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It makes me feel great to know that every day I go to work in an office where I feel safe and secure.  I can help you create the same safe and secure environment by using our Pre-Employment Screening Program to assist you in making the best hiring decisions.  My name is Sandra James and if you are committed to a safe work environment contact me today for a FREE Risk Assessment.

Recently, we decided to do away with paper applications at Private Eyes, and it has made all of our lives a lot easier. You can read more about it below in our lead story about online applications. We also want to give you a peek behind the scenes at Private Eyes, Inc. to tell you some of the incredible stories we hear as we do our background checks. We hope you have a great month!
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Behind the Scenes at Private Eyes, Inc. Could This Happen to You?
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When it comes to killer aps, it's hard to beat the online employment application. Traditional paper applications can be hard to read, hard to store and hard to share across departments. They get lost. They can be costly to print, and having the right forms available for the right person at the right time can also be a problem.
 Moving the hiring process online is an effective way to eliminate all of these challenges. Online applications are also green, since they save your business a substantial amount of paper.
Online applications allow you to easily:
  • Track applicants through the hiring process
  • Recruit applicants from a wide geographic area
  • Share applicant information across departments
  • Complete Background Checks quickly
  • Store data securely  
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Contact Private Eyes, Inc. for a free consultation of our online application program. We are also offering a 10 percent discount on setup fees for businesses that sign up for our affordable product in October.
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October, 2008
Behind the Scenes at Private Eyes, INC.
Behind the Scenes: Could This Happen to You?
Clients often call to Private Eyes, Inc. AFTER something unfortunate has happened.
One trucking company we heard from did not have a formal background check policy in place. Like many  managers, they called the local police department to check on drivers who "they weren't sure about."  The police department then did an internet search and if nothing came up, the company felt secure they were hiring the right people.  If the managers got a good gut feeling about the drivers, their applications weren't checked at all. This changed, but not until the company lost more than a hundred thousand dollars in merchandise that was sold from their rigs.

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Let Private Eyes, Inc. help you make a safe workplace possible. Ask about our customized background check packages for your business.

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At Private Eyes, Inc. is a one-stop HR Solution to streamline your hiring process! We are consistently working to offer the services busy HR departments want and need.  We now provide on-line applications and Applicant Tracking Systems that we customize to create the look and feel of your company.  You can now order many of our pre-employment screening services with the click of a button-including background checks and drug tests and driver qualifications.
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