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Fall 2013

In this issue:
  • President's Greeting
  • Helping Engines 'Take Charge'!
  • Velcro Fasteners .... Everything you wanted to know and more!
  • ThermoWrap Valve Covers

  • Helping Engines 'Take Charge'!

    Today's engines often include two components that work hand in hand, designed to increase engine performance: Turbochargers and Charge Air Coolers. In this article, we explain how turbochargers and air coolers actually work, and how removable insulation blankets fit into the picture.

    Velcro Fasteners .... Everything you wanted to know and more!

    Velcro - we find it on our shoes, clothing, wallets, .... you name it - if it needs to be opened and closed, chances are you can find it with Velcro. And removable insulation blankets are no exception. In this article, some fascinating background on the origins of this amazing fastening system, and some precautions to take when using Velcro with high heat applications.

    ThermoWrap Valve Covers

    Our ThermoWrap division specializes in removable insulation covers for valves of all shapes and sizes. Gate valves, butterfly valves, flow valves - we take into account the specifics of your application to design a cover that fits right.

    President's Greeting
    Paul Herman photo

    Welcome to the Fall 2013 issue of Firwin's industry newsletter, Insulation Insights.
    In this issue we explain how turbochargers and charge air cooler systems work, and how insulation blankets increase safety and improve performance. We also look at Velcro as a fastening system, and an overview of valve covers. As always, feel free to email me directly with any comments or suggestions you may have.

    Paul Herman, President, Firwin Corp

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