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On a personal level - for Torill and myself -
Valentines Day is our 10th wedding anniversary...!

Although it is largely an American holiday,
we hope this can be for each of us,
a time to reflect on the Nature of Love.
A time to go deeper and touch the Soul knowledge that we all carry.
The deepening awareness of Love's power to allow us to 'wake up'.

From heart to heart 
Lin & Torill


Love is in the air 
we might find it everywhere
Do I trust my inward sight?heart
Can I let go of my self doubt?
Dropping the 'monkey-of-the-mind' fight?

There is a place - you see
deep in the heart of you and me
where we are all completely free  
It is a freedom not born of things we see
not a product of - I want this, I want that

But of Soul Purpose fulfilled
like a 'chalice' of love
that we drink of deeply
and passing it to others
it is never empty - always more

As the love expands - overflowing 
more vessels of love, more chalices appear
each filled to the brim
on the face of each who drink, a huge grin

Radiant doors of inner perception
open up - long unused - now freely open

We behold in self a luminous reality
and everywhere we look - the same is there
each person we see - drops all fear
the longed for Love - compassion so deep
tears of Joy we weep

The agony of separation - disappears
like a dream forgotten
insights so deep - only love do we keep
The rest dissolves into wisdom
the bedrock of forgiveness
an anchor to God / Goddess / Mother Earth
and all the heavenly spheres

Heaven and Earth connecttree
and ignite a fire of love
compassion so deep 
that is what we keep

After all the years
all the tears
only love appears

Divinity calls us home
to a place beyond time and space
the whole human race
and all that is
the animals - our brothers / sisters
the trees, mountains, seas
all become one
interconnected in us all

Outer problems are resolved
love finds a way
solutions appear
in all stages of life
no more strife

Love leads the way
back to our personality we may
descend into 'sort-of-normality'
but the gift given remains

We are not the same
each of us - by whatever name
share 'a-one-ness' with all of life
no more guilt or shame
no more strife
Our hearts open at last
all from the past
is left behind
only love remains

'normal' Time opens once again
forward into ever new joy
new discoveries to make
the Divine walks beside us
centered in our hearts

Divine Passion / Compassion
the desire to help - leaps forth
'Centered in thee - o Lord'
God / Goddess - both personal and universal
and everywhere in between
Divinity shines
we are home - with everyone else
Divinity FELT - experience beyond words

Love remains - Home at last