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Torill and I just finished a 4-week camping vacation.

The weather was very supportive for this (northern) part of the world.

(Where as summer arrives, everyone is longing for the sun.)

We drove (in our small, old but great, Mazda camper) a big circle through Norway, Sweden, Denmark - and then back across Norway. We had only 2 days of rain. Nature was abundant and close. We had great visits with friends as well!



So in considering a theme for this newsletter my thoughts centered around a 4 hour kayak trip we did in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a bit windy - but perfect temperature. We made a big loop around one of the islands. (Stockholm is basically a city built over a series of islands.) We covered 10 kilometers and had a great time in our (rented) double kayak.


As we were near the end of our journey - Spirit entered my mind with "welcome home". I felt a strong surge of appreciation for that deeply loving inner contact. And also appreciation for the exuberance of my body feeling strong, and in a sense - at one with the elements. I then remembered the joy of kayaking episodes in my past.

(I have owned 3 kayaks in years past. Kayaking and cross-country skiing stand out in my mind as the greatest of fun. Close to Nature and very 'grounding'.)


Torill had a similar sense of Joy - while doing Qi Gong in the middle of 4 great - very old trees in a beautiful place near Viborg Denmark.


Tree temple  

Such experiences in Nature are for many people, a spontaneous sense of the Divine. While not everyone would use my choice of words - still the beauty of our inner connection to a sense of the Divine is often triggered through a natural environment!


Much Love and blessings!
from Lin & Torill





Visualize a beautiful child of light within you.

Begin to breathe in a deep way,

but naturally.


Ask the child to come out and play.

Bring the child out and do a little bow.

Start to dance a bit with the child

in your thoughts.


Feel the playfulness of the child

moving through your feet,

touching the earth.


A sense of longing comes up,

that your hands may express.

Touch the earth and feel the wind,

the air,

the sky,

with your hands,

with your face.


You find yourself

at a beautiful seashore with the child.

You both lay down on a beach blanket.

You lay down and feel the sun.

Feel the golden light of the sun

flowing in you and through you.


You are the daughter of the most high,

the son of the most high.

And the other sons and daughters,

both in the Spirit and in the flesh,

will more and more come to be your friends.


Be aware of the simple joys of life.

Therein lies happiness.

Therein lies your true consciousness.


God bless you.


( From Divine Chuckles, pages 177-178, LDMę2005) 


So here we offer a selection from a trance by Spirit on allowing Joy.

(Taken from our book 'Divine Chuckles - Life From A Higher Perspective' pages 175 - 176)



"...In closing, please recognize you exist in this dimension of your flesh at one level of your consciousness, but on a very broad level, you are operating simultaneously on many levels of consciousness and you have a great deal of friendship with those who act as teachers or guides for you. Not that they should be worshipped - recognize them as your friends. They are happy to be involved in your living.


Rather than thinking life is bleak and there are many problems, start to think a bit that life is as a friendship, and many levels of friendship wait to be explored. Many levels of love, of trust, of deepening will come to be present for you. Have time to share deeply with those you love, but have time also to meditate and reflect on the Spiritual essence of all things. If sadness comes, welcome it as a gift. If joy comes, welcome that as a gift. Do not feel that you have to put yourself in the polarity of good or bad experience.


Be more the witness of the sense of timelessness that may walk with you as you move through life in this very quick embodiment. What is a span of sixty or one hundred years? It is very quick. Why not enjoy the process? As you do that, you bless yourself and you bless others. The human race begins to wake up now. It is a time of quickening. The time flow in a subjective sense is accelerating, so much will come up from within that needs to be clarified. You may feel a very intense process moving you at times. When you feel that great intensity, try to get your body into nature where timelessness is more easily perceived than in the intensity of the city.


There are many ways, many tools, many techniques. Let healing be that which you explore. Let love be deep and honest. Do not try to force love - just allow it. Rather than try to make yourself perfect - as though there is some stereotype image of who and what you should be - remember the child within. The Christ, the Buddha that lies within you will be more easily blessed into awakening or quickening to the conscious mind by allowing the child to have freedom and flexibility.


I want to say that again: Enlightenment is a wonderful state of consciousness, with much humor, happiness and joy - as the child - with no thought of how serious and important it is to be enlightened! [laughter]


You are eternal beings now and forever. The Divine heritage is always upon you. Lighten up. Let it flow. It has been our joy to share with you."




Divine Chuckles book front picture



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