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from Lin & Torill


Thanksgiving1 Thanksgiving - giving thanks!

It is the time of year in America when probably the second most important Holiday is happening. Thanksgiving Day. But the idea of giving thanks could be utilized all over the world if we stop - take a moment and think about the things that feel most important to us. We may begin to see that it is not so much the surroundings in terms of 'stuff', as it is in the connections that we may have with other people. Who may be in our physical proximity, or may be anywhere else on the planet.


It is those connections with friends and family, loved ones, people from the past and perhaps even people in the future that we don't know that we know, but we will know at some point in time. And that includes also the dimension of Spirit where we have friends from previous times in the body. We have friends from those that are giving help, in terms of Guides or Teachers. And most of all we have a connection to the Divine, that deep in our hearts exists as the sole reason for Life.


All the rest of it is built upon that connection. And if we give thought towards what this lifetime has held, and can hold. We can begin to see that our potentials are much larger than we think. We have far more capacity for Love and Kindness and Compassion, than we realize. And as we begin to explore those opportunities to act in a forgiving way. Forgiving both to others and to ourselves. We can begin to see that the underlying resentment toward life that many people hold as important, is actually meaningless. It may seem to be there for a purpose and once that purpose is served we can begin to let those resentments go. And stop blaming God / Goddess for things we think should be different. We can begin to see that within ourselves we can ask about focusing on those things in a different way. That we can begin to see behind the illusion of separation, that the world is so deeply caught in.


Begin to sense the underlying Unity that exists, beyond the physical, and beyond even ordinary 'space and time'. So - what we are longing for, I truly believe, is a kind of mystical state of consciousness that Teachers down through the ages, enlightened Masters of every culture, every time, have tried to point to, But it is so far beyond normal language, that they always say something like 'they can't actually put it into words'.


So we try to grasp what they say. And to organize it in our thoughts. And certainly there are 'hints'. There are ways of looking at those experiences that have been passed down to us as some reference to enlightenment. But I think that somehow we miss the joy and the laughter and the happiness that those people convey. And this might be something to think about. That we simply place ourselves in the mode of - at times at least - feeling like the small child - Trusting that we walk with the Divine. And the image that comes to mind is a sense of the child holding the hand of a trusted parent or a friend. Walking through Life doing as much as is possible to maintain good balance, with ourselves and with others. But most of all relating even everyday experiences to a sense of Divine presence. As though we have a friend that we can invite in, that we can share experiences with.


That is not to say that we don't have friends in the physical plane that we can relate to in a very good way. That we can have happy exchanges of thoughts and sharing insights and discussing what it is to feel a little more of the presence of the Divine, perhaps in the way of guidance, or meditation, or prayer. Or maybe a joyful experience of doing something quite physical, that might be taking a walk or even running. It might be sitting -contemplating an overlook and seeing the beauty of Nature, a kind of mountain top experience in the ordinary sense - looking out across the landscape. And sensing the vitality of the Earth's energy that supports all things living, including ourselves.


Those kinds of (I would like to call them semi-mountain top experiences), are useful for us - in the extreme. Because they can give us back a place of subtle inner knowing. That we are indeed here by choice - nobody forced us to take an incarnation into this dimension. That 'school house Earth' is a vital living experience - of letting go of the things that we 'think we should feel guilty and sad about'. And beginning to sense the call of Divinity towards us, inviting us into a more gentle state of consciousness. Inviting us into remembrance of our deep connection with the Divine.


That serves us to remember to take joy, to have thanks for the things of Life that happen all around us, minor miracles that are taking place all the time. And in whatever way we can sense those to take advantage of a focused mind. And honor those experiences in our hearts. The more we do this, the more we subtly build a new perception of the way that we function. The way our mind and hearts relate to something much deeper. And we can find a sense happiness beginning to establish itself very deeply in our ordinary consciousness. And for that we can be thankful! 





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