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Early June 2015

Upcoming Programs 

Current Spring Menus

Dinner, Breakfast, Dessert

Nourish VT: Traditional Foods & Health Gathering Starts tomorrow, June 4, thru Sat. Still time to join us!

Farm Educators afield

Susie Marchand and Rachel Cadwallader-Staub are presenting a full-day workshop on farm-based education at the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museum's conference, June 19 in Colonial Williamsburg. 

Quote of the Week

"Yesterday I got to go with my little brother and his class on a field trip and let me tell you I was highly impressed with one of the staff who led the harvest/cooking group--Ryan. He was so kind, laid back and very fun. He made sure every kid got a turn doing something & he had every kid try chives & asparagus. My brother is very picky, now he loves chives and asparagus!
     Also, I have never seen my brother so social and hands on as he was yesterday. He suffers with social anxiety and it's hard for him to get in front of his class or associate with his peers. I wanted to personally thank Ryan for everything he did yesterday (even though it may not seem like he did much) but he was the one who got my brother out of his shell, and that means a lot to me." 

-- Allison, shared on Facebook

What We're Reading

Our lovely peonies are just starting to bloom again at the Inn at Shelburne Farms! After a whirlwind May opening, things are in full swing as the Inn heads into June. We've already seen some familiar faces, bringing back wonderful memories, and have met some new guests that make us excited for what's ahead! We are thrilled to have some amazing staff returning, a number of them in our kitchen, creating exciting new menus of seasonal ingredients for our visitors. The inn is such a unique place to connect to the land and food. 

Hope to welcome you soon for a magical overnight stay or farm-to-table meal -- or both! Thank you for supporting the educational work of the Farm.

Hannah Sacco
Inn Director 

New to the Inn? Join us for a House & Formal Gardens Tour, Saturday, June 13.

Terroir Dinner, June 16

Join us at the Inn for a fabulous farm-to-table dinner featuring ingredients from the Farm and wine pairings from Vermont's sole biodynamic wine producer, Deirdre Heekin of La Garagista in Barnard, Vermont. Copies of her book,"An Unlikely Vineyard, will be available for sale and signing. Presented with Chelsea Green Publishing.

School Programs Wrap Up 

Our last program for this school year is with students from Burlington's Sustainability Academy on Friday. This year, we've offered more than 4,000 students the chance to explore and connect to the world of farming, food, and nature. This includes off-site visits like this pond exploration with Twinfield Union School. Next up? Summer camps, starting June 15!

Sustainability Academy Graduation

As founding partners with Burlington's Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes Elementary, we were excited to celebrate the first class of graduating 5th graders who entered the academy as kindergarteners. Hear some of the graduates reflect on what sustainability means to them in this video.  

Kosher Cheddar - Round 2

Our first batch of kosher cheddar made last summer was so successful, under Mark Bodzin's KickStarter campaign, that when Rabbi Wilhelm of UVM Chabad recently returned to oversee the cutting and waxing of this cheese, we asked him to oversee the make of another batch. More kosher cheddar is on the way (after aging)! We'll keep you posted on how to order.

Babies in the Barnyard 

We've had several new arrivals in the Children's Farmyard. Zola the goat gave birth to twins, then Blossom had triplets a few days later! In the Farm Barn field, our ewe, Snickerdoodle, gave birth to the first of our late-spring lambs. Come visit their cuteness in the Farmyard, or get a preview in this video!

Shelburne Farms  is a nonprofit organization educating for a sustainable future. Our campus is a 1,400-acre working farm, forest, and National Historic Landmark.  www.shelburnefarms.org * 802-985-8686