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April 7, 2014
Elder Justice Coalition Statement on the Death of Mickey Rooney

The bi-partisan, 3000 member Elder Justice Coalition mourns the death of Mickey Rooney, American Oscar-winning film legend and elder abuse victim, who died yesterday at the age of 93.  In a statement released today, National Coordinator Bob Blancato said "We join the many fans and admirers of Mickey Rooney who mourn his passing. In 2011, Mickey Rooney used his considerable celebrity status to elevate the issue of elder abuse. The actor was the victim of elder abuse by his step-son and step-daughter over a period of time and was subjected to verbal, emotional and financial abuse. Rooney's step-children stole millions of dollars from his account and refused to provide him with basic necessities such as food and medicine.


"His courageous testimony before the Senate Special Committee on Aging focused the eyes of a nation on the growing problem of elder abuse. Financial abuse costs its victims $2.9 billion a year and the direct medical costs associated with elder abuse now exceed $5 billion. In his testimony, Rooney explained that he was stripped of his basic rights. 'Over the course of time, my daily life became unbearable. ... I felt trapped, scared, used and frustrated. But above all, I felt helpless.' Rooney's words are as relevant and compelling today as they were in 2011.  Advocates of elder justice are grateful for Rooney's courage and hope that progress can continue to be made at the national level to fight the epidemic of elder abuse in America."