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November 7, 2015

This special announcement will provide you with up-to-date information on pertinent educational issues that are part of the State Board's agenda.

Eyes on the NJ State Board of Education
Meeting Date: November 4, 2015

President's Report
Green School Movement  

The State Board viewed a Green Movement PowerPoint that discussed goals, impacts, and where to begin.

NJSBA Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Feinsod provided the State Board with an overview of "A Commitment to Sustainability." 

Commissioner's Report 

Newark Public Schools 
Chris Cerf, State District Superintendent of the State-Operated School District of the City of Newark, shared a status report that addressed progress to date; on-going academic investments; the 2015-2016 budget; and district improvement plan.

Standards Review Update 
NJDOE Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Commissioner Division of Teaching and Learning Kimberley Harrington informed the State Board to look for proposed revision recommendations in January.

State Board Adopts Score Standards for PARCC
NJDOE Commissioner David Hespe announced that NJDOE Chief Performance Officer/Assistant Commissioner of Data, Research, Evaluation and Reporting Dr. Bari Erlichson will be moving to a new NJDOE Office of Data Literacy. NJDOE Office of Assessments Director Jeffrey Hauger will be named Acting Chief Performance Officer/Assistant Commissioner of Data, Research, Evaluation and Reporting.
After reviewing two PowerPoints titled, PARCC Results: Year One and PARCC: Next Steps, the State Board adopted a resolution to establish score standards for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC): grades 3 through 8 Mathematics and Language Arts Literacy; Algebra I; Geometry; Algebra II; English Language Arts 9, 10 and 11. 

The Foundation for Educational Administration CEO Jay Doolan and New Jersey ASCD Executive Director Marie M. Adair presented an overview of The PARCC Data Series.

State Board Adopts New Changes for Educator Preparation and Licensing  
"In light of our recent PARCC and NAEP results, we have a clear call to action to do better in preparing our students," said NJDOE Commissioner Hespe. "One way we can do this is to provide better support for our teachers, given how critical they are in helping all students succeed. Today, the State Board has helped us take another big step in that direction." 

The State Board adopted significant enhancements to requirements for teacher preparation and certification based upon input from current and prospective New Jersey educators, stakeholder recommendations, and national research.

Prior to the State Board's action, NJDOE Chief Talent Officer/Assistant Commissioner of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Peter Shulman addressed the amendments to Chapters 9, Professional Standards; 9A, NJ Educator Preparation Programs; 9B, State Board of Examiners and Certification; and 9C, Professional Development for Teaching Staff Members and School Leaders pertaining to educator preparation and licensing. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at agallagher@njasa.net or 609-599-2900, ext. 126.  

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Anne H. Gallagher
NJASA Director of Communications