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Safety is the Right Thing
Worplace Violence Prevention: Stets for Safety
AWARE-NS Annual General Meeting
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Steps for Safety: Preventing Workplace Violence- Webinar #1- Overview and Review of Step 3

 OCT 22, 2014

1:30 pm   


Steps for Safety: Preventing Workplace Violence- Webinar #2- How to implement Step 1

Nov 5, 2014



Steps for Safety: Preventing Workplace Violence- Webinar #3-How to implement Step 2.

Nov 26, 2014




Upcoming Training



Worlplace Violence Prevention:

Steps for Safety


Oct  7   Yarmouth

Oct 10  Truro

Oct 15  Antigonish


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Train  the Trainer

Safety Accountability

Antigonish Oct 15/14

Halifax-Nov 12/14

Kentville-Nov 24/14

Sydney-Dec 4/14 


Train the Trainer

Internal Responsibility System (IRS)


Halifax Nov 13/14

Kentville Nov 25/14

Lunenburg Nov 27/14

Port Hawesbury Dec2/14

Sydney Dec 3/14

Antigonish Dec 5/14

Yarmouth Dec 9/14

Amherst Dec 12/14


Train the Trainer

Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis


Halifax Nov 13/14

Kentville Nov 25/14

Lunenburg Nov 27/14

Port Hawesbury Dec2/14

Sydney Dec 3/14

Antigonish Dec 5/14

Yarmouth Dec 9/14



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Upcoming Events 


OVCC Annual Continuing Care Conference

Prominent Issues in Continuing Care

October 16-17, 2014 Thursday, October 16th Time: 12:00-4:00

Holiday Inn Harbourview

Friday, October 17th

Time: 8:00-9:00

Holiday Inn Harbourview


Tools for Life 

October 24, 2014

Horton High School, Greenwich, NS


Canadian Patient Safety Week 

October 27-31,2014


Heather's Training Calendar 



Ontario Hospital Association

Health Achieve East 

November 3 & 4, 2014

World Trade and Convention Center

Halifax NS





 May 26 and 27, 2015
Dartmouth Holiday Inn Harbourview
Dartmouth Nova Scotia 








Issue: # 9       September/2014
Time for Everyone to head back to the classroom
Summer is coming to a close and we are all falling back into our Safety training part of your fall planning.
Message from the Executive Director

  Got 5 minutes? Lets talk about Safety! Our theme this month is 'Back to School'...Life long learning never ends, whether it's in the formal classroom, or just reading up on a topic of interest. Autumn is a perfect time to get some structure back into your routine.


This issue features our No Fee-Self Directed Learning Centre..take a Mini or Full Module on Safety Accountability or Internal Responsibility System and don't forget to sign up for our scheduled workshops on Steps for Safety. Be sure to read  Heather's article it is all about the importance of training;  'Safety is the Right Thing"  and be  sure to check out Heather's training schedule.  

We held a successful  and very well attended Annual General Meeting last week. It was our opportunity to report on our progress to date and to celebrate our milestones . We  said farewell to  Board members: Kathy MacNeil, Joan Jessome, Shelley James, Millie Colbourne, Denise Halloran,  Randy Royal, Angela Croft and past Chair, Sandra Bauld.  Words of thanks do not seem to be enough for the significant work that has been accomplished by this very dedicated team of volunteers. We welcomed 5 new members and the new Executive, who are dedicating themselves to guide this small, but mighty Association. 


Kevin Kelloway PhD presented  Leadership Qualities that Support Safety. His research  has determined  that true 'safety' leadership qualities are found when:


  • Safety  is  part of the everyday conversation

  • Safety is a top priority

  • Safety is a part of the everyday work plan

  • Leaders are responsive and are solution focused

  • Staff are recognized for good work; a simple 'thanks' goes a long way.

Lets  adopt these important qualities and actions and make Safety a Habit! Only then, it will become part of your safety culture.



This newsletter is packed with training dates, tools, resources and newsy items. Something for everyone.

Safety is the Right Thing!



All work activities in your organizations expose workers to possible hazards. In the health and community service sector it can range from material and client/resident handling to infection control to electrical hazards. Safety does not happen by accident. Incidents happen because they were not prevented in the first place. Not only is "Safety the Right Thing to Do", but it makes good business sense. In our sector we continue to pay some of the highest rates in Nova Scotia. In this coming year we are seeing a reduction in all subsectors except one, however, it is still far too high. The best way to impact that cost is to reduce injuries and the best way to reduce the injury is through training and education of the workers who work in your organization.

When we look at a Health and Safety Management system there are several elements. Every staff member needs to understand the elements of this system, where they fit in it and how important of a role they play in the success of the overall safety of the organization. Many workers still believe that someone else is responsible for safety. The best way to change the way worker looks at safety is through training and education.

Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely with as minimal risk to health as possible. You must provide clear instructions, information and adequate training for your employees. Consider how much training is necessary. A proportionate approach is needed, for example a low-risk task may not need lengthy technical training. Providing simple information or instructions is likely to be sufficient. All people at your organization (including contractors and term/contracted employees working for you) shall have all appropriate information regarding:

  • Hazards and risks they may face, if any

  • Measures in place to deal with those hazards and risks, if necessary

  • How to follow any emergency procedures

When you provide training, ask your employees what they think about it, to make sure it's relevant and effective. Keeping training records will help you to identify when refresher training might be needed. The information and training you provide should be in a form that is easy to understand. Everyone working for you should know what they are expected to do.

Some of your staff may have particular health and safety training needs, for example:

  • New recruits

  • People changing jobs or taking on extra responsibilities

  • Young employees, who are particularly vulnerable to accidents

  • JOSH Committee Members

Our website and train the trainer program can help you address you training needs.



Heather Matthews, OHS Specialist, AWARE-NS






Workplace Violence Prevention: Steps for Safety


The first three steps of the recourse guide have been competed and AWARE-NS and WCB have been Co-Leading workshops around the province to help facilitate  the implication of these elements of the program in your organization. The feedback from the first few workshop have been very positive. Many of the attendee are planning to use any of the resource in there organizations. There are still a few workshops around the province if you would like to attend please registrar via the link below.


Dates and locations of Workshops.

Oct  7      9 am-12 noon        Yarmouth

Oct 10     9 am-12 noon        Truro

Oct 15     1 pm-4 pm              Antigonish



 AWARE-NS Annual Report 2013-2014

The AWARE-NS AGM was held September 25, 2014

Where have we been and what have we done, take a look an our Annual Report. Click Here. 


Meet the 2014-15 AWARE-NS Board of Directors

Janet Everest - Chair  ( Member at Large)

Sheila Rankin - Vice Chair ( Acute Care)

Patricia Bishop Grant- Treasurer ( Home Care/Home Support)

Mark Williams - Member at Large

Ty Walsh - Front Line Workers

Sandra Graham Muise - Community Residential Home

Patricia Bland - Facility based LTC

Arlene Morrison - Facility based LTC 

John Brookfield - Labor Representative

Ex-Officio Members:

Dennita Fitzpatrick -WCB

Carmelle D'Entremont - Department of Health & Wellness

Judy LaPierre - Community Services 

No Fee Self- Directed Learning


We have has 269 modules taken since the launch last month. Join the wave of learning by participating in a no fee learning option for our staff. 




 Safety Accountability Full (50 Minutes)


Safety Accountability Mini Module  1 (10-15 min)

Safety Accountability Mini Module  2 (10-15 min)

Safety Accountability Mini Module  3 (10-15 min)

Safety Accountability Mini Module  4 (10-15 min)



Internal Responsibility System. (50 Minutes)


Internal Responsibility System  Mini Module 1 (10-15 Min)

Internal Responsibility System  Mini Module 2 (10-15 Min)

Internal Responsibility System  Mini Module 3 (10-15 Min)

Internal Responsibility System  Mini Module 4 (10-15 Min)


We offer each topic in the full 50 Minute training session as well as the  Mini Modules that are 10 minutes- 15 minutes in length.


You go to our website watch the video, answer the question and completed the registration from and submit. AWARE-NS will send the certificate of completion to your organization. 


Coming soon 11 (15 min) modules for "Staying safe  while working in the Community"- Hazard Identification for Homecare and Community workers