June 2013
Making Summer Sacred
by Lorene Hanley Duquin

Summertime is the perfect season for rest, relaxation, recreation, and recharging your spiritual batteries. Most people have the easy living and exercise parts of summer down pat. But the spiritual side of summer is sometimes overlooked.
Here are some ideas on how you can use the summer months to renew your relationship with the Lord!

Try to go to morning Mass every day during the summer. It’s a great way to start your day.
Take a prayer walk every day. Whether you walk in the woods, on the beach, or in the neighborhood, the beauty of nature will help restore you physically and spiritually.
Set aside time one day a week for spiritual reading. Maybe you’ve wanted to start reading Scripture. Or maybe there are some spiritual writers that you’ve wanted to read.
Keep a spiritual journal for the summer. Whether you write in the journal every morning or every evening, it gives you a chance to reflect on spiritual thoughts, inspirations and ways that you experience God’s presence during the course of a day.
Plan to spend one whole day in prayer and reflection. Whether you go to a retreat house for a day of reflection or stay at home, it will be like your own personal vacation day with God.
Take a course or attend a lecture series. Check out the offerings at summer institutes or Catholic colleges or seminaries.

The time you spend this summer restoring your spirit will reap rewards in the fall when life begins to rev up again. You may even find that you want to continue some of your summer spiritual exercises throughout the year!

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Summer Take out
A Family Prayer for the Pope

Holy Spirit of God,
Fill the Holy Father with enthusiasm and hope.
Give him the strength and courage
To guide your Church
With peace, love and joy.

From the Summer Issue of Take Out: Family Faith on the Go. Order now for your parish families! Call 800-348-2440 for more information.

Older Catholics enrich the Faith at parishes
by Michelle Martin
older Catholics

In this Year of Faith, Catholics are called to deepen their knowledge of the Faith, grow closer to Scripture and Church teaching and practice the New Evangelization. Older Catholics, with their years of wisdom and often their greater availability for involvement, play an important role in witnessing to the Faith, not just in this special year but all the time.

In this In Focus, we look at ways seniors enhance parish life and their communities, and how older priests can serve as models of the Faith, even in “retirement.”

If you go to Sunday or daily Mass regularly, you might have noticed something about the people who are sitting in the pews with you: A lot of them would qualify for the AARP.

And they do more than go to Mass. Older Catholics populate the ranks of lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, ushers, parish pastoral councils, committees and other groups. Look to see who is counting the collections on Monday morning; chances are, most of the people sitting around the table are older adults. The same with the ladies cooking pierogi for the parish festival, or playing bingo at the weekly game.

Read the rest from the June 9, 2013, issue of OSV Newsweekly.

Avoiding the idols of our everyday lives
by Russell Shaw

In one of his typically simple, direct and forceful homilies, Pope Francis warned recently against idols and idolatry. "We have to empty ourselves of the many small or great idols that we have and in which we take refuge, on which we often seek to base our security," he told a congregation in Rome.

The chances of people today bowing to Baal or burning incense to Diana of the Ephesians are probably not great. It's a minor worry compared with everything else there is to worry about. But the pope's words become highly relevant when you realize he meant "idols" in a broader sense.

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Editor's Note
Heidi Busse editor

VBS is right around the corner!
VBS brings kids together — Catholic school kids with Religious Education kids, kids from different schools and ages. Middle school kids learn about leadership while preschool kids learn about God's love and care. Adult volunteers learn how to laugh when things don't turn out as planned and burst with joy when the kids in their group run to their mom, dad or grandma to share all that they learned about their faith. There is singing and praying, learning and playing. Everyone ends the week closer to each other and closer to Jesus Christ. Kingdom Rock has the best of our Catholic faith — from saints to Scripture and more. But the best thing about Kingdom Rock is that it is easy to use and ready to go. Order Kingdom Rock Totally Catholic VBS today and let me know if you have questions or comments or need any help getting ready for your big week. I'm praying for sunshine! Peace +, Heidi

2014 VBS Theme Reveal
vbs clue

Get in on the fun! In 2013 we're still totally rocking with 'Kingdom Rock' VBS, but what's the theme for 2014? Visit our VBS web site and take a guess to be eligible for daily prizes!

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