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December 6, 2013

          3 Tevet 5774 

  Candlelighting 4:49 p.m.
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This week's Torah portion of Vayigash contains the moving story of how Yoseph finally revealed his true identity to his brothers and was reconciled with them.  It also describes how Yakov Avinu (the patriarch, Jacob) brought his entire family down to Egypt, thereby setting the stage for the Jewish people's first experience of exile and, ultimately, servitude.  When Yosef presented his father Yakov to Pharoah, Yakov reflected upon his very difficult life and stated that, "they [the days of my life] have not attained the days of the years of the life of my fathers."  Several commentators are troubled by Yakov's apparent need to lament about his life to Pharoah, something which seems unseemly and inappropriate for such a great tzaddik (righteous man).  Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, zt"l, explains that Yakov was not complaining. Rather, he was pointing out that although he had had a very difficult life from a materialistic point of view, his focus was on the spiritual sphere, and on maintaining the legacy of his father and grandfather.  This point laid the foundation for Yakov's request that Pharoah grant him a separate area of land in which to settle his family.  They needed to live separately from the Egyptians in order to continue their unique traditions and lifestyle.  Only by carefully guarding against assimilation could Yakov ensure the continuity of his family's Jewish future.  

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Zvi Kahn

It was an epic event, the combining of Thanksgiving and Chanukah, a blending that won't happen again in 70,000 plus years.  But even more epic was the blending of the Thanksgiving and Chanukah Musical Shows at CTA.  Turkey poems and Chanukah songs performed by students in grades K-4 danced through our minds as we headed into a holiday weekend of celebration with family and friends.  We hope everyone enjoyed the dual holiday celebrations! 



The unique and original "Menurkey" designed by CTA alumnus, Joy Tanenbaum, is a keepsake the students and a select lucky few will have forever of that day.  Only 5 Menurkey buttons remain. If you would like to purchase one for $3, please call the school.


Pictures of the show can be viewed on Facebook at Columbus Torah Academy ( Academy/ 203086483040318?id= 203086483040318&sk=photos_stream) and DVDs are available for $5 each by request to [email protected]
Monday, December 9:  Pizza Bagels: Volunteer-B. Martin
Tuesday, December 10:  Hamburgers: Volunteer-L. Schottenstein
Executive Board Meeting, 7:30 pm
Wednesday, December 11:  Pizza: Volunteer-R. Fineberg
11th Grade College Night, 7:30 pm
Thursday, December 12:  Chicken Cutlets: Volunteer-C. Derrow
Friday, December 13:  Tuna: Volunteer-S. Lubow
Friday, December 20:  Lower School Dress Down Day
December 23-January 1: Winter Break - NO SCHOOL
Thursday, January 2: School Resumes
It's Basketball Season!

Monday, December 9
AWAY Games vs. St. John's
Middle School Girls, 5:30 pm
Middle School Boys, 6:45 pm
Wednesday, December 11
HOME Games vs. OSD
Varsity Girls, 5:30 pm
Varsity Boys, 7:00 pm
Thursday, December 12
HOME Games vs. Grace Christian
Middle School Girls, 5:00 pm
Middle School Boys, 6:15 pm
vs. Madison Christian
Varsity Boys, 8:00 pm
CTA Scrip Office, 864-0299 ext. 112
Monday-Thursday- 7:30am-4pm

The Scrip Office keeps a variety of available scrip on hand. Special order scrip from hundreds of stores is available by sending your request to [email protected]. To see a complete selection of all of the Scrip choices, go to To benefit CTA with online purchases, register at  

Remember: Target Take Charge of Education Program; Box Tops for Education; Giant Eagle Apples for Students, Kroger card, and empty inkjet cartridges into the box at the front office. To view the vendors participating in the Scrip Program go to


Call & Deliver Program for Scrip: email [email protected] or call 864-0299 to order scrip and have it delivered to your home!   


If you would like to volunteer, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Abelman, at 855-5195 or [email protected]. Volunteer time is worth $25 per hour towards Give & Get.


Featured Fundraisers: Fun Factory collection of Ink Jet cartridges, and


Kroger Scrip News: CTA supporters (94 households) who shopped at Kroger between 8/01/2013 and 10/31/2013 have contributed $2,800.13. Way to go Kroger shoppers!  If your Kroger Rewards Card is not linked to CTA or to check on the status of your rewards (and earn valuable coupons), go to:  
Remember, cards need to be re-enrolled every April 1.  And, of course, the dollars you earn are applied to your Give & Get Annual Family Commitment.

By Dror Karavani, Lower School Judaic Studies Coordinator


Chanukah Around the School:  
It's unbelievable how Chanukah came and went so quickly this year.  There was so much activity going on in our school that brought a lot of light into the hearts of our students.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our Chanukah / Thanksgiving program.  We had a chance to hear beautiful songs from our "performers," interesting facts about Chanukah, and light the chanukiah together.  Each student showed pride when walking out of the school with his/her own chanukiah.  Another thank 
you goes out to Mrs. Lerner and her Student Council for putting on a
terrific Chanukah carnival. Besides all of this, the incredible community-wide Chanukah Hop at CJDS was a huge success. It was so nice to watch the students galloping from one booth to the other with smiles on their faces and tickets and prizes in their hands. In addition, a wonderful surprise occurred, when we received a package from our friends in the Shiloh school containing gifts for Chanukah. 
In fifth and sixth grade, after learning about the different events that took place over the seven years since the time the Greeks invaded Israel until they left, the students made timelines of each major event. The students also used pictures or graphics to give a visual understanding to the story. 


Chanukah Art Exhibit from Israel: Our CTA hallway leading to the elementary wing hosts pictures from the Shiloh school students. Our students became judges and voted for the top 4 pictures that they felt stood out the most.  It was a surprise to see that the first place winner had almost all of the votes hands down. 


Kindergarten Chanukah Celebration through Skype: Last Tuesday, a very exciting program was launched here in CTA and in our Shiloh school.  For the first time in both places, the students participated in a Skype session, so they could meet their friends and compare the various settings of their classrooms.  The children enjoyed hearing the Chanukah songs sung by each class and singing songs together as well.  They exchanged riddles and were proud to show their knowledge.   The culminating surprise was when both groups received a big box, which had been sent ahead, containing goody bags for each student. The seeds have been planted and I'm sure that this relationship will continue to grow stronger and stronger. 


By Galit Golan, Hebrew Language Coordinator



Feelings are part of the 5th grade Hebrew curriculum. The students learned the poem "האדם"  - The Man, by Yizchak Rabin, and were inspired to write their own poems about this topic.  Shabbat Shalom!


By Rabbi Zecharia Weitz 

Fired-Up on Chanukah!

The Upper School was pulsating with ruach (enthusiasm) over Chanukah. Beyond engaging the meaning of Chanukah through learning the halachot and hashkafot (laws and perspectives) in class, both the Junior High and High School had super programs:


Led by the Judaic staff, the Junior High experienced Dreidel Bowl 2.0; a "thrilling and competitive" dreidel bowl, to quote Rachel Wolf, enhanced with Chanukah questions that earned students additional gelt and treats. Winners walked away with creative prizes (thanks Rabbi Drandoff!) including one Schottenstien Caf´┐Ż lunch with the Judaic staff member of your choice!


The High School had an intense 2 day color war that was impressively directed by our student council under the direction of Rabbi Drandoff and assistance of Sage Moreno. The Maccabees (Red) faced-off with the Pilgrims (Blue) and after a debate, dodge-ball, mural, cheer and dance competition, the Blue Team came out on top! "What a fun way to enhance camaraderie and ruach," remarked Avi Kahn.


Table Talk: Yaakov and his brothers are finally reunited with Yosef but almost veiled by the brilliance of all this drama is our nation's first descent into exile. Can you detect the measures that Yaakov and Yosef made to ensure our spiritual survival?


Stern College for Women's recent dramatic production of The Wizard of Oz  was a great success with the efforts of two amazing CTA graduates, Sarah Miriam Ginsburg and Sharona Kay (both from the Class of 2012). Sarah Miriam's directing ability won her a standing ovation with people chanting her name and Sharona played the Wicked Witch of the West in a fantastic rendition!  Yasher koachem Sarah Miriam and Sharona!  It's amazing what CTA graduates can do!


Lower School Student Council organized a very successful Chanukah Carnival, just ask any student in grades Kindergarten through 6th.  The students enjoyed "decade inspired" carnival booths like Hula Hooping from the 1950's and Freeze Dancing from the 1980's.  Proceeds from the Carnival go to support Student Council activities and their year end celebration.




Please make the following change to your copy of the Parent Directory: 

      ADDRESS CHANGE:  Mr. and Mrs. David Al Moshi, 

      2876 Eastmoreland Dr., Columbus, OH 43209


More than 400 people attended Columbus Torah Academy's very successful 2013 Scholarship Dinner held on Sunday, November 24, at the Hilton downtown Columbus.





The annual event is one of CTA's largest fundraisers and proceeds support scholarships which allow many families who could otherwise not afford to send their children to Jewish day school.  Thank you to the sponsors and donors of the event who are listed in the Tribute Journal.  The evening was a wonderful celebration of CTA and a showcase of our amazing school. 


We were privileged to honor Drs. Dan and Leslie Chase for their dedication, commitment and leadership to Columbus Torah Academy and the community and to recognize Rabbi Zvi and Sara Beth Kahn and family for their contributions to CTA.

Thank you to our co-chairs, Esther, Dalia and Murielle and to the many volunteers who made the event such a success.


Photos by Lorn Spolter Photography can be viewed on Facebook.  To obtain a copy of the Tribute Journal or for more information about the Scholarship Fund, contact [email protected] or 614-864-0299, ext 118.


Robin Garvin, Shulamit Ginsburg, Jaki Keri, Hillari Klynn, Esther Pessin (Shulamit Ginsburg's mom), Sharon Schramm, Elaine Shindel, Karan Tanenbaum, and Norma Whitmyre for their help with the holiday treats!


Mousa and Shelly Aframian, Lawrence and Kim Binsky, Gary and Lara Blumberg, Dan and Leslie Chase, and Norman and Suzanne Schneiderman for sponsoring this month's delicious Rosh Chodesh Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch.


12th Grade Graduation will take place on Thursday evening, June 12, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. and NOT Sunday, June 1.  Please make this change on your calendar.

The Search Committee met on Tuesday, Dec. 3 and is very excited to announce the candidacy of Rabbi Shmuel Jablon, current principal of Torah Academy of Great Philadelphia and former Head of the Lower School of the Fuchs Mizrachi School of Cleveland.  Rabbi Jablon comes to us with twenty years of experience in Jewish education and with passion and vision as a leader and thinker.  He will be visiting the community and rabbeim on Sunday, Dec. 8 and the school and its constituents on Monday, Dec. 9. During the day, he will visit classes; talk with Rabbi Kahn, administrators and teachers; as well as the Search Committee and Board.  Parents who are available and wish to meet him are welcome to attend a special parent meeting from 3:00-3:45 in the shul, facilitated by Ilana and Dan Newman.  The second candidate selected for a visit on Sunday, Dec. 15 and Monday, Dec. 16 is Rabbi Yamin Bennaroch.  Rabbi Bennaroch has served as both the elementary school principal (2010-present) and high school Dean of Students, Vice Principal and Principal of the Hebrew Academy, Montreal (2005-2010). He brings with him strong educational experience in both lower and upper school education. He will follow a similar schedule to Rabbi Jablon and will be available to meet with interested parents from 3:00-3:45 on Monday. Dec. 16.  The name of the final candidate selected for consideration will be announced when the dates of his visit are confirmed. The Search Committee is thrilled with the caliber of leaders that we are bringing in and we are confident that we will leave our candidates with a strong, positive impression of CTA that will captivate them to join us.
Submitted by Danielle Lane, 8th grade student
The annual Washington D.C. trip is one of the highlights of the eighth grade curriculum.  This year, the eighth grade class, along with two wonderful chaperones (Rabbi Kahn and Morah Malca Makias), visited museums, memorials, historic buildings and other famous Washington DC sites. We also enjoyed eating at several great kosher restaurants.


I asked each of the eighth graders what his/her favorite part of this amazing experience was. Here are their responses:


Harry Bernzweig- Bus Rides and Newseum

Mira Cassel- Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Inbal Golan- Bus Rides through beautiful Washington

Avior Hazan- Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Rena Kahn- Bonding with fellow eighth graders

Rochel Kaltmann- Hotel and Mount Vernon

Hadar Karavani- Hotel and Newseum

Dani Lane- Library of Congress

Eli Lubow- Lincoln Memorial

Benny Makias- Bureau of Printing and Engraving

Josh Needleman- Bureau of Printing and Engraving

Tamar Stavsky- Mount Vernon

GALLERY PLAYERS PRESENTS "ELIJAH'S ANGEL" December 7-15One year, on the first night of Chanukah that was also Christmas Eve, something wonderful happened in a barbershop filled with Bible heroes, fearsome beasts, and football players. Two very different people (young and old, white and black, Jewish and Christian, schoolboy and woodcarver) reconciled art, faith, and the universal need to create - all thanks to an angel with diamonds for eyes. Adapted by Michael J. Rosen from his National Jewish Book Award-winning book of the same name, this play is inspired by his real-life friendship with Columbus's treasured folk artist, Elijah Pierce, whose work and faith live on. If you would like to come for a discounted rate of $10.00 on Saturday, December 14, at 7:30 p.m., please contact Norma Whitmyre at [email protected]. Tickets for other performances can be purchased by calling the JCC at 614.231.2731or by visiting



BLOOD DRIVE at the JCC College Ave. - Monday, December 30. The need for blood donors is never completely satisfied.  New donors must be found when long time donors can no longer give.  Please come MondayDecember 30, to the JCC between 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm to give the "Gift of Life".  You can arrange an appointment by calling the Red Cross at 1-800-Give Life or go to the Red Cross website at sponsor code: tolifecolumbus. 



The 12th grade class will formally kick-off its Senior Project, which is based on participation in the JUMP Program, this Sunday, December 8 with a dessert reception from 6:30-8 pm at the Columbus Jewish Foundation, 1175 College Avenue.  NCSY's Jewish Unity Mentoring Program (JUMP) is a yearlong program that challenges students to use acquired leadership skills and a broadening understanding of global issues that face Jewish people to plan and complete a series of community wide projects.  The students will present their plan for the year at the kick-off event and thank program sponsors.  Cost for the reception is $10 per person or $18 a couple.  RSVP or for more information, contact [email protected] or 377-1410.










1.   What threatening words did Yehuda say to Yosef?

      a.   He threatened that Yosef would be stricken with leprosy, like Pharaoh when he took Sarah from Avraham; alternatively, Yehuda threatened to kill Yosef and Pharaoh.


2.    Why did Yehuda say his missing brother died?

      a.   Yehuda feared that if he said his missing brother was alive, Yosef would demand to see him.


3.   Why was Yehuda the one to plead for Binyamin?

      a.   He was the one who took "soul" responsibility for him.


4.   What do we learn from Yosef telling his brothers "Go up to my father"?

      a.  We learn that Eretz Yisrael is higher than all other lands.


5.   What two things did the brothers see that helped prove that he was really Yosef?

     a.  He was circumcised like they were, and he spoke lashon hakodesh.


6.  Why did Binyamin weep on Yosef's neck?

     a.  Binyamin wept for the destruction of Mishkan Shilo built in Yosef's territory.


7.  Why did Yosef send old wine to Yaakov?

     a.  Elderly people appreciate old wine.


8.  What did Yosef mean when he said, "Don't dispute on the way"?

     a.  He warned that if they engage in halachic disputes, they might not be alert to possible travel dangers. 


 (Parsha Vayeshev Quiz appeared on the Ohr Somayach website)


As part of our partnership with the Shiloh school in Israel, we will be receiving riddles each week relating to the Parasha. You will notice this each week on this back page. The goal is to have the parents and children discuss the parasha, while trying to figure out the connection between the picture and the parasha. All answered riddles should be given to the Judaic teacher on Monday. The names of the winners will be announced and sent to our friends in Israel.  

What is the connection between the picture and the parasha?
Look in Chapter 45, Verse 27. You will find the answer there.






The winner of last week's riddle is Rebekkah Klynn.   


Moreh Dror Karavani will collect all of the submitted answers, put them in a box, and save them for the big raffle! You will hear more about this very soon. Keep your answers coming. 

I hope you enjoy the electronic version of our Dateline. Please check out our website at