Premier Quality,
Designer Doggy Apparel
at Closeout Prices!
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New, first quality designer doggy apparel, previously sold only in exclusive boutiques at $40 each, now available to you at closeout prices!

 Designer Doggy Apparel
100 Outfits - $8.00 each

250 Outfits - $7.50 each

500 Outfits - $7.00 each
Your will receive assorted styles and sizes. Please let us select your assortment.
Sizes XS - L
3,500 Outfits Available


FOB: Louisiana

FOB: Louisiana, USA.

Please contact me with your questions and to take advantage of this bargain-priced offer.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to serving you!

Moises Estevez
Moises (Moses) Estevez
Blue Ribbon Ventures, Inc.

phone: 305-735-3815


PS: If you're buying from us, thank you! If you're not, please let me know how we can better serve your individual needs and I will do everything within my power to earn your business! Please contact me directly. 
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