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January 18, 2013

           7 Shevat  5773

  Candlelighting 5:15p.m.
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In this week's Torah portion, Bo, the mitzvah of putting on tefillin is articulated with the words, "And it should be for you a sign upon your hand and for a memorial between your eyes." The Talmud, focusing on the words "for you," states that the shel yad tefillin on the arm should be covered because it is intended to be a sign for the wearer and not for others. This contrasts with the shel rosh tefillin, worn on the head, which is visible to everyone. What is the meaning behind these rules? Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (zt"l) explained that the tefillin are first placed on the arm and then on the head. This shows us that we must first commit ourselves to acting in the appropriate ways before we attempt to teach values to other people. This lesson was once illustrated by a well-known rabbinic scholar who said that teachers should view themselves as goblets full of wine. If they constantly pour out their wine into other cups they will end up becoming empty. Rather, they should constantly be filling themselves up with new wine and the natural overflow will fill up the other cups without their becoming drained. 


Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Zvi Kahn


CTA parents are encouraged to attend the upcoming Town Hall Meeting to be held on Wednesday, January 30, at 7:30 p.m. This annual event is a great way to learn about programs planned for the second half of the year and even get a sneak preview of some of the ideas that are being considered for the 2013-14 academic year. It is also the perfect time to share your input with the administration and ask questions about issues that concern our school community.


The Town Hall Meeting will open in the main library with a presentation by Rabbi Kahn for all parents. This will be followed by a brief presentation from the CTA Board about a proposed change to the Board structure. After that issue is discussed and voted on, K-6 grade parents will proceed to the old library area for a Lower School presentation and 7-12 grade parents will remain in the main library for a discussion about Upper School matters. Light refreshments will be available.


piano As a special incentive for parents to come out on a cold winter evening, there will be a no-cost raffle with a very special grand prize. The winner will take home the much-loved music room piano which, through the generosity of Sonia Schottenstein, has been replaced by a brand new model. The old piano is a Cable-Nelson full-sized upright and it is in good condition. It's perfect for a family with young children who want to learn how to play. (Please note that the winner will be responsible for transport.)
Saturday, January 19: Varsity Basketball Home Games vs. Patriot Prep & Pizza Dinner - Girls, 6:30pm; Boys, 8:00pm
Sunday, January 20: Chickies Night Fundraiser for the Varsity Basketball Teams, 5:30-7:30pm, Ahavas Sholom
Monday, January 21: Martin Luther King Day - No School
Tuesday, January 22: Tacos-Volunteer: M. Napper
Wednesday, January 23: Lasagna-Volunteer: P. Wolf 
Thursday, January 24: Sloppy Joes-Volunteer: A. Rosen
Friday, January 25:  Tuna-Volunteer: S. Lubow
Saturday, January 26: Varsity Basketball Home Games vs. Shepherd NAZ & Sub Dinner - Girls, 7pm - Boy, 8pm
Wednesday, January 30: Town Hall Meeting, 7:30pm
Thursday, January 31: Enrollment Agreements Due
Wednesday, February 6: Parent Breakfast, Grades 7-12, 8:30am
It's Basketball Season!

Tuesday, January 22
HOME vs. Liberty Christian
Varsity Girls, 5:30 p.m.
Varsity Boys, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 24
HOME vs. St. Johns
Middle School Girls, 5:30 p.m.
Middle School Boys, 7:00 p.m.
AWAY vs. Northside Christian
Varsity Boys, 5:00 p.m.
CTA Scrip Office, 864-0299 ext. 112
Monday-Thursday- 7:30am-4pm; Friday- 7:30am-1:30pm

The Scrip Office keeps a variety of available scrip on hand. Special order scrip from hundreds of stores is available by sending your request to [email protected]. To see a complete selection of all of the Scrip choices, go to To benefit CTA with online purchases, register at  

"I heard through the Grapevine..." Enroll in/renew your Kroger's Community Rewards Program! Visit, click on "OHIO", click on "Enroll." All participants must have a valid online account at and must sign up online to participate. If you have any questions, please contact Shari at [email protected] or Sara at [email protected].


"L'chaim and Todah Rabah ...To the Schubachs for purchasing their snow blower with Wal-Mart scrip (and Walmart even assembles it!).  They also purchased Home Depot scrip to keep on hand for home improvement. Thanks to the Newmans who also buy scrip all year long and recently purchased Lowes scrip for window shades! And Wendy Horwitz purchased Target & Barnes and Noble for gift giving to students, and Wendy also bought a Starbucks card to 'reload' and earn points toward free coffee while helping the school.  What a great gift for friends!! 


PLEASE email Kim to let her know about your Scrip purchases or your volunteering efforts, so we can thank you here, and remind others too!


Call & Deliver Program: Email [email protected] or call 864-0299 to order scrip and we can have it delivered to your home. 


The Give & Get (G&G) Commitment for 2012-2013 is $2,000 per family. G&G is fulfilled through donations, Scrip purchases, solicitations & volunteering.  The weekly G&G Grapevine gives you ideas of how to easily do your part. Send a record of all G&G volunteer hours to [email protected].


If you would like to volunteer, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Abelman, at 855-5195 or [email protected]. Volunteer time is worth $25 per hour towards Give & Get. 


By Dror Karavani, Lower School Judaic Studies Coordinator


Rosh Chodesh Shevat

The month of Shevat is already here. As usual, we welcomed in the month with a treat, but this time it came from our friends in the Shiloh school, together with individual letters. In addition to learning about the values, customs, and songs of Tu B'Shevat, the
students are beginning to collect money to plant trees. We will plant fruit trees with the help of our friends at the Shiloh school in Israel.


  Dror2 1-18


Yasher Koach to the Bentchers of Kislev

Yaakov Newman, Eliyahu Ackerman, Sami Margolies, Talia Sukienik, Ruth Blumberg, Yaakov Liebesman, Eliezer Kohn, and Shalva Finegold.


Dror1 1-18  


And, to the Bentcher of Shevat Shmueli Andrusier.


Shmueli Andrusier  


By Galit Golan, Hebrew Language Coordinator

Galit 2010

Last Friday, the middle school and high school students celebrated Rosh Chodesh Shvat during Shishi Ivrit, our monthly Hebrew Award Ceremony. The students learned and sang songs in honor of Tu B'shvat, and had a great time.  As part of the program, awards were given to students who excelled in their Hebrew studies during the month of Tevet.  The teachers had a hard time choosing the awardees among many excellent students. Moreh David Adar awarded Aleeza Hartstein and David Polster for excellence in Hebrew studies. Morah Kelly Adar awarded Alec Salutsky and Shayna Herszage for excellence in Hebrew studies. (See pictures below). Mazal Tov and Yishar Koach to all our students! 

Galit2 1-18Galit4 1-18
Galit3 1-18 Galit1 1-18  

In the lower school, as well, the students are learning and progressing in their Hebrew skills and knowledge. Morah Eva Chaykin tells about her 3rd grade class in her own words:  
"During the past few weeks the 3rd grade students worked on refining their writing and conversation skills in Hebrew. They are showing progress every day.As part of our curriculum, we've learned how to compose a correct Hebrew sentence, describe the weather outside, the clothes we wear, and pictures we saw.In the past few weeks we've learned Tal Am's helpful rules for successful learning, and we've discussed in class all the Klalim (rules), that help us learn in chavrutah (in groups) and individually as well. We've started the Tu B'Shevat unit. In this unit the students are learning the parts of the tree, different type of trees and Tu B'Shevat songs. Next week, we will learn the story, "The Giving Tree"- Haetz Hanadiv" in Hebrew.During winter break the students read the Tal Am Book: Hakofsah Hachi Chashuva- "The most important box in our class." As part of a related project in class, the students are working in groups, creating and building different kinds of boxes, which they will present in Hebrew to the class, explaining why they think their box is an important box.  Shabbat Shalom! 


By Eliza Delman, Principal

Mid-Term week brings a different sort of intensity to the high school. Students have been reviewing material presented months ago and learning how to pace themselves on longer exams. Aside from assessing their mastery of the high school content, we are also trying to prepare them for the style of exams they'll see in college. The later start in the mornings and the break between exams provides some time for them to cram and/or unwind. I'm happy to report that during the break between and after exams, many high school students went to the gym to play some ball and have a healthy outlet for stress.


This Friday is the end of the quarter. Teachers will turn in their grades next week, and we'll try to get report cards printed and sent home ASAP.


Rebecca Barnett (Class of '03) on her engagement to Hal Levy

Lindsay Schwartz Glazer (Class of '00) on the birth of a daughter


Christine's Garden, located at 2733 E. Main Street, will donate 10% of every order (up to $5.00) to the CTA PTO. The offer expires 12/31/2013. For on-line purchases, log onto and enter the code FHGM05CTA. For in-store or phone purchases (235-4510), give the code to the salesperson.


Riki Shenkar Earlier this year several students from CTA entered a national poetry contest called "Poetic Power". Ninth grader Riki Shenkar's poem has been found worthy of publication in the anthology, A Celebration of Poets. Only the best poems are selected for this honor. Thousands of entries were not invited to be published. It is a pleasure for Dateline to also publish the award-winning poem below: 





By Riki Shenkar 


You sit on a bench, in the cold, freezing, air

Unable to go inside.

You have no money, no food, no warmth - no happiness.

Everywhere you look people are rejoicing

Playing, laughing, singing

Things that you will never do.

And you still sit there.

"Go," people say, "Sit on your own bench."

But where do you go if you have no bench to sit on?

"Go home," they say, 

But where do you go if you have no home to go to?

"Eat your own food," they say,

But where do you eat if you have no food?

Miles away luckier people are eating, on a soft chair, in a warm home.

But they still want more. And, more. And even that is not enough. 

Is it my fault that I was born into this? 

Is it my fault that my ancestors made mistakes?

Is it my fault that people are treated unfairly?

Is it my fault no one is trying to change it? Apparently.

Because although I've tried, and begged, and tried again,

I'm not given my

One. Last. Chance. 

Or rather, my first. 


Breakfast1  Breakfast2


Columbus Torah Academy 

invites you and your family 

to attend the 

Parent Breakfast, Grades 7-12

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8:15 a.m.


Steve Guinan CTA is very proud to announce that Mr. Steve Guinan has been given special recognition in Ohio Magazine's 2013 Excellence in Education program. Mr. Guinan teaches English and Social Studies for the 8th Grade, as well as English and Film at the High School level. Under his direction, CTA's Film Studies class has won three awards in the Avi Chai competition, earning CTA honor and money and raising the bar for day school film productions all over the country. Mr. Guinan is also CTA's Baseball Coach. Our baseball team evolved from the informal Wiffle Ball competitions that Mr. Guinan arranged during lunchtime back in the 1990's. He has inspired CTA students to become readers, writers, film enthusiasts, and honorable young people. He represents Excellence in Education, and is very deserving of this recognition. Congratulations Mr. Guinan!


Breakfast 1 1-18 Lower School families and students enjoyed breakfast at school Thursday morning.  A healthy breakfast is the start to a great day and the families feasted on bagels, eggs, muffins, and fresh fruit to start the day and enjoy camaraderie with fellow CTA families and faculty.  Thank you to the kitchen staff and lower school teachers for their help.  Upper School families and students will have a Parent Breakfast on February 6 at 8:15 am.


Breakfast2 1-18Breakfast3 1-18


In just 14 days, on Thursday, January 31, 2013, Enrollment Agreements for the 2013-2014 School Year are due back to CTA.  Tuition will increase by $200 per child for Agreements received after that date.  Enrollment Agreements were emailed home to every family in early January.  If you have not received your Enrollment Agreement or need one printed out and sent home, please contact [email protected]If you are coming to school for a meeting, to drop off or pick up, or for a program, that would be a great time to fill out your forms.  Reminders will continue.


The Junior High Student Council held a highly successful clothing drive during the month of December!  It was a wonderful project and a true mitzvah.  They worked hard to find the right place to donate the items, to properly promote the clothing drive, and to make arrangements to load and unload all the clothing!  There were at least twelve large garbage bags full of clothing, and all of it was donated to a foundation that helps families in need.  Special thank you to the many families and individuals that contributed clothing to the drive and a double-special thank you to the Rodier family for loading up the huge bundles of clothing and bringing them to their destination. Co-Presidents Rosie Kalef and Jenna Rodier headed up the project, with Hannah Blumenfeld, Dasha Kuperberg, Julie Chase, and Avior Hazan also being involved.


Come support our varsity teams and have dinner, too!


Saturday, January 19:  Pizza Night  Pizza

Varsity Girls - 6:30 p.m. 

Varsity Boys - 8:00 p.m.

$2.00 per slice or $15.00 for the entire pizza pie  



Saturday, January 26:  Sub Night  Sub sandwich

Varsity Girls - 7:00 p.m. 

Varsity Boys - 8:00 p.m.



Recent CTA graduate, Keenan Sobol, Class of 2012, will be running in the Jerusalem Marathon on March 1, 2013 as a part of Team Yachad.  Yachad is an international organization that helps Jewish children with special needs by enhancing life opportunities of individuals with disabilities and ensuring their participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life. Keenan's goal is not only to finish the half marathon (13.1 miles) but also to raise $500 dollars for Yachad. He is reaching out for your help to raise funds, all donations goes to Yachad, and any increment of donations is great fully accepted.


The easiest way to donate is online at: Sobol.  

Good Luck, Keenan! 


Preschool1 Preschoolers from the JCC's Nitzanim class took a "Field Trip" to CTA and spent the morning with the Kindergarten class preparing for Tu B'Shevat. The preschoolers were excited to experience what kindergarten was all about, see our beautiful classrooms and library and meet our teachers and students.  Applications for admission are now being accepted for potential kindergarteners for Fall 2013.  Prospective students should be five by August 15, 2013.  Consider bringing someone you know on a tour of our school.  We love to show people around! 




Chickies Night 


It has been a time-honored Jewish tradition to give tzedakah in recognition of important events. Todah Rabah to the following for their donation:


To Scholarship Fund by:    

Michael and Brenda Stern in memory of Leah Hershfield

The Golan Family in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Yehuda Morris and Bat

   Mitzvah of Tamar Stavsky

Sandy and Alan Katz in memory of Irvin Flox and Irv Cohen

Gary Liebesman and Stacy Leeman in memory of Marty Gold

William and Sharyn Morse in memory of Leah Hershfield

Bob and Marcia Hershfield in memory of Irv Flox, in honor of the birth of a

   granddaughter to Paul and Karan Tanenbaum and in honor of the birth of

   a son to Mr. & Mrs. Yoni Zofan


To the Annual Giving Fund:

Bob and Patti Wolf in honor of Rabbi Zvi and Sara Beth Kahn and Family

Jerry and Natalie Frager in honor of Avi, Shmuel, Rena, and Adira Kahn

Molly and Larry Ruben in honor of Sonia Modes

Bob and Betsey Lane in honor of Shari Herszage, Dalia Koppes, Murielle

   Rosenberg, and Patti Schiff

Marni Rosen Saltzman in memory of Herman and Yetta Rosen


1.   What was Pharaoh's excuse for not releasing the Jewish children?

     a. Since children don't bring sacrifices there was no need for them to go.


2.  How did the locusts in the time of Moshe differ from those in the days of Yoel? 

     a.  The plague brought by Moshe was composed of one species of locust, whereas the plague in the days of Yoel was composed of many species.


3.  How did the first three days of darkness differ from the last three?

     a.  During the first three days the Egyptians couldn't see. During the last three days they couldn't move.


4.   When the Jews asked the Egyptians for gold and silver vessels, the Egyptians were unable to deny ownership of such vessels. Why?

     a. During the plague of darkness the Jews could see and they searched for and found the Egyptians' vessels.


5.  Makat bechorot took place at exactly midnight. Why did Moshe say it would take place at approximately midnight?

     a.  If Moshe said the plague would begin exactly at midnight, the Egyptians might miscalculate and accuse Moshe of being a fake.


6.  Why did the first-born of the animals die?

     a.  Because the Egyptians worshipped them as gods, and when G-d punishes a nation He also punishes its gods.


7.  How did Moshe show respect to Pharaoh when he warned him about the aftermath of the plague of the first-born?

     a. Moshe warned that "All these servants of yours will come down to me" when, in fact, it was Pharaoh himself who actually came running to Moshe.


8.  G-d told Moshe "so that My wonders will be multiplied" (11:9). What three wonders was G-d referring to?

     a.  The plague of the first-born, the splitting of the sea, the drowning of the Egyptian soldiers. 


(Parsha Bo Quiz originally appeared on the

Ohr Somayach website,


As part of our partnership with the Shiloh school in Israel, we will be receiving riddles each week relating to the Parasha.  You will notice this each week on this back page.  The goal is to have the parents and children discuss the parasha, while trying to figure out the connection between the picture and the parasha.  All answered riddles should be given to the Judaic teacher on Monday. The names of the winners will be announced and sent to our friends in Israel.         

Riddle 1-18  

What is the connection between the picture and Pharaoh פרעה? Look in Chapter 10, Verse 1. You will find the answer there.

Levi F.

The winner of last week's riddle is Levi Fedorovsky.


Moreh Dror Karavani will collect all of the submitted answers, put them into a box, and save them for the big raffle! You will hear more about this very soon. Keep your answers coming.
I hope you enjoy the electronic version of our Dateline. Please check out our website at