July 2013
Dear Alumni and Friends,
As the summer rolls along and we head toward the August festivities, I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon this year's accomplishments. Once again, SMC's graduation ceremony was webcast at alumni.smc.edu for family and friends around the globe. Congratulations to our newest Young Alumni! You demonstrated the ultimate Growth, Resilience, Integrity and Tenacity (GRIT) as you completed your last semester, received your program certificates, and walked across the stage. Be sure to watch the graduation highlights video. Like it. Tweet it. Share it!
This year we also celebrated SMC Everywhere to recognize all of our students who are completing programs, transferring, and preparing for their next moves. The turnout was incredible; spirits were high, and the impact of "Your Presence Matters!" was felt across campus. Read more here, and if you missed the chance to "declare your next move" at the event, be sure to click here and share your info with us so we can stay in touch! Thank you to all the alumni and friends that came back to congratulate students at the event and to ask them where they were going next.
I hope all of you take some time to enjoy your successes, and reflect upon your accomplishments over these summer months. Many of you are setting out to join the workforce in your specialized areas, many are preparing to transfer in a few weeks, some are contemplating your next moves, a few of you may return this fall. Wherever you go, you are always a part of SMC.We want to know how you are, where you are, and what you're doing. Your Presence Matters!
Scroll below to read about our Distinguished Alumni, Nathalie Reyes, who shared her story at the alumni luncheon and spoke at graduation.
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As always, Proud to be SMC!   



Deirdre L. Weaver

Assistant Director

Campus and Alumni Relations

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Graduation 2013 Alumni Reception
Congratulations Young Alumni!

This year, more than 500 SMC grads joined our global alumni network. But first, they celebrated their accomplishments with family, friends, faculty, staff, and alums at the 2013 alumni reception immediately following graduation. Click here for photos and video.
Nathalie Rayes Named Alum of Year
The SMC Foundation named Rayes winner of the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Recognition Award for Outstanding Professional and Community Service Achievement
Rayes, who graduated with honors from SMC in 1994, works in the corporate arena but has also been active in municipal and national government, serving in such roles as adviser to President Obama. She has also made her mark in public service and philanthropy, winning honors for her achievements. Read more...
SMC Everywhere!
Taking SMC Across the Country and Around the Globe

When students leave SMC, they don't leave SMC behind, they take SMC with them. And the Alumni Association wants to know where! So we threw a party in honor of students about to graduate, transfer, or complete their certificate programs to ask them "Where will you take SMC?" Read More...

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