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toptopWe wish you the best

of your Self this year

May there be a deeper sense

of being well Guided

and of finding a deeper sense of Foundation

in what is eternally Real


Beyond the ups and downs of daily life

may healing and joy find their way

into your heart


May there be Love and Laughter

May Peace and Joy

sneak into everyday life

May there be fun


May we see someone else

as our self (and Self)

not in suffering

but in compassion


May we all remember that

deep Joy awaits us

in our Homecoming



Namaste and lots of Divine Chuckles

Lin & Torill


...a message from Spirit... 
as channeled through Lin David Martin:


Q = question/comment by person  

A = answer/comment by Spirit 


Q: Does that mean that the purpose of the ego will end?


A: Well, the purpose of the ego will end, as the ego has understood its purpose. But it will not end in the sense that there will be no need for it. You are not going to just dissolve into some kind of cosmic bliss. There will still be work to be done. There will still be pockets of awareness in individuals scattered around the globe, who are not ready to wake up yet. And they have that right. No one is forced into an awakening. But there will be then, let us call it the romantic ideal of fathoming the guilt, the fear, the doubt, so well that it dissolves. It is gone. It is history. It no longer exists. In fact, it will be understood at that point in awareness to have never existed. It is like the memory of a bad dream, and you awaken, and you know it was false, it was not real. And in that point the ego is radically transformed.


You can call it by whatever name you want: Enlightenment, the awakening of the Heart, the Christ consciousness being born, the second coming, the birth of Divinity within, new wine - understanding from your scriptures - you have the ability to be born in consciousness again. And that is what we are speaking of.


So your beautiful uniqueness will be radiantly present. There will just be more joy. For example, if you meet a friend, there is now for most of you, this secret little exiting expectation, "Oh, here is someone possibly I have known before. Possibly there is the capacity for deepening of friendship. Possibly we might reveal something one to another of the beauty that we are afraid to admit to, but we know is present." As that shift becomes more powerful, it will not be just a slight little possibility, it will be an absolute reality.


This is what normally takes place when people who are aware

meet one another. They understand the inner workings of the other. And they are open as though they are transparent, that the other may see the inner workings of the heart, and all is reinforced in the joy. We always like to tease and say Jesus and Buddha hang out in the same bar in heaven. It is a very subtle way to suggest that they have no conflict over the states of consciousness they carry.


Now, if you get a very typically good Christian and typically good Buddhist together, they might get stuck on the differences of approach, and the details, the language, the various forms of meditation and prayer. And the expectations of what heaven is about. And a belief in a deity or a non-deity etc, etc. That is human consciousness trying to decide what Divinity is about. But when you experience the Divine, you don't have to have an argument over who is right. You share the experience. So that is the kind of an awakening that the ego will be transformed into. Do you understand?


Q: Yes. I have a follow-up question to this, because I am thinking about my own background. I have my specific training in the alternative health field, and for a while during my training I thought that that was the only way. I am realizing that it is not so, but many of us, even in the alternative field, are still saying that, "Mine is the one way."


A: Well, this will remain until the mind is completely merged into the process of, I don't want to use the word association, it is as though the mind of the heart, the mind of the soul, the mind of Divinity itself, becomes united. And therein no longer are you measuring experience in forms of theoretical knowledge - beliefs about experience. These may vary. Individuals will each carry their own brand of reflective thought of what reality is to them. And that may change, but there is still that anchoring in the belief about what reality is. But when you are in reality, you don't have to construct or support or feel attached to, anything other than the truth itself.


It is not about one person's brand of heaven being better than another's. You take joy in the sharing and the co-creativity, and the Spirit of insight that may flow. People will still find amazing powers of love awakening in them, particularly in the need that someone else may have. If someone is still troubled, there is some resistance, their need will draw through you more of the miraculous. So think not that, perhaps in fifty or one hundred years from now, you find yourself in Spirit and you think, "Well, what then will I do? What good will be healing? What good will be prophecy? What good will be clairvoyance? What good will it do to shape a pot on the potters wheel?" All of these things which give richness of experience, will be with you.


And the extension of that richness, of that love, will find just a more profound capacity to function. The periodic doubt that may creep into the mind now, "Perhaps I am not really doing God's will?" will be replaced with a sense of, "God's will lies before me and I walk into it gladly and abide in the privilege of that process. And I remain in that process, whatever it would bring."


The trust becomes cemented. The details of life that are so agonizingly thought through now, will be no longer such. You will not struggle with choices. You will flow with the insight of your deepest desire and allow that to guide you. And let us make clear that we are not speaking of just some point in the future when you are no longer bound by a physical body. That state of awareness may be fully present now, in the body. And so much greater then is the joy when you have mastered the awakening that allows you to feel that heavenly consciousness being part of you, while you are yet in the body.


Because while you are in the body, it is like a lever: You can shift

energy more powerfully for other people when you are in the body and they are in the body. Don't know if we can make a clear analogy with that. It is a bit like a transformer. If you take the electricity you use in your home, it has to be brought down in voltage. It is far too high a voltage as it traverses the wires across vast distances. Something of that might be said, that while you are in Spirit, you can functions with very high voltages, but to step them down so they have usefulness in the physical dimension. There is the need of some form of physical contact, a transforming process. And when you are in the body and you awaken, you become a transformer. Sounds a bit crude, but it is a good analogy, we think at the moment at least. Perhaps we will come up with something better.


(Q: Condensed: a question on inventions for healing the physical environment)


Divine Chuckles book front picture

A: Oh, I think once people begin to awaken, all manner of technologies will step forward to assist in the process. As again, we have already suggested, the world is just an idea in the mind of the Divine. And finding the balance, to find the clarifying of the airs, the removal of toxins, the industrial waste products, all these things may seem insurmountable obstacles at the moment, but they will not be. The most important thing is the shift in human consciousness. The rest will follow easily from that.


(From Divine Chuckles pages 266-269)



Windows on the Soul...
Reflections on the years past.
In anticipation of the year 2014.

In anticipation of the year 2014, it seems fitting to look both backwards and forward in time. Hopefully that we may more completely embrace the eternal 'Now'. There are many ways to usher in the new year.



let them be moving targets, so that we may 'give ourselves a break' and approach the changes we desire with a gentle sense of forgiveness (for self and others).



Better Body stuff...

We all know the drill - diet and exercise!  

How about using 'fun'?

Such as a well (fun) taught class in yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong or similar body techniques, that bring a sense of Energy into the mix of body processes. Depending on your locale and the time of year (weather permitting): walks in Nature, cross-country skiing, Kayaking, Dancing, or create your own 'Fun' movements or stretches. A move toward integration of Body / Mind can be a real turning point, in dropping self taught (read guilty) ways of keeping ourselves feeling 'not happy'.


Better energy food... 

Everything carries some form of energy. Which we may desire to approach in a gentle way of asking the body a basic question: how much life force is in the food I am about to eat? How will this food work in my body? Subtle answers will come. Give it time if at first you do seem to succeed. It will come!


Constructive use of Mind / Emotions...

Such as remembering experiences in the past that have had meaning and insight. And in looking forward to the future that we might use those insights to allow ourselves greater happiness. There are many fine books and teachings along these lines. No doubt you already have some favorites. Which offer ways to gain self understanding, that can be extremely powerful! In that ' search of the Mind' Many times the gift of love is given to us. Sometimes we know that and we experience it as such. But there may be other times when we've experienced love and we only understand it in retrospect. Compassionate communication with friends, or your significant other, may be tremendously helpful. Relationships can be a key to growth!



as a trigger for Soul Remembrance.


Music may serve as a powerful key. And can 'lighten the load'.

Somehow music can effect insight, as though it bypasses the normal 'filters' to keep happiness from happening. The selfish side of ego process wants us to choose happiness in ways that seem to bring happiness. But it is always fleeting and does not last. True happiness always carries an element (perhaps surprisingly so) of fascination with the Divine: (read - the Child Mind in operation.) Wonder, awe, simplicity, friendliness, Compassion (for BOTH self and others), 


For example: hearing a popular song from the past, that as a teenager, had meaning for you. And it unleashes a flood of memories from that time frame. Which may also, on reflection, with your present level of understanding, help create a gentle 'shift in awareness' that allows more forgiveness of self and others!


(See below some suggestions for both Books and Music that you may find useful!)


Mediation, Prayer, and Contemplation...

are time honored methods of inducing a deeper level of integration and understanding. Deep spirituality may or may not involve an overt connection to religious beliefs and membership in a church or center of religion. The Mystics of all times and places have a deep mutuality of understanding that may appear religious, but it is always centered in deep spirituality. Their insights transcend ordinary 'Time and Space'. 


We may not exist in the awareness that they have revealed, (I certainly am not yet there, as much as I hunger to be there.) BUT they all point the way, of a compassion so deep that it excludes no one. Regardless of the 'brand' of religious observation we may find ourselves attracted to.


I love the idea that God / Goddess is deeply present in us all, and that Divinity is never in competition with it Self! So from our individual feeling of 'special separateness' we may feel we are in competition (in some way) with every one else. That is just the ego's 'false sense of separation' that has never actually been the truth. And we can forgive that as well - over and over, until we get it right. (Not just an intellectual awareness, but one of a deeply shifted perception that reveals the core truth in us all!) A state of Awakening to the Christ / Buddha Mind ! 

We all need some form of 'spiritual community'. It may be found in many places: online (social formats like Facebook, interest groups) clubs, study groups, and religious affiliations, and more. Perhaps most powerful of all is to sense that God / Goddess is ALWAYS with us.


Time and Timelessness...

At the core of our being, time becomes unified. The past, present, and the future are all coexisting simultaneously within ourselves at a deeper level. This is an experience that is not dependent upon just our intellectual capacity for understanding. The intellect can range widely and truly believes that it has understanding. But at the core of our being, the true nature of understanding is beyond words. It has to do with direct perception. With direct experience of the deep love the Universe - God / Goddess holds for us all.


So what does the future hold? 

We may ask of ourselves... What will be the nature of 'this experience with that individual'? What about my job, my further education? Questions that seem very relevant to our experience of life in the physical body.


Are we ready for a direct answer to those types of questions? 

I think not because we still believe that there are situations over which we have no control. But control implies the egos perception of its own desires. All Real power lies in an alignment with our deep soul desire. Moving past the simplicity or selfishness of the egos desire. And moving into the deep level of trust, allows the alignment of our personal power as co-creator with the Divine, of the experiences that we most truly want. May it be so!


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Favorite Books 

...that may already be in your library.

Remember to check out the Kindle edition - which may be the best solution for many people.


'There is a River - the Story of Edgar Cayce' 

by Thomas Sugure 

The first book that really got me (and many others as well) 

started on the path. Still one of my all time favorites.

Amazon (USA)

Book depository (Europe)



'Autobiography of a Yogi' 

by Paramanhansa Yogananda

An all time favorite of many people. Deeply insightful and devotional as well. If you want to 'fall in love' with meditation this may be the key.

Search on Amazon - many editions and Kindle both for $.99 and Free.

Book depository (Europe)



'Memories, Dreams and Reflections' 

by Carl Jung

Helps to see something of the deeper background to his Psychology!

And to understand the different levels of insight that Jung was willing to explore, beyond that which Freud was comfortable with.  


Book depository



'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying' 

by Sogyal Rinpoche

An instant classic upon its publication. 

Offers clear insights into the depth of Tibetan Buddhism.


Book depository



'A Course In Miracles' 

A true spiritual classic. Emphasis a non-dualist approach to truth. The language uses traditional terms, but with a unique meaning. 

Amazon (hard cover edition - excellent buy)

Book depository 


Reminiscing on Change 

& Deep Trust...

Suggestions for your Musical enjoyment

Knowing that with the incredible range of music available we are just 'scratching the surface'. And we all have a variety of musical tastes.



by Don Edwards



Return to Innocence 

Enigma (also good Video)


Gabriel's Oboe 

Henrik Chaim Goldschmidt plays


Nights From The Alhambra

Loreena Mckennitt

Beautiful 140 minutes concert. Her work is incredible.


Ombra Mai Fu

Paul Schwartz


Time to Say Goodbye

Hayley Westenra & Andrea Bocelli