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We wish Joy for you this Holiday season and 
would like to share some glad tidings: 
  1. "Inner Knowing" by Lin
  2. "Coming Home in Self" by Torill
  3.  Holiday FUN (will we dance for you this year...?)
  4.  Holiday special offer (Available until Dec 31)
From heart to heart,
Lin & Torill

December is such a busy month for most of us. 

Holiday gatherings, projections of purchases for presents, thoughts reaching out to others, family, friends, perhaps even to the world at large. Where there is much suffering in many parts of the globe.

Often this can feel overwhelming.


Deep within ourselves. We all carry an inner dialogue with the Divine. Sometimes referred to as the still small voice within and / or guidance from Spirit.


We all have that potential - to listen to the still small voice - the quiet voice - a kind of inner dialogue, that could open up. Often it is very useful to write that down or record it in some way. 


The 'Inner Knowing' runs deep within us all. 

But the outer mind -  the personality self is very engaged in the world at large and rightly so. In terms of livelihood, working at a jobs - interacting at a personality level with other people - that type of activity. 


That is the domain of the personality. But the inner self and the guidance from Spirit, can enrich our outer lives greatly. And clarify the desire to feel happiness, The desire to understand our lives in a more joyful way. 

It's a kind a work in progress

buddhismb.jpgWe don't know - really how much energy we carry.

We don't know the deep levels of compassion,

that we have for ourselves and others.


We are used to the drama the outer mind clings to,

evaluating, judging (mostly / perhaps) others.

It seems that is our judgment focus.

But in reality we're judging ourselves most of all.


So for this Christmas season perhaps the largest gift we can give ourselves: is to try to sense from that inner place 'what makes us happy'. What am I truly desiring? What is it beyond the thrill of the moment that may seem to be our idea of happiness. What does that 'inner certainty' reveal?


It's often been said that happiness is an inner job. That makes a lot of sense. So let's give ourselves the chance to look within. To  go to a quiet space and find what is it that we might really enjoy doing. To find more of the truth about ourselves.


And then to have the courage to go ahead and find balance with it. To honor both the deeper longing and the more ordinary demands and desires of daily life. So that the deeper truth about ourselves has a chance to 'shine brightly' - bringing more joy into ALL of our life experiences.




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2. "Coming Home in Self" by Torill Elen

An Inner Dialogue...



What is holding me back from being fully here at times?



A lack of trust. 

Allow more trust. Trust that all is going to be fine, to work out. Center in the quiet knowingness that we are with you always. That there is a deeper purpose for you being on the planet (and at your certain location) at this time.


You are carrying much light. Allow the greatness to shine forth - not to overpower any other lights, but to be one of the many lighthouses showing the way. Speak the words freely that come to you. Let the inner feeling of God-strength, clarity and compassion give you courage to be YOU - who you are - in this world. Let this feeling fill you.


See your own and other's judgments for what they are: just a certain set of opinions created from one specific point of view. (In the smaller self.) 


And then let them go. Over and over again. You are not your own, nor any other's opinions.


Nobody in their limited self hold the entire truth. At the same time, EVERYBODY own the truth in their Limitless Self. Be patient and forgiving to the smaller selves, including your own. Always give a new chance - as is God's Grace always extending a new chance to everyone.


Trust that life is safe. Can you hear that and allow yourself to believe and know that? Life is safe! Stop being afraid of doing something stupid or wrong. 


Others may project these thoughts onto you, but you CAN NOT do anything wrong. You might be walking those extra bends in the road when there actually is a shortcut through the forest. You may take a long time or a short time.


But time is an illusion, so it doesn't matter if you take baby steps, long detours, run or walk steadfast towards a goal. You can NEVER miss the way Home! Even if it feels like it at times. 


Forget, engage, get lost and work hard all you want. 

Until you tire. 

Until you desire to feel the peace within 

and come home in your consciousness. 

Until you are ready to know who you are. 

Until you are ready to see and embrace your beauty. 

When you can allow the Joy to unfold. 


This is the process everybody is moving through. 

Some more deeply than others. 

Some more lost than others.


You can move mountains within yourself. 

This is not complicated. 



It is in the Grace of God 

EVERYBODY can come home - at any time.

To rest their weary mind and heart 

and restore their knowingness, clarity and greatness.


Let it be so.


You'll be fine and you are fine.


An 'Inner Dialogue' diary excerpt

Cornville, AZ, August 1st 2008

Torill Elen Rønnekleiv




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3. Holiday FUN (will we dance for you this year...or?)

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