Giving Tuesday, December 1st
Giving Tuesday is a world-wide day of giving; a chance to say Thank You to a favorite organization, a chance to get involved, a chance to support!
Support rensizzleOn Giving Tuesday
And Make a Difference!
     Rensizzle Week is a Renaissance original! It's a week of hands-on, experiential learning, where students spend a week exploring a topic of their choice with field trips, workshops, performances and project-building. Students dig into culinary arts, and how a culture's food marks a neighborhood. Drama, dance, graphic arts, photography and music groups seek out the city's art scene and create their own work. Students explore social justice, activism, diversity, religion, history, transportation, geology, animals and nature through NYC's unique lens.  And we make all this happen in a public school setting!
     This year December 1st is Giving Tuesday. If you are thinking of giving, please consider a tax deductible donation to Renaissance to support this unique program and help students see the potential of learning that is all around them.  In fact, don't wait, give now! To learn about other ways you can support The Renaissance Charter School, please contact us at friendsrenaissance@gmail.comTo give off-line, please mail your donation. THANK YOU!