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We give thanks for all the lovely meetings we have had with friends this summer. We hope you have had a good summer as well. Vacation time away from all regular routines has a tendency to help us reset and hit that timelessness button. So with this short introduction, the theme for this August newsletter is set...

Timeless moments In life
Beautiful child...
Right now.
You smile at me as I wake up.
You find joy in the string on my pillow cover.
You laugh and babble excitedly.

I give thanks.
My heart is filled.
Ready to burst.
We laugh together.

No moment is more important
than this one right now.

by Torill Elen R�nnekleiv �2015

Namaste and lots of Divine Chuckles
Lin, Torill & Tuva-Linn

Reflections on Timelessness and Choosing Happiness
by Lin David Martin �2015
There is a part of us that is deeply rooted in Timelessness.
This the part that Mystics have described (to the best of their ability).
This is also the part that we touch when in deep meditation, or in some deep healing process. There are also some moments in time, in which we might feel an upheaval of insight within us. 
Perhaps triggered by something beautiful in Nature. 
Or looking deeply into the eyes of another person and seeing something of their Soul. One of the most consistent ways in which we can find a touch of that timeless element, is when administering some form of prayer or healing process. 
The ordinary conception of time flows out of our personality mind.
We have clocks and watches, the world at large, to confirm that level of time. It is part of the process that we emerse ourselves in on a daily basis, jobs, school, obligations, food, some kind of recreation, enough sleep. All the things that make up a so called normal life. But behind that we still hunger for moments of timelessness.

We are also faced with the awareness of the age of our bodies. 
Eventually we will leave the physical realm. The body, like a worn out suit of clothes, at some point will cease to function. But we are not limited by that functioning of the body.
Once it has been put to good use, and we have decided on a deep level - that it is time to move on. It will be like walking through one door in a beautiful home, through another door into an even brighter  mansion in the sky (so to speak).
We have all lived many times in many different bodies. We've done that dance time after time. Gaining insights, gaining experience, but ultimately coming back to a place of recognizing the Hunger to go into a place of 'timelessness'.
In that place of timelessness there is a deep awareness of the connection we have with Divinity. And the connection we have with All of Life. It's not something we can easily write about, nor discuss in words. But we have moments of that insight into a timeless zone within each of us. Perhaps through music or seeing some beautiful performance of art, or someone deeply talented, letting energy flow through them.
And that is the point! There is a 'channeling' - not necessarily in trance or in something we could registered as an 'altered state', on electronic devises. (Which will come in the future - probably.)
But there is a place within us that knows the deep truths that we seek to know consciously. It is not as though the message has been lost, or the knowledge isn't there. IT IS THERE, within us all. It's just that we don't know how to access it very well, in our personality, in our conscious self.
So to be brief. I would like to suggest that we have the 'right of choice'. We can chose to be 'not happy', or we can choose to 'be happy'. We can make the choice to allow fear to shut us down. Or we can make the choice to let 'Love' show us the deeper way.
At one point in the scripture is says 'yee must enter the kingdom of heaven as a little child'.
Haa - I would like to suggest that the 'Kingdom of Heaven' is always available. If we can adopt something of a child like mentality (not in the sense of incompetence). But rather in the sense of awakening a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, a sense of curiosity, a sense of playfulness.  
And perhaps above all - the 'right to choose happiness'!
Do we let the sense of ourselves, surface in terms of feelings of despair, or disappointment, or a self critical 'sense of self'? That would be choosing 'not happiness'.
Or do we allow a sense of non-competitiveness with others, a sense of not making judgments in a harsh way on other people. Which is actually making judgments on ourselves - just the same.
Rather choosing happiness and allowing more and more the sense of our deep hunger - the target that we want to aim the arrow of Life at. Which means that we want to allow happiness to come.
There are many ways in which this may be described, varying from person to person. But as we open the possibility of 'happiness', I think we will find that Heaven and Earth begin to blend a bit. That the familiar structure of just 'Me', 'I', 'self' - separated from the rest of the world - begins to dissolve. We will begin to find a sense of commitment to a Universal sense of - call it brotherhood - that we are all connected on a deep level. And that everyone's happiness is in some way a part of my own happiness. That I can see beyond the selfish needs and perspectives of my own duality, my own personality self.
And go a bit deeper, and see how much I long to awaken that constant awareness - that I am part of everyone and everyone is part of me. I  have - yes an individualized sense of self, in this body, in this incarnation. There are things I want to accomplish, things I want to be involved with.
But at a deeper level we are moving this awareness forward, jointly with everyone else. It's below the surface of the counscious mind, but we can access that and let go of shame, let go of guilt, let go of feelings of incopetence in whatever form they may take. And begin to allow a deep sense of the privilege of being here in the body at this time. This time of Humanities Awakening. Slowly it is beginning to unfold. Mankind is wakening up.
With a few 'kicks and starts'. (I always like to say the ego 'kicks back' if we start to get to close to truth.) Be that as it may - what we long for is drawing us forward into a greater sense of the Divine. And that sense of the Divine operates in a zone of Timelessness. So every moment provides an opportunity to touch that, if we go just a bit deeper.
Again impossible to describe in words, but the opportunity to go deep within ourselves is NOT one that is fraught with peril, as the ego self would choose to make us believe. It's rather an absolutely real awakening to a sense of who we are, coming home within. And with that, it is not selfish. With that coming home - we bless everyone that we are connected to. Which in an abstract way - is everyone. But in a very personal way involves those we are closest to.
If we allow happiness within ourselves, we help to catalyze other people's ability to do the same. To choose happiness themselves. Namaste

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Continuing our highlights of 'Old Souls in Young Bodies'
Of course all Souls are actually ageless.
And every child is truly a 'Wonder'. Incredibly filled with potential. 
For your enjoyment and perhaps a feeling of wonder
at the beauty of music. YouTube offers an incredible range of talented people. If you feel the need to be inspired, check it out.
Age 6 - Emily Bear - pianist & composer 
(playing since age 2) - brief history - 
Age 13 - Emily Bear - Rhapsody In Blue
Santa Fe Orchestra conducted by Joe Illick
Age 4 - pianist

Age 6 - Sun Sun (?name/spelling)- pianist on the ElenShow.
Age 4 - Kai - on the EllenShow
Age 7 - Brianna Kahane - Violinist
There are many other YouTube sites of these talented individuals.
Further sites will amaze you, with the incredible children/adults
sharing their joy.