March 2014
Knitter's Pride in the Blogosphere 


Here is a wonderful post about how needle material can affect your gauge by Alexis Winslow of Knit Darling. Click here to read more!



Jen from the popular blog Hey Jen Renee wrote a review of three of her favorite knitting needles: Symfonie Cubics, Karbonz, and Nova Cubics



Did you see the Spring issue of Interweave Knits? There's a great article about the Knitter's Pride factory in India! You can also read the article online here on the Knitting Daily website.   

Students at Apna School (funded by Knitter's Pride) welcome Karin Strom and her companions.
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Here at Knitter's Pride we're always looking to learn something new, innovate, and expand the knitting and crochet industry. Knitter's Pride needles and hooks were developed with an international panel of knitters and crocheters. These very same needles are sold throughout the globe under the KnitPro brand. We're thrilled to continue to meet and work with such a wonderful international community of passionate and creative stitchers. 



The Team at Knitter's Pride


Keep Your Hands and Wrists Healthy!


Whether you're a knitter or a crocheter chances are you've felt some hand and wrist pain at some point in your stitching. It's important to give you hands and wrists plenty of breaks when knitting to keep your hands healthy and pain-free! 


This is a great article from Knit Freedom on stretches to keep your hands free from pain. 

Stretches from Knit Freedom


Indian Cast On: Using Toes!  

The traditional Indian cast-on method is a unique way of starting a project, using the big toe to tension the working yarn while holding the short end of the yarn double in the right yarn.  A slip knot is made, and stitches are cast on in the form of slip knots with the double stranded short end and the working yarn. 

See the video below for a demonstration of the Indian Cast On, and read the Knitter's Pride Blog for more info! 
Cast on - The Indian Way
Cast on - The Indian Way



Coming Soon: Photo Contest! 

You heard it here first! We're working on a brand-new and better-than-ever photo contest! We'll be hosting the contest throughout the entire month of April with TONS of great prizes and ways to win from Knitter's Pride! Keep an eye out in the newsletter, on Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter, and the Knitter's Pride Blog for more info to come.