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This is a year of much change for many people. We all have an opportunity to choose happiness as best we can. I, for one, have been enjoying listening to a lot of music together with Tuva-Linn. She certainly senses the energy behind the music. She gives Torill and I much joy. It is great to be a dad again. 


This has of course taken precedence, so there are no classes or workshops planned for this summer. But we are 'hitting' the road in our camper for July and are looking forward to a little traveling time. 


We hope you enjoy the included excerpt from Spirit below. 



Namaste and lots of Divine Chuckles

Lin, Torill & Tuva-Linn



Excerpt from "Divine Chuckles", Chapter 17:


Timeless Thoughts

For The Modern Mind


God bless you.

It is indeed our joy

that we might share with you.


For each of you in your own way

find a growing sense

of clarity from deep within Self.


And you may at times feel

as though you are battling just a bit

with the ego

trying to take charge again and again.


But we would assure you

that you are simply letting go,

more and more,

of the ego's predisposition

toward trying to control

your awareness of yourself.


And as that ego control slips,

what begins to emerge

is a greater contact

with the deeper wisdom that is natural,

that is native to your being.



You have within you countless incarnations of insight that have been built before this time in the body. Not all of that of course will be clearly remembered, but still the essence of change that you seek to accomplish has already been done in many other lifetimes. So it is not a new thing, it is not a difficult thing to let go of the past in the sense of what angers you or upsets you or causes you to doubt the beauty that you carry. Letting go of those types of traumatic events, or subtle layers of programming by the culture, or by your birth process, or by remembered experiences of other lifetimes that might be considered as negative. Letting all of that go is truly a step in the right direction. It is not throwing away the learning that may have come from that, but it is letting go of the doubt, the guilt, the fear, the anxiety, the sense of not being worthy of Divine love.


For almost without any language to express, the reality of love is far greater than what could be spoken of. It is a measure of observation, when you feel at times sweeping over you a profound love of nature, for the earth, for animals. Sometimes for the beauty of a sunset or perhaps a piece of music you have listen to, or a particularly deep friendship, where you may have had a clear discussion of attitudes and insights shared. Those feelings are rooted deep within your own being and they are the hallmark of trust in the nature of the Divine Mind that would function with you and through you. We want to emphasize both, because when it is with you, you get a sense of the camaraderie, the friendship of the Divine, chuckling with you, showing you new insights, and never judging in the sense of the harshness of the ego's judgment. Always reminding you that you are created out of the Divine matrix. You are created out of Divine awareness. That is the essence of your being.


To the level of which you might express the energy through you as a vehicle, you might call it a kind of channeling process. It certainly does not need to be in a trance state. But it might be a moment of inspiration or creative insight. Like a particularly clear dream or a deep conversation with another. Or perhaps you are writing a letter to someone and you show your heart; you let out what you feel. And perhaps you have insight into their process, that you are speaking to, which you may or may not be aware of. Because the channeling process may evoke your insight or it may flow past it. So that there is a sense of saying something or writing something, and you are not quite sure why that felt so important. But it was. And it was important in that it communicates to the other individual some of their key insights that they are ready to receive.


So you might say that life is this wonderful mix of deepening awareness of yourself, for yourself. And sharing the loving energy, the compassion, with others, in which insight is also linked. It is like the weaving of cloth. You have two different directions the cloth is woven in. And through life, the compassion is woven perhaps behind your vision, but still it is there. It is woven into all that you say and do ultimately. Though at times you may wonder where Divinity has gone. It is only that the ego has stepped aside from that knowledge. Not that Divinity has ever moved. For the changeless does not change. Divinity is beyond the effect of the ego's experience, but it is not beyond the ability to transform the ego when you are willing, when you will allow it.


So in the history of human events, you may always find certain elements of dramatic experience, the ego having it's way for a time. If you want to look at history as often it is seen, in wars and rebellions and uprisings, one might wonder, "What in the world is humanity doing to enjoy the privilege of being born into the body, and then misusing that gift so dramatically?" And we would remind you that through all of this, the hunger of the soul to experience the Divine is still intact. Eventually individuals, who have been through wars, get tired of it. And they stop doing that. It is like a child playing in the sand box, perhaps a bit as though you would knock over the other persons sand castle. Eventually that gets boring.


So it is that mankind grows through both positive and negative experiences. But the quicker one is when your own self realizes what the motivating factor is. It is your deep and abiding hunger for Divine contact that moves underneath the surface of all things you seek. Every form of an addiction, underneath that addiction there is still the desire for Divine contact. Perhaps one goes about it in completely the wrong way, but that lesson will give a lasting direction later on, to move in the right way. So rather than judge yourself too harshly, allow yourself the ability to back up from a previous point of believe or conception and take another look: What was the situation in its essence? What were you hungry for? What was the other person or persons hungry for? And if you look at something so extremely negative as the holocaust in World War Two, you may think, "How could it possible be so? That Hitler has an ounce of Divinity shining somewhere?" And we would say, "Remember that no one dies." We are not condoning any act of violence, but no one dies.


When those who have perpetuated such atrocities come to the realization of what they have done, they are truly the ones in need of the healing. So let the compassion grow rich and deep in spite of all the obstacles that seem to be present in the broad spectrum of human experience. All it takes is one individual to dive deep enough inside to touch the Divine in full measure. And that individual will awaken to a Presence so profound that the world itself is changed. You have history of those individuals in some remarkable examples such as Jesus or Gandhi or Mother Theresa or many others. But there are countless numbers of awakening souls who also affect the balance. They bring about a shift in consciousness and though they may not be note worthy in the eyes of the world in the moment of their living, still the effect continues to grow. And if they are no longer in the body, still from the realm of Spirit, that effect continues to function.


For the power of the Divine just magnifies all the love that is present in each person, to remind them that their own Divinity lies complete and whole and is intact; has never disappeared, has never gone anywhere. So the function of divorcing yourself from the past is not to try to hide it. It is simply to let it go. Let the perfection of Divine mind shape and mold you into the qualities, which are already aligned with your own deep desire. Of that you need have no fear. And as Divinity awakens within each individual, the shifting patterns of the whole of humanity move also in that direction. You have at this time very old souls entering the body in the form of your young children. It will be very quick that mankind begins to express levels of consciousness that in the past, even as recently as two- or three hundred of your years, those insights would have been considered almost as a miraculous event. They will become more commonplace. That which is miraculous however will continue to unfold: That you will see in the twinkling of an eye, ailments healed. You will see people long bothered by thought processes, which are suicidal or extremely negative, suddenly brought about to be in a balance, where they realize they have been missing the key component of their own knowing, which is their foundation in love.


All of this we may talk about intellectually, but what we are actually speaking of now, is a shift in consciousness. It is not just an intellectual probing that brings about this shift in consciousness, it is a willingness to go deep within the Self and uncover that beautiful light that lies there. To let it shine forth and to not be frightened that somehow your ego thinks it needs to take credit for the miraculous events that will follow. The true miracle always makes itself clearly known that it was devoid of the contamination of the ego. The ego may step back in wonderment and than step forward and say, "Look what I did." But all the time there is this big chuckle. You actually did nothing. All you did was step aside and allow the power of the Divine to function in its rightful way. 


Copyright 2005 Lin David Martin


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