April/May 2013
We are gearing up to welcome our newest young alumni as the spring semester rolls toward the finish line. In this release we're announcing an upcoming Transfer and Program Completion Celebration Day, 

SMC Everywhere, Tuesday, May 7th!  Also, representatives and members from the SMC Alumni Association have just returned from our recent Empire State Presidential Reception in New York City. Scroll below to catch the highlights, and read the new alumni spotlight on one of our NYC alums that attended the event.


Be sure to share through all of your social networks, and remember we look forward to hearing back from you and getting updates on your whereabouts.  


As always, Proud to be SMC!   



Deirdre L. Weaver

Assistant Director

Campus and Alumni Relations

(310) 434-4215

Alumni Spotlight
Michael McCutcheon

Michael enthusiastically credits Santa Monica College for providing him with the first-rate education and support he needed to fulfill his lifelong ambition of earning a doctorate in Psychology and working as a therapist specializing in at risk adolescents. His story serves as an example of how Santa Monica College provides access to world-class education and the inspiration to achieve academic excellence. Read more...

We Love New York!
We Made It There, We'll Make It Anywhere
Alumni, prospective students, parents, and a vibrant team of Santa Monica College representatives gathered a few thousand miles away from home and activated the SMC Alumni Network. "It felt as if 60+ long lost friends had been reunited after years apart!" Read more...
Activate the Network!
Mentorship, Access, and Opportunity

Watch new and future alumni give their testimonials on the power and importance of an active campus and alumni network in this video created by SMCs own Film 33 class, shown exclusively at our recent Empire State Presidential Reception in New York City.
Declare Your Next Move!
Where Will You Take SMC?

Santa Monica College Alumni reach across the country and around the globe. Spring semester ends soon, and many of our students will be moving on to the next phase of their academic and professional journey. Whether our students graduate, transfer to other schools or complete their programs and enter the work force, they don't leave SMC behind. They take SMC Everywhere with them! Read More...

Dance Alumni Reception
Global Motion World Dance

Join us for a Dance Alumni reception after Global Motion's performance "Wealth and Poverty." Come share your stories and meet the cast at the post-show reception. We have a limited number of Complimentary Tickets available for our dance alumni, so please R.S.V.P. to weaver_deirdre@smc.edu or call (310) 434-4791.
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