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The Columbus Torah Academy
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September 5, 2014

         10 Elul  5774

Ki Tet'zei
  Candlelighting 7:37 p.m.
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We look forward to seeing you at the Special Community Reception this Sunday to welcome our new Head of School, Rabbi Samuel J. Levine, and to tour the newly renovated building.  The entire community is invited, alumni, alumni parents, parents, grandparents, community members, students (and their siblings). 


Come and see the renovated Lower School Gym, 2nd grade classrooms, cafeteria, Lower School Science Lab, Shul, Multi Purpose space behind the Shul and more.


Open touring of the building will begin at 10 am followed by a short program at 11 am in the Shul.  Light refreshments will be served.

Sunday, September 7: Welcome Rabbi Levine and Dedication of Renovations, 10am
Monday, September 8:  Macaroni & Cheese-Volunteer: B. Martin
Tuesday, September 9:  Hamburgers-Volunteer: R. Fineberg
Wednesday, September 10: Pizza-Volunteer: P. Wolf
12th Grade College Night, 7:30pm
Thursday, September 11:  BBQ Chicken
Friday, September 12:  Fish Sticks-Volunteer: K. Abelman
Monday, September 22: School Picture Retakes
September 24-26: Rosh Hashanah - NO SCHOOL
Friday, October 3: Erev Yom Kippur - NO SCHOOL
October 8-10: Succot - NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, September 8
HOME Game vs.Cypress Christian
Middle School Volleyball, 5pm

Tuesday, September 9
HOME Games vs. Gahanna Christian
Varsity Volleyball, 5pm
Varsity Soccer, 5pm

AWAY Game vs. Tree of Life
Middle School Volleyball, 5pm
CTA Scrip Office, 864-0299 ext. 212
Monday-Friday- 7:30am-4pm

There is still some Scrip inventory available for those who wish to purchase. Please call (864-0299) or stop by the front office.  Additional Scrip can be purchased by order or request.

Give & Get statements and updates will be provided in due course.


Shop at Polaris Fashion Place and enter CTA into a drawing for $7500!  Just bring your receipts dated from 8/4/14 through 9/27/14 to the Guest Reception at Polaris Fashion Place and have them marked for Columbus Torah Academy.  The school with the largest number of purchases will receive a grand prize of $7500.  Full rules can be seen at


Looking to help raise money for CTA?  Here are a few ways to do it that will cost you NOTHING:


Kroger Rewards Card:  Go to and register your rewards card.  Kroger will donated up to 1% of your Kroger or Turkey Hill stores.


Target RED Card: Go to to manage your red card and enroll your card in the Take Charge of Education program to choose CTA.  Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target stores in the U.S and at


Amazon Smile:  Go to and register to benefit CTA.  When you make a purchase, CTA will receive 1% of that purchase as a donation to our school.  Always shop through to benefit CTA.


iGive:  Register with iGive at and your Amazon purchases and online purchases at close to 1500 retailers will give a kickback to CTA.  To date we have raised over $1000. 


If you have trouble with any of these, contact Shari or come visit her in her office and she will walk you through it!

By Rabbi Zecharia Weitz, Upper School Judaic Studies Coordinator

Weitz Passion Driven Learning: It is understandable that students find a dissonance between their passions versus what they have to study in grade school. Our passion, however, creates an unparalleled drive in any endeavor.  This is the force Genius Hour is designed to harness. Genius Hour is a new program that we are piloting in our 9th grade Navi class that we believe will soon mushroom. In short, our class devotes one day a week to researching a topic, question, or quest that each individual has a personal passion for. The concept is based on a model that Google, FedEx and many other successful companies have employed and found disproportionately successful (it actually birthed Gmail, Google Talk, Google News and other mega concepts!). It is a fascinating topic but I need to get to the point - click here for a TedTalk if you'd like to hear more.


The guiding criteria for our driving questions and research are something that will promote either the understanding or practice of Judaism for ourselves, our class and, ideally, the world (this is our "change the world" pose).


Here's a sneak preview of the some of the areas we've set out to conquer; 

  • Working with the JFS to collect winter gear for deprived children in our area
  • What the Mashiach era will look like and how we can make it happen
  • Promoting awareness of domestic abuse and how to seek help 

See you in the better tomorrow!


Please welcome Lihi Shmueli, the new Young Shlicha.  Lihi will be working with the Israel Department at the Columbus Jewish Federation and Lior Abarbanel, our Community Shaliach.  CTA is lucky that Lihi will be working with our students once a week as her predecessor, Liat Shaked did for the past two years.


We are all looking forward to getting to know Lihi and welcoming her to our school community and to Columbus.  Please feel free to reach out and invite her for a Shabbat meal or other interaction.  A Meal Train has been set up that members of the community can use.  Check it out at:


Mr. Pray's U.S. and Modern World History classes began the academic year with a week-long simulation called "Trading Places."  This lesson immerses students in roles as members of a society-in-microcosm, and calls upon them to compete for scarce resources, cooperate to advance their individual interests, and create rules for their society that endure, and have real impact throughout the simulation.  The class uses success in trading varied resources as the meritocratic basis for who gets to rule - and who gets to make the rules going forward.  Out of the exercise students become aristocrats and revolutionaries, workers striving for a bigger share, and a struggling middle-class struggling to hang on.  "Trading Places" is the first in a series of authentic simulations planned for the upcoming school year in social studies.




They might look hot and tired, but the "wee ones" in kindergarten have formed a CESA soccer team.  Practicing after school, many of the kindergarteners have joined the team where they are coached in basic soccer skills, rules of play and team sportsmanship by the outstanding leadership of Gary Blumberg and Ben Levey.  The team plays in the CESA Under 7 league on Sundays (thanks to CESA for their flexibility). At this age, kids play 4 against 4 with 2 games running at the same time. The teams are co-ed and the emphasis is on getting the kids comfortable with the ball, working together as a team, and having fun playing soccer.  Parents are helping to coordinate snacks and carpools.  We look forward to seeing great things from this group as they are preparing to be CTA Lion soccer players in the 2021-2022 school year.


The JCC is offering a School's Out Day on September 24.  CTA families may register their children in grades K-6 for care from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm at the JCC on that day.  Cost if registered before 9/17/14 is $50 for JCC members and $60 for non-members.  For more information or to register, contact Kaley Rosenthal at [email protected].


Tamar Libicki (Class of 03) on her marriage 

Yoni Zofan (Class of '00) and Dori Zofan (Class of '00) on the marriage of

   their brother Gilli to Allison Bime

Helen Miller on the birth of a grandson


Elena and Aaron Berkovich and family on the passing of former CTA

   student Basya Rivka

David Bernzweig on the passing of his grandmother

Mandy Tantarelli, Kindergarten Aide, on the passing of her grandmother


Please welcome Daniel and Batsheva Levy and their children, Noam and Raz in Kindergarten.

Junior High Student Council elections took place this week.  Congratulations to this year's officers:


President             Neil Kalef

Vice President     Jack Bounds

Publicity Head      Orli Hartstein

Representatives    Gillian Herszage, Gali Makias, Shmuel Metz and

            Sarah Feige Milson


PTO's annual Innisbrook Sale is underway. This is the main fundraiser for CTA PTO. All funds are used to enhance curriculum for your children!


1.     Why must a captured woman mourn her family for a month in her captor's house?

a.     So her captor will find her unattractive.


2.     What fraction of the inheritance does a first-born receive if he has a) one brother? b) two brothers?

a.     a) 2/3  b) 1/2 


3.      What will become of a ben sorer u'moreh if his parents don't bring him to court?

a.   He will eventually rob and kill to support his physical indulgences.


4.      Why is it a degradation to G-d to hang a criminal's body on the gallows overnight?

a.   Because humans are made in G-d's image; and because the Jewish People are G-d's children.


5.      What do you do if you find a lost object that costs money to maintain?

a.   Sell it and save the money for the owner.


6.      Why does the Torah forbid wearing the clothing of the opposite gender?

a.   It leads to immorality.


7.      Why does the Torah link the mitzvah of sending away the mother-bird with the mitzvah of making a railing on the roof of your house?

a.   To teach that one mitzvah leads to another, and to prosperity.


8.      When is it permitted to wear wool and linen?

a.   Wool tzitzit on a linen garment.


9.      If one charges interest to his fellow Jew, how many commandments has he transgressed?

a.   Three; two negative commandments and a positive commandment.


10.    What is the groom's special obligation to his bride during their first year together?

a.   To gladden her.


11.    When is a groom required to fight in a non-obligatory war?

a.   When he remarries his ex-wife.


12.    What type of object may one not take as collateral?

a.   Utensils used to prepare food.



 (Parsha Ki Tet'zei Quiz appeared on the Ohr Somayach website)

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