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We are Loved
And we are Love
We just need a little polishing
Like a diamond in the rough
The Universe helps reveal
and highlight our Deep Self
We are Divinity
expressing itself in Individuality
We just can't quite see that yet
But in time (and timelessness)
we will begin to know that to be inherently true
for everyone
by Lin David Martin�2015

Namaste and lots of Divine Chuckles
Lin, Torill & Tuva-Linn

True Confidence

Meditation and Healing are powerful tools to help bridge the seeming gap between our deep level of consciousness and the ordinary personality mind. In truth there is no gap, but to our personality mind it might seem so... and it might seem huge.
If we could use the analogy of someone going to the gym, or starting a physical practice like yoga or Qi Gong, we would automatically assume that there would be some need of practice to achieve a degree of competence. But when it comes to waking up in terms of a deeper level of awareness, many times we might think there must be some kind of instant revelatory process that would do this. Both have roots in truth.
In the Buddhistic tradition there is this idea that Buddha woke up into a state of realization, after one night sitting under the Bodhi tree. 

In the western mind we may have easily forgotten that was after years of austerity practices. And it was precisely the point in his realization that he found it was not austerity that made the difference. It was his desire and willingness to go deeper, that brought about the realization of relaxing into this deep state of awareness.
It may be described better in other terms than relaxing, but a sense of that the solution is the 'Middle Way'. Not  too much subjection of the body to austerities, but the desire to understand the deep part of the mind. That the 'power of desire' on that deep level, gave him a (seemingly) quick deep realization. (After years of a variety of practices.)
The beauty of Meditation and Healing, is that it is not dependent on a single tradition. It would be found in any deep desire for awakening. Regardless of the spiritual tradition that one may have as their background. (Including a secular or non-religious background as well.)
In the search for truth (the desire to understand our own deeper process) there is a rich beauty in quiet states of mind. It could be taught in school. Young people, especially those with an open mind, easily find that meditation and healing does make a difference.
Young or old, we could all benefit from an awareness that we are more than just the physical body. That energy flows - which are rich and deep - may be opened up, in service both to ourselves and to other people as well.
And particularly in this area 'practice makes perfect', as the old saying goes. The importance of building a link between deep states of consciousness (that we absolutely can experience) and our more 'ordinary mind', are extremely valuable!
Over and over again, we may experience moments of clear guidance. We may find that general aches and pains, such as headaches and joint pains, begin to disappear rather easily with a bit of healing. 

It is this slow building of confidence - one step at a time - that really helps us to understand that we are not just the physical body.
It is in combination with our deep spiritual desire that all things begin to be joyful and possible. Much like the child may learn to first crawl, and then stand up, to walk and finally then to run.
heart The 'healing space' and the 'meditation space' lie at the core of our Self Knowing. It is not complicated.
The intellectual side of the mind, and the intuitive side of the mind, meet in a great sense of the worth of each person - to be thought of in deepest Love. That the Universe has a respect and admiration for the potentiality of everyone, that is far beyond our imagination.
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by Lin David Martin�2015
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