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Our cheese team is gearing up for the holidays! In fact, they've been gearing up all year long, making cheese that then is aged for 6 months
to 3 years. Cheese they made this spring will start to show up in holiday orders as 6-month cheddar. 
Pictured L to R: Zak Schafer, Sam Bevens, Delaware, Nat Bacon, Tom Gardner, Megan Holt
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Winter Calendar
Check out all our winter events.
Sample the Season!

Thanksgiving Weekend
at the Welcome Center & Farm Store

Fri.-Sun., NOV. 29 - DEC. 1

10 am to 5 pm

SAVE 10% on catalog mail orders placed in the store or online. (Members receive additional 10%) Join us at the Welcome Center for cheese tastings, hot cider, samples of other delicious Vermont products, and great holiday gifts.
Winter Gifts!
Saturday, DECEMBER 7
One of our most popular family programs of the year! Create "green" crafts inspired by natural and recycled materials and prepare a couple of yummy treats. 
A Recipe for Your Holiday Table
Here's a great dish for the holidays ---- or anytime ---- from Inn Chef David Hugo, featuring our farmhouse cheddar: Potato Gratin recipe. And don't miss Chef David's recent interview with Chef's Collaborative.
Save on Shipping
We're offering two great ways to save on catalog shipping this holiday season. Only $9.95 shipping per recipient for gifts going to New England and mid-Atlantic states.

NEW THIS SEASON! For loved ones on your list in other parts of the U.S., choose any of the packages below and we'll ship it for just $12.95/ package. 
Share the Farm with people you love
There are many ways to share the farm during this gift-giving season. You might consider giving a gift of:
What's up with Orange Cheese?
Why are some commercial cheddars colored orange? NPR found the answer, and they turned to our Nat Bacon to explain how the color of our our cheddar varies naturally depending on pastures.
Ag Literacy Week!
Find out how you can celebrate and participate in Vermont's Agricultural Literacy Week.
Apply for VT Jr Iron Chef!
Jr Iron Chef VT will be Sat., March 22, 2014 at Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction. Applications now online!
Farm to School is growing!
USDA released its first Farm to School census last month. 43% of US schools surveyed said they engaged in farm to school activities. Did your school participate in October Farm to School Month? Share what you did with National Farm to School!


The holidays are approaching! The holiday table ---- and the food served on it ---- is so central to these celebrations. Shelburne Farms has a special place at holiday tables, but really, we focus on food all year round.

We use food to connect us all back to the land, to each other, and to the planet. Food helps bridge the gap between who we are and what really sustains us. 

This fall in particular, we saw great things happening around food and agriculture at Shelburne Farms. And we heard re-affirming words from our state's leadership about the work we do. It's inspiring and motivating. We hope it inspires you, too. 
New School Cuisine Cookbook
"You guys are the good news. You are leading a cultural revolution. Getting healthy, local food to children is enormously important." 
---- Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
New School Cuisine Cookbook

The School Nutrition Association of Vermont received this accolade from Senator Sanders at their annual conference in the Coach Barn in October, just weeks after the release of "New School Cuisine: Nutritious and Seasonal Recipes for School Cooks by School Cooks." We had the privilege of partnering with SNA on creating the cookbook. You can now download this cookbook for free! It has over 75 recipes for school kitchens to prepare healthy, locally sourced meals. Listen to VPR's story about the cookbookCookbook partners: VT FEED (we're a partner), VT Agency of Education, School Nutrition Association of VT, USDA, Team Nutrition, and school cooks throughout Vermont.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The cookbook works for parents, too! I've scaled back several recipes, made them for my daughters, and received two thumbs up.

Farm-Based Education Forum
"98% of people aren't connected to what they eat; they don't know what is involved in producing a gallon of milk or a loin of pork. It's a disconnect we can't afford to have. We in this room are building the models of how to make those connections with the 98%."
---- VT Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Ros
These words from Secretary Ross acknowledged and inspired over 145 farms and educators at our October Farm-Based Education Forum. Participants shared knowledge and forged new alliances to strengthen working landscapes and agriculture.
"Thanks for bringing together the ag ed and agritourism communities ---- such a natural fit and so much opportunity for collaboration!"
 Join & continue the conversation! Farm-Based Education Network (It's free!)
L to R: Vera Chang (Shelburne Farms); Andrew Zimmerman (Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods); Gail Simmons (BRAVO's Top Chef, Food & Wine); Cristiano Bonino (Slow Food Boston)
Celebrating Food Day in Boston
On October 24, we joined with Slow Food Boston at Babson College's Food Days' Market for Good Food and Ideas, one of over 4,500 events across the country honoring the third annual national Food Day. We shared Slow Food principles of "good, clean, and fair food," talked about the role of food in education for sustainability, and celebrated with Shelburne Farms cheddar! There was a great cast of characters at the event, including folks from Slow Food International and Food Day founder Michael Jacobson (more in photo). 
What a great idea! One of the CELF pilot schools in Brooklyn partners with a nearby historic property to enjoy, maintain, and learn from these rolling gardens.
City Schools Go Sustainable
Jen Cirillo, our director of professional development, was in New York City last month working with several pilot schools on ways to integrate sustainability into their teaching, science, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. It's part of a multi-year partnership with the Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) and the Clinton Global Initiative to improve environmental literacy and boost interest in STEM disciplines, especially among girls.
Educator Linda Wellings Earns Award
Director of School Programs Linda Wellings received a Visionary Award from the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children in October. The award recognizes "an early childhood professional who brings creativity and innovation to early care and education in Vermont." One parent shared on Facebook: "One of the kindest, most innovative educators and people I know. She makes every child and family feel like they count."

Shelburne Farms Shelburne Farms cultivates a conservation ethic for a sustainable future. We are a nonprofit education center, 1,400-acre working farm, and National Historic Landmark. 1611 Harbor Road * Shelburne, Vermont * 05482 * * 802-985-8686