen testing, verification of civil history, credit history and much more.

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Get a Job, Keep a Job
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At Private Eyes, Inc. is a one-stop HR Solution to streamline your hiring process!  We are consistently working to offer the services busy HR departments want and need.  We now provide on-line applications and Applicant Tracking Systems that we customize to create the look and feel of your company.  You can now order many of our pre-employment screening services with a few simple clicks of a button-including background checks and drug tests and driver qualifications.
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