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April 17, 2015

        28 Nisan  5775

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By Elana Katz

The tragic passing of Nadav and Avihu, as recounted in this week's parsha, is a difficult text to understand. It raises basic theological issues with which students of all ages grapple. At the opening ceremony for the Mishkan, two of the priests, Nadav and Avihu, were inspired to bring "a foreign fire before Hashem, which He had not commanded them." (Chapter 10: Verse 1) In response, Hashem sent forth a fire which burned them in the Mishkan, in the midst of the festivities. Instead of the day focusing solely on celebration, it became a day of sadness, mourning, and confusion.


Many commentaries try to understand what the sin of Nadav and Avihu was that warranted death. If one carefully examines the text, it is clear that their intentions were to serve Hashem and that, in their inspiration, they sacrificed a korban which they were not commanded to bring. I would like to suggest that these words represent a much larger and more serious issue than what is implied by a mere superficial reading.


The Mishkan was a physical space dedicated to the service of Hashem. There were many rules and regulations surrounding the Mishkan, it's service and areas of access. While there is a time and place to bring voluntary sacrifices to Hashem the laws governing sacrifices are clearly delineated and precise. The Jewish nation was presented with a Torah, filled with many mitzvot and halachot. For each, there is a time and place with clear delineations as to how they are to be performed.


While their intentions were pure, Nadav and Avihu decided that they would amend the rules and bring a sacrifice that they were inspired to bring. Even though we can understand the motivation behind this, we can also understand the dangers of such an approach when applied to Judaism. We can not decide which mitzvot to fulfill based on our inspiration. We can not decide which mitzvot to omit based on how logical they seem. If we start pruning the traditions passed down from Hashem to Moshe, then we may inevitabley destroy the true beauty and meaning of Torah. One can have the holiest intentions, as in the case of Nadav and Avihu, however, we were given a template to strictly follow. This was a critical message that Hashem openly taught the entire nation at a time that would make a significant impact. It is only when we fully invest of ourselves and commit to the Torah that we will find fulfillment and inspiration in life, in the manner in which Hashem had intended for us to.


Monday, April 20:  Macaroni & Cheese-Volunteer: W. Almasanu

Tuesday, April 21: Tacos-Volunteer: L. Hoffman

Wednesday, April 22:  Pizza-Volunteer: L. Polster

3rd Grade Reading Assessment

Thursday, April 23: Breaded Chicken 

Friday, April 24: Fish Sticks-Volunteer: K. Abelman


Monday, May 4: Annual Giving Event at Joey & Lindsay Schottenstein

Thursday, May 7: Spring Fling, 4-8pm, at CTA

Thursday, May 14: 1st Grade Chag HaSiddur Program, 9:30am

May 17-19: CBI

Wednesday, May 20: Achievement Fair, Grades K-6

May 21-22: Senior Exams

CTA Scrip Office, 864-0299 ext. 212
Monday-Thursday:  7:30am-4pm
Friday:  7:30am-2pm

There are limited quantities of gift cards in stock that can be purchased! Below is a list of what we have on-hand and in what denominations. Email your order request .  We are still able to place special orders, just email or call in your specifics. We will give you an approximate expectation for the order to arrive.    


Looking to help raise money for CTA?  Here are a few ways to do it that will cost you NOTHING:


Kroger Rewards Card:  Go to and register your rewards card.  Kroger will donated up to 1% of your Kroger or Turkey Hill stores.  

OFFICE MAX:  Max Perks card number is:  207285005 

Target RED Card: Go to to manage your red card and enroll your card in the Take Charge of Education program to choose CTA.  Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target stores in the U.S and at 

Amazon Smile:  Go to and register to benefit CTA.  When you make a purchase, CTA will receive 1% of that purchase as a donation to our school.  

iGive:  Register with iGive at and your Amazon purchases and online purchases at close to 1500 retailers will give a kickback to CTA.  To date we have raised over $1000.  

Apples for Students at Giant Eagle:  If you are a Giant Eagle shopper, go to to register for their donation program.  You will need your Giant Eagle Advantage Card number and the CTA School Code which is #4389. 

Magazine Sales: Help the 8th graders year round when you purchase magazines at using code #2522449. 


If you have trouble with any of these, contact Shari or come visit her in her office and she will walk you through it!


By Dror Karavani, Lower School Judaic Studies Coordinator


Yom Hashoah Ceremony: On Thursday, our Sixth Graders, under the guidance of Morah Elana and with the help of Mrs. Willis,  led CTA's Yom Hashoah ceremony. The Sixth Graders talked about the different stages leading up to and during the Holocaust period. The theme of the ceremony was "mishoa leetkumah", from destruction to establishment.  The students saw a short movie about the life of Rabbi Yisroel Meir Lau. Rabbi Lau survived the Holocaust as a child and grew to be the Chief Rabbi of Israel.  Presentations and discussions happened in the various classrooms.


Birkat Ha'elanot: Just before ending the month of Nissan, the students visited our tree garden to once again say the blessing for the trees, Birkat Ha'elanot, thanking G-d for the creation of the world.  As in the past, we invite you to join us in enlarging this special space by sponsoring a tree. Sponsorship funds will support educational programs at CTA. If you would like to buy a tree, please contact Dror Karavani at 


Educational Bridge: The second and third grade students were so excited when Morah Eva delivered letters in Hebrew from their friends in Shiloh School in Kfar Saba.  Using their Hebrew skills, they answered the letters, in Hebrew of course!  These will be sent very soon to Israel.



By Rabbi Zecharia Weitz, Upper School Judaic Studies Coordinator

Weitz Yom HaShoah V'HaGevura

CTA Upper School was honored to hear from Columbus native and Holocaust survivor, Sophia Karpovich. Rabbi Levine introduced Mrs. Karpovich and emphasised the gevura, strength, that was embodied by the Holocaust survivors; after living through the Holocaust, they remained faithful to G-d and not only survived but laid the foundation of America's Torah infrastructure today.


Mrs. Karpovich shared with us her first hand experience as a young girl in Ukraine in the years of the Holocaust. Her father was killed by the Nazis early in the War. Miraculously, Sofia, together with her mother and older brother, escaped the Ghetto extermination, fled through the forests, and were, once again, miraculously reunited in hiding in the home of a righteous peasant family.  


Mrs. Karpovich believes she was not only saved from the Holocaust for herself, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but for the rest of us as well - to share her first hand experience of the atrocities of the Holocaust so that we can carry its memory with us for generations to come.


Published! Our 9th Grade Navi class embarked on a new initiative this year; Genius Hour is the school version of a program employed by forward thinking companies like Google and FedEx that empowers employees to devote 20% of their time towards projects of their choice and imagination. The results are as high as a 50% increase in the company's overall productivity.


Five students were part of this year's pilot of the, passion driven, learning program in Upper School Judaic Studies. Here are a couple of samples of what they have produced thus far. The results of this pilot are exceedingly impressive and we are excited to expand this program for next year.


Click here for Dani Lane's blog on modesty


Click here for Josh Needleman's website on Moshiach


Rabbi Michoel and Shira Alt on the birth of a daughter

Rina (Stavsky) Weinberg (8th Grade Class of '00) on the birth of a son,

   Akiva Zacharia and to grandparents Ora Stavsky and Joel Stavsky (8th

   Grade Class of '71) and to great-grandmother Mrs. Ruth Stavsky.

Shari (Flamholz) Goren (8th Grade Class of '71) on the birth of a

   granddaughter Gal and to great-great uncles and aunt, Paul and          Karan Tanenbaum and Hal Tanenbaum

Rabbi Omri Flicker (Class of '88) on the birth of a daughter and to

   grandparents Nerys and Yuval Flicker

Marc Romanoff (8th Grade Class of '86) on the marriage of his son Yehuda to Esti Ray of Chicago and to grandparents Sonny and Ellen Romanoff

Miriam (Weisfogel) Becker (Class of '02) on the birth of a  daughter and    to  grandparents David and Rochell (8th Grade Class of '69) Weisfogel

Cantor Baruch and Morah Minna Shifman on celebrating their 50th

   wedding anniversary


Robert and Sheyna Blum, Michael and Sarah Blumenfeld, Seth and Leslie Hoffman, Norman and Suzanne Schneiderman, and Oded and Miriam Shenkar for sponsoring this month's delicious Rosh Chodesh Staff Appreciation Lunch!


Ira and Laura Nutis, Sheila Nutis Cutler (8th Grade Class of '67), Jodi

   (Nutis) Karmia (8th Grade Class of '80), Sam (Class of '04) and Ariella

   Nutis, Joey Nutis (Class of '05), Sarah Nutis (Class of '13), Matthew

   Culter (Class of '05) and Alyssa Karmia (Class of '14) and families on

   the loss of aunt and great aunt, Helen Nutis

Susan and Dr. Victor Schmelzer, Sam Schmelzer (Class of '06), David

   Schmelzer (Class of '08) and Hannah Schmelzer (8th Grade Class of

   '09) on the loss of father and grandfather, Ralph Gray Smith

Florine Ruben on the loss of her grandson Morgan Ruben

Judy Maybruck and Julie Maybruck (8th Grade Class of  '80) on the loss

   of husband and father Gerald Maybruck



It's Jelly Week!  Nope, not the strawberry kind...2nd graders are studying jellyfish.  Did you know that jellyfish aren't even fish?  In Mrs. Buster's class, the students used Chromebooks to research facts and details about the sea creatures and were surprised to find out jellyfish don't even have brains!  They just drift around the oceans and hope some food comes their way...drift and sting, drift and sting.  They read about jellyfish, created jellyfish, painted ocean scenes and will be making Power Points to show facts and opinions about jellies. Stop by and check out our bloom of jellyfish and slideshows at the Achievement Fair which is scheduled for May 20.


Before Passover Break, the 3rd grade students in Ms. Goldrick's class presented their Biography Reports.  The students had chosen their subjects and used non-fiction books to explore things like: where the person was born, their family, what occurred during their early life, what they are famous for, and more. The students used the computer lab to complete their research and presented their reports to their classmates.  Many of the students dressed up as the subject of their report.

Spring Fling Family Festival which is scheduled for Thursday, May 7, from 4-8 pm.  Lawn signs are available at school or by calling Shari. To volunteer for the day of the event, click to go to the form for volunteer options.  Teens and adults are encouraged to help out.



Special offers and coupons from Kings Island are available at the front desk.  Stop by and get your discounts for the summer!


Columbus Jewish Day School and Columbus Torah Academy are proud to announce a joint Project that will begin August 2015 called "Yarok Together" (Green Together).


Yarok Together received generous start-up funding ($30,350) from The Columbus Jewish Foundation. This Project encourages local Jewish Day School collaboration, environmental stewardship, and leadership in community engagement.   While it is projected to be a three- year Project, this grant covers funding for the first year only.  Support for the second and third year will require documentation of progress and reapplication.   


Community Gardens at both schools (440 sq. feet in each location) will be farmed jointly to serve as one of the experiential elements of this Project.  The other experiential and collaborative piece is physically delivering fresh produce to agencies that serve community members living in poverty.  As Jewish people we are commanded to be shomrei  adamah  (guardians of the earth), thus we have an obligation to care for the earth.  Teaching about the intersection of environmental sustainability and Jewish text, in our schools, is vital for our future.  While 5th and 6th Graders will be directly involved, all students in the schools will engage in caring for the land at different times during the school year.  Lessons will be a "hands-on" realization of content from science, math, Jewish text, art and Hebrew language.


Both CJDS and CTA will teach the Min Ha' Aretz Curriculum to 5th and 6th Graders  next year.  The curriculum, authored by Judith Belasco and Lisa Sjostrom of Hazon, the Jewish Food Education Network  (JFEN), teaches underlying Jewish values about environmental stewardship, food and agricultural issues among other things.  The produce harvested will be donated and delivered to the following agencies:  Jewish Family Services - Holocaust Support Program (150 survivors) and TANF  (Temporary Assistance Needy Families), the seniors living in subsidized housing at the Towers of Wexner Heritage Village and the OSU Star House- a drop-in shelter for 16-24 year olds in central Ohio.




The CTA Garden, located on the south side of the school, will be revived and renewed.  A greenhouse will also be added near the site to allow for year round planting.  The first "working together" project will be this coming Wednesday, April 22 - Earth Day - when the CJDS Garden Club will join at CTA to tend the ground and prepare the soil for planting later this summer.  4th and 5th grade students will be staying after school from 4-6 pm to help and all members of the school community are welcome to join in.


For more information about the Earth Day program, contact Diana Wolf at


CTA Student Auditions are this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (April 20, 21, and 22) during lunchtime for the Spring Fling Family Festival "Talent Tent" on Thursday, May 7.  The performance stage will be scheduled throughout the event with unique and special talents that our students, parents and teachers have to share.


Please click here to sign you or your child up for auditions or click to download the permission form.


If you have any questions, please contact Shari.



The 7th graders have kicked off the annual 8th grade Magazine Subscription Drive! New this year, if you order on-line, you can take advantage of other items on the On-line Store. Please help the 7th graders raise money for the 2015 8th Grade Washington trip.  Please see any 7th grader OR go on-line to and use code: 2522449. Students receive 40% for all sales. Thanks for your support!


Columbus Torah Academy is excited to participate again in the next "The Big Give".  This 24 hours of giving will be benefit CTA when the Columbus Foundation offers $1.3 million to amplify giving to non profits like CTA.  Giving will begin at 10 am on May 12 until 10 am on May 13.  What a great time to make your Annual Gift to the school and increase your giving level with this prorata match.


For more information or to make your gift now, contact Shari Herszage at  More information can be found at


While Lower school students were very busy with Model Seder activities right before Passover vacation, their general studies teachers were engaged in a workshop, specially designed to enhance their technology skills.


The teachers participated in an educational technology workshop moderated by Dianne Schwendenman. She recently attended a Tech and Learning Event in Atlanta and brought back many new ideas and online applications to share with the teachers.


One such app, Socrative, used to conduct interactive formative assessments, was presented. Teachers (as students)  were able to respond to questions from their device and then see the results immediately on the teacher computer. This app provides a great way for teachers to see if students are really understanding a concept as it is being taught.


Also presented was Blendspace, an app that allows teachers to flip lessons, differentiate instruction and create project based learning. Teachers, in just a short amount of time, were able to create actual lessons to take back to their classes. It is easy to use and very versatile.


In addition teachers were able to delve into tutorials covering GAFE, Google Apps For Education. The number of google apps available for education  is constantly increasing and existing apps are improved and updated regularly. Staying current with what is available is very important to these teachers.


The teachers completed the workshop excited to explore the many new approaches to classroom learning the online applications provide.


Students in grade 2-6 are invited to participate in a Youth Choir which will be performing at IsraelFest - the Community Wide Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration on Thursday, April 23. Morah Cheri has been teaching the students the songs and they are very excited to participate.  There is a practice this Sunday, April 19 at Temple Israel from 2-3:30 pm.  Any questions, contact Cheri Friedman at




3rd and 4th grade students spectacularly represented CTA at this week's community wide Yom Hashoah event.  Morah Cheri coached them beautifully as they sang in memory of the 6 million.  Never forget!  Thank you to the parents and teachers whose efforts helped the children to shine.


Is your Kroger Reward card linked to CTA? If yes, you MUST re-enroll your rewards card beginning on April 1.  If you do not re-enroll, CTA will NOT earn $$$ from your purchases.  Annually, we receive close to $15,000. This DOES NOT HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY. The rewards program terminates EVERY APRIL, and you NEED TO RESTART IT!!  UNLESS YOU RENEW YOUR REWARDS (every April 1st), CTA will not benefit at all.  Please take 5 minutes & go to: to sign in or enroll. Remember to find AND select Columbus Torah Academy. If you have any questions or want help, contact Shari.


Another session of tennis is being offered to CTA students in grades K-6.   As you might know, tennis is an excellent life-long sport that promotes hand-eye coordination, social skills, teamwork,  and fitness.  A professional  coach, with much experience in teaching kids, will arrive at school and coach our children indoors on WEDNESDAYS for 6 weeks from April 22-May 27 (the last full Wednesday of school). Kindergarten will have their session from 2:45-3:45.  Grades 1-6 will have their lesson immediately following school from 4:00-5:00pm.


Parents will need to sign up for their children for a 6 week session at $60/child for the entire session.  Click this link to sign your child(ren) up: Checks should be made out to Marc Wurtzman.  


Questions or more information, contact parent coordinator: Lara Blumberg at

The following CTA families have completed their Give & Get Commitment for 2014-15 of $2,000 per family through direct donations, volunteer hours, Scrip usage, and more. 


Almasanu, Berger (Rabbi Ben & Rachel), Blumberg, Buren, Chase, Cooper, Delman, Drandoff, 
Finegold, Friedman, Goldstein, Hartstein, Herszage
Kalef, Klynn, Liebesman/Leeman
Makias, Metz
Schiff, Schneiderman, Schottenstein
Schubach/Goodman, Topolosky, Wolt

If you are trying to complete your commitment, consider a donation to the Annual Campaign or plan to volunteer at the upcoming Spring Fling and Columbus Baseball Invitational. Have a special talent that the school can use? That's a great way to earn Give & Get dollars.



Jewish camp works. Children and teens who spend summers at Jewish camp are more likely to be involved in communal leadership, more engaged in Jewish causes, and more emotionally attached to Israel as adults than those who did not.


A key recommendation from the Portrait of Jewish Columbus is to dramatically increase the number of children attending camps. We need your help. We have included a link to a short survey link to better understand the desire for Jewish camping in our community and the potential barriers to sending your children to camp. The results of this survey will help to determine the direction of our community's camp initiative.


Please click the following link for the survey: Camp Survey 


Please direct any questions or concerns to Alyssa Russell, 559.3234 or


It has been a time-honored Jewish tradition to give tzedakah in recognition of important events. Todah Rabah to the following for their donation to the Annual Giving Fund by:


Steven and Smadar Import in appreciation of Mr. Bailey, Eddie Karmia,

   and Joey Nutis and in memory of Sage Moreno

Randy and Rochelle Topolosky wishing a mazel tov to Mr. & Mrs. Ed Stan

   on their 65th Wedding Anniversary

Todd and Eliza Delman in memory of Helen Nutis and Susan Schmelzer's

   father and in appreciation to Shelby Furman

Mr. & Mrs. William Morse in honor of Marcia Hershfield and Ellen Siegel









COMMUNITY YOUTH CHOIR:  Young people in grades 2-6 are invited to participate and perform with the Columbus Jewish Federation's Youth Choir at the upcoming Yom Ha'atzmaut Concert on April 23 at the JCC.  The Youth Choir will perform at 6:15 pm.  Rehearsals are on April 12 and 19.  For more information or to sign up, contact Joanie Calem at


YOM HA'ATZMAUT! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: This year's Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration, IsraelFest 2015: The Sounds of Israel, will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 4:30-8:30 PM at the JCC of Greater Columbus featuring arts and crafts, Israeli food, musical booths, kids attractions and more! Performances include 'Quinta and a Half,' a vocal group from K'far Saba, the Federation's Youth Choir and the Twelve Torches ceremony. Both adult and teen volunteers are needed for this year's festivities. You can receive community service hours for the amount of time you volunteer. If you are able to volunteer, contact 

AIPAC ANNUAL EVENT: Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 6:00 pm - Leadership Cocktail & Hors d'oeuvres Reception (Minimum 2015 Annual AIPAC Investment of $1,800) 7:00 pm - Community Program & Dessert Reception at The Sheraton at Capitol Square, 75 East State Street * Columbus, $36 Couvert Per Person Speaker to be Announced. *Please note that we have changed the date. For information or to register, please visit If you wish to purchase a table or have further questions, please contact Susan Kahan at312.253.8979 or


LEGO ROBOT CAMP: Design, build and program working robots. Learn problem solving, engineering and computer skills in a fun, hands-on environment. Upcoming Camps in Gahanna, Westerville and Dublin. Register at:  For more information, call 769-7626 or email


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Weekly Dateline Sponsorship $150 (includes tribute line at top of newsletter)


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1)   What date was "yom hashemini" (the eighth day mentioned at the beginning of the parsha)?

a)   First of Nissan.


2)    Which of Aharon's korbanot (offerings) atoned for the Golden Calf?

a.    The calf offered as a korban chatat (sin offering).


3)    Which korbanot did Aharon offer for the Jewish People?

a.    A he-goat as a chatat, a calf and a lamb for an olah (burnt offering), an ox and a ram for shelamim (peace offering), and a mincha (meal offering). 


4.   What was unique about the chatat offered during the induction of the Mishkan?

a.   It's the only example of a chatat offered on the courtyard mizbe'ach (altar) that was burned.


5.   When did Aharon bless the people with the birkat kohanim (priestly blessing)?

a.   When he finished offering the korbanot, before descending from the mizbe'ach.


6.   Why did Moshe go into the Ohel Mo'ed (Tent of Meeting) with Aharon?

a.   For one of two reasons: Either to teach Aharon about the service of the incense, or to pray for the Shechina (Divine presence) to dwell with Israel.


7.   Why did Aharon's sons Nadav and Avihu die?

a.   Rashi offers two reasons: Either because they gave a halachic ruling in Moshe's presence, or because they entered the Mishkan after drinking intoxicating wine.


8.  Aharon quietly accepted his son's death. What reward did he receive for this?

a.   A portion of the Torah was given solely through Aharon.


(Parsha Shemini Quiz originally appeared on the 

Ohr Somayach  website,


As part of our partnership with the Shiloh school in Israel, we will be receiving riddles each week relating to the Parasha. You will notice this each week on this back page. The goal is to have the parents and children discuss the parasha, while trying to figure out the connection between the picture and the parasha. All answered riddles should be given to the Judaic teacher on Monday. The names of the winners will be announced and sent to our friends in Israel.


What is the connection between the picture and the name of the parasha? 








The winner of last week's riddle is: Arianna Eskin


Moreh Dror Karavani will collect all of the submitted answers, put them into a box, and save them for the big raffle! You will hear more about this very soon. Keep your answers coming.

I hope you enjoy the electronic version of our Dateline. Please check out our website at