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Late June 2015

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Summer in Shelburne

There's so much to do at the Farm and in Shelburne! Here are a couple stories about it:

What We're Reading

Is school out in your neck of the woods? Here at the Farm it is, and it isn't! School field trips are over, but this week, we're welcoming teachers, principals, food service staff, and citizens from twelve school teams for Vermont FEED's fifth annual Farm to School Institute! 

This year for the first time, we're hosting teams from around New England and New York, as well as Vermont. They'll write action plans to help strengthen their farm to school programs, then leave with a "coach" to support them in implementing that plan over the course of the year. This means more local food in their cafeterias, more farm and food connections in their curriculum, and healthier kids. It's worth going back to school for! 

Read more about how this first-of-its-kind institute is becoming a national farm to school model in this AP story. And we'll share more on our blog in the next few weeks. For now, I have to go greet the teams! 

Ethan Bodin
Professional Development Coordinator
Vermont FEED 

a project of Shelburne Farms & NOFA-VT

Vote for 7 Daysies Awards! 

We're honored that you've nominated us in 5 categories for a "Seven Daysies" Award! Now's your chance to cast your vote. Deadline is June 30th! 

* Best VT cheese brand

* Best VT day trip with kids

* Best place to bring your parents

* Best wedding venue

* Best bartender: Justin Barrows

Solar Panels Set Record

In May, our Farm Barn solar panels produced the second highest monthly total of electricity since 2012 (5749.55 KWH). Here's how solar energy supports the Farm:

* Farm Barn Panels = 7% of Farm electricity use.

* Green Mountain Power Solar Orchard = 28%

* All Sun Tracker = 1%

In total, 36% of our electricity use was produced here on the Farm in 2014!

36 Hours in Burlington

We loved having the video crew from the New York Times' 36 Hours series join us last week. (They milked a cow for the first time!) Look out for their travel piece on Burlington, VT towards the end of the summer.

Words from a Member 

"Shelburne Farms is such a strong and wonderful part of our family story. Our 6, 4 and 2 year old children have grown up learning to walk at the farm! They have mastered the art of catching chickens and they have bottle fed goats. They have milked cows, churned butter, tapped maple trees and made bread over campfires. They run with butterflies and can catch salamanders.

"It is a dream to have this be part of their childhood! We've been Shelburne Farms members for several years and we plan on it for the rest of our lives. We are eternally grateful that our children are growing up here. Shelburne Farms is our happy place!"

-- Michelle Lewis, Shelburne, VT
Read her full story 

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