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As we watch the students in our province excitedly get ready for a new fall term, its a good reminder for us to embrace lifelong learning and bring that enthusiasm for education back into our careers. 


This month AWARE-NS is focusing on getting "Back To The Basics" which seasoned OHS employees will find just as valuable as the newcomers to OHS.  


 What does the typical OHS professional look like in Atlantic Canada? The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professional did a survey in December 2011 that give us some insite. Most have 10 to 14 years experience in the field which is consistent with the rest of the country. 68.6 % of us are between the ages of 40-54, 26% are 55 and over and only 5.9% are 34 and under. On average  a little over 50% of us work 41-50 hours per week and when asked about career satisfaction 42% state that they are very satisfied while  48.7% stated that they were satisfied. One might conclude that the OHS Professional in Atlantic Canada are experienced, dedicated and happy. 


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Safety Managers: Traits & Tools


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We are asking OHS managers what makes a successful safety manager and where to direct new safety professionals for resources. See what information we've gathered so far - and be sure to add your tips and resources to the list!   Click To Read

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Are you a safety ninja with exceptional skills in hazard ID? Want to share your passion for safety with others? Write for our blog! No experience required. Our online communications specialist would be happy to work with you on subject matter and formatting.
Hazard ID article deadline: September 6, 2013.
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The Nominating Committee of AWARE-NS, the Nova Scotia Health and Community Services Safety Association, is seeking nominations for the following Board positions that have become available at the Annual General Meeting, on June 20, 2013:

  • 1 District Health Authority representative;
  • 1 Community Care representative; and
  • 1 Front Line Worker representatives
Top 8 Traits of a Good Safety Manager
Check out the "8 P's" of a good safety manager and the key skills required to navigate the role successfully.  
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Administrative Penalties Workshops
Deadline August 16th  

Throughout consultations for the Workpl
ace Safety Strategy, concerns were raised by stakeholders related to the administrative penalties system. 

Earlier this year, an initial stakeholder consultation was completed to gather feedback on the proposed framework of the new system.  This framework has guided the detaile
d development of the proposed new system.

As a safety leader in th
e province, you are invited to attend a stakeholder session to provide your feedback on the proposed new system.   

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